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  1. Ryofar

    New experienced player

    Welcome to the forums and hopefully soon the fleet! Looking forward to seeing more of your enthusiasm in the verse, alongside our comrades
  2. Ryofar

    Shown't Private be private?

    Don't worry, what you are seeing on the right side of the main forum page are not PMs. They are posts on peoples public SCB profiles, similar to writing on someones wall on facebook. Most are status updates or public feedback regarding a marketplace trade.
  3. Ryofar

    Greetings from Austria

    Servus! Willkommen im Forum und im Imperium! Nächstes Monat findet am 20ten Mai in Wien das nächste Barcitizen Treffen statt, füge dich zur PM dazu
  4. Ryofar

    Just applied. o/

    Welcome to the community and soon the fleet!
  5. Ryofar

    New citizen

    Servus, Willkommen und noch viel Spaß hier
  6. Didn't read the article? They are trying to grow human organs in genetically similar animals (such as pigs) to harvest and use for humans. There is no work being done on human or animal DNA here. We have not cracked the human genome yet and won't for a while as it seems. They simply implant cells in hopes they react. This would definitely be an incredible advancement in biology (although ethically questionable) I would argue that humans with actual pig heart transplants are much closer to a 'Chimera'.^^
  7. Ryofar

    Radiohead - New Album this Sunday (5/8)

    Its out! (btw) You find somewhere to listen to it yet? Dont want to buy the digital if im probbaly going to get rhe vinyl anyway^^ Has very good reactions so far
  8. Ryofar

    Code 8 Short Film

    This was just a tease for a full length release that they're working on at the moment. They crowdfunded the movie very successfully https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/code-8-a-film-from-robbie-stephen-amell#/. Can't wait to see it happen!
  9. Happy Birthday to ze Good German! :)

  10. Happy Birthday you tech magician! :) 

  11. Ryofar

    Excited to be a part of this

    Hey Doomskull, Welcome to the community and the forums! Good luck with your Org hunt, looking forward to seeing you in the verse
  12. Said this on Facebook, but happy birthday (late)!

  13. Like, perhaps you should consider having a passable, perhaps even a happy, birthday.  Your choice kid. :)

  14. Happy Birthday

  15. Happy birthday man!