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  1. You have not been on TS for a while mate, be good for us and a few others to have a catch up. ;)

  2. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    Does anyone have any contact with those who are in the Crimea or eastern Ukraine?
  3. Battlewulf

    Greetings from a new member "wannabe"

  4. Battlewulf

    Hello All. I'm new to Imperium.

  5. Battlewulf

    Hello Base

    Welcome!! This is a great bunch of guys, you will feel welcome here!
  6. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    Thanks, if it comes to that I will let you know You are a great man, and a great Icarus pilot and crew as well!
  7. Battlewulf

    For sale trade section?

    I was thinking alone the lines of a for sale /trade tab under off topic.
  8. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    Agreed, that is a stunning image of the bravery of youth. History is fact, so long as it is true, there are no politics only truth or lies with history.
  9. Battlewulf

    For sale trade section?

    Computer systems, your computer rig.
  10. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    They can be very suborn, and the fact that the Russians killed almost 11 million Ukrainians (1932-33) in one year still makes them mad at then still to this day. Remember, they fought till 1956 against them in the mountains after WW2 only stopping after the west failed to support the Hungarian uprising in '56.
  11. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    I live here too, and I am in one of the worst states as well, (except for the weather). I too feel the same. God help us all.
  12. Battlewulf

    For sale trade section?

    Is there one to help those who are looking to upgrade their systems, or those who need to sell parts to be able to upgrade? new here sorry if this has been posted before and I will not be upset if it is deleted or locked. Thanks and God bless.
  13. Battlewulf

    Graphic Card Suggestions?

    You can see on Ebay if you can get a GTX 670. I have 50fps in war thunder max settings.
  14. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    Ok, good. I did not want to do anything but to ask for those who have faith to pray for Ukraine because I know history, lived there, and have family there through marriage. This is not politics, and has gone beyond that and into what most likely will be war, which of course we all know is what happens when politics fail. I love everybody. You guys have been great to me, and I am happy to be a part of this group and the Imperium. May I am venting because I feel helpless because I am in the People Republic of California and too far away to help. Battlewulf
  15. Battlewulf

    Pray for Ukraine

    There has been nothing uncivil that I know of. If I have done something wrong please forgive me.