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  1. Hello, we have had sporadic reports like the error message you have shown, but I've not been able to confirm what, if anything, is wrong. To the best of my knowledge Portal is safe to use. HOWEVER - if you do come across anything suspicious please contact me either via a msg here or on Discord as soon as possible. Unfortunately I've no more information I can provide at this time.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. Switch


      Happy birthday Kraaaaan!

  3. Happy birthday Kraan! Great to be part of the same unit with you!

  4. Happy birthday, tech dragon!

    1. Nevermore


      Indeed happy birthday :)

  5. Happy Birthday you tech magician! :) 

  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday Kraan ^_^



  8. Hey Kraan! Massive job well done on everything coded and implemented by you and your team! I know it is a Massive time-sink and just wanted to appreciate the work you do! :)

    Job well done! :)

  9. Why is this a thing? I mean, I don't understand. I've played Dark Souls - it takes about 1/2 a second for a fight to swing from being in your favour to going to hell in a hand-basket. I cant for the life of me see how they'd even get past the tutorial area let alone anything meaningful considering the stream delay. Also considering what happened with 'Twitch plays Pokemon' I fully expect to see little more than the menu repeatedly open and closing, random items being equipped and unequipped, a cacophony of random sword swings, rolling, dodging and spinning in circles, finally ending up with the player spazing out in a corner when getting his arse beat up by a troll. ...still it might be worth a laugh.
  10. Considering I can get away with my avatar (by the skin of my teeth) - I don't see how yours could be considered offensive, especially considering that it's your own face Now if it was just some random kid from the internet or where-ever then yeah - might be an issue, but seeing as its not - I don't see an issue.
  11. Its true in the sense that there are several presets to choose from. But you're completely free to customize your character as you see fit. Although only face customization is possible (no body size/shape options) - which is unfortunate.
  12. ^ same Forget ratings or reviews, that should tell you just how good the game is.
  13. ...that CIG still suck balls when it comes to releasing even moderately stable builds. <-- my unimpressed face. But that flying the Avenger (even for 4mins) seems quite fun.
  14. Now that @Stoff has unlocked the NSFW door, I could go somewhere awful with this... but I wont. So don't worry
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