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  1. hawx

    Hello All

    hello my fellow commanders o7
  2. Hello Imperium. It's been about 7 years since I have checked in on the forum or been active in our community. Been periodically following SC development, and looking forward to flying with the Imperium family... soon? In the near term I'm going to be researching this Idris upgrade kit (Idris-K?)... to see if I want to shell out another $250 for some LTI equipment for my Idris P. If anybody wants to offer up their thoughts on that, I'd be happy to hear your feedback. Cheers, Lover
  3. Hey all! New/returning member here. I’ve been a backer since 2013/14-ish and was a member of Imperium about then as well. I left because I thought you might be a bit too hardcore for me at the time. Now I’ve gotten the SCbug full on and spent too much money on this wonderful thing not to be hardcore about it. I mostly do trading, done quite a bit of mining and some pewpew now and then. I also really like big coordinated ops with logistics, escorts, ground troops and so on. I’m mostly looking forward to exploration and “fringe” trading as well as the whole industry thing. Drakes are Shitty-prrrretty!
  4. Hi Folks! I started many many (*g*) years ago as (golden ticket) backer, but never had a pc fast enough to handle Chris Robert's Game. But the other day I got my ryzen 5 3600 + gtx 1660 super stuff, and SC runs great. Just tried to learn all the 10000 key commands of sc so far *g* Did a little flying around and a video.... BTW: Love to fly also my drones (DJI Phantom 1.1.1, Mavic Pro (1)) and doing clips - this is also a sort of space ship - got the size of a star destroyer *g*
  5. Hello, I am a new recruit of Imperium. My initial pledge in early 2013 was the Rear Admiral pack (Constellation game package) my pledge level has expanded over the years to currently High Admiral. I am happy to be here and look forward to years of awesome gameplay with Imperium! Simo Garlock
  6. Hi, I joined back in 2013 but haven't had any contact with the game since early alpha. I'm dipping my toes back in the game and I'm loving how it's coming together. Looking to jump in for shenanigans in space. Proud owner of a Freelancer max, a 325a and possibly a prospector, haven't decided yet. See you in the verse!
  7. Hello, I am Sehito I pledged for the andromeda ship thing but I have since upgraded to a 600i - Expedition along with owning a MISC Freelancer, I am the CEO of the Minuteman Corporation. I am not new to gaming or MMOs but I am however newer to the space game genre, especially when it applies to any sort of piloting. But I hope to see y'all out there hopefully not at...pirates...and you know...customers....see ya! (30oz of coffee in at this point)
  8. not new to SC but new to this site, nice place you all have here:) this is my fleet.
  9. Lurch


    I've been a backer for a little over 3 years ,and have mainly Trade ships with a few escorts thrown in, I'm basically trying to find a place to fit in and have heard a lot of good things around the verse and wanted to see for myself. I am currently a member of a few Orgs but still trying to find that player base that is active during the same time I am able to play (Work nights living in PST timezone).
  10. Martus


    Mentlegen, Thank You for accepting my application. Looking forward to being part of this well structured and organized group of enthusiasts! Strikingly impressive amount of automation in the recruitment process, as well. A bit about myself; I'm 25, Lithuanian living in Denmark. Studied Computer Science and Web Development, and have been working as a C# software developer for a media analysis company for the past couple of years. Besides spending my time by looking at a screen or sitting at a pub, I play the guitar and a little bit of the piano. I also occasionally go fishing. As for my gaming experience, I've been serving under @Mage and @Champagne_Papi in MSOC-A, 1stMRB, and the 13thMEU ArmA 3 milsim units for most of my time as an active member of an online gaming community. Recently, I've been enjoying flying the study-level modules in the combat flight simulator - DCS:World. As for sci-fi ship-oriented games, I've played Freelancer, Star Trek Online, Elite, and a little bit of Eve. Hopefully, my experience from the various positions I've held in the milsim units, as well as my flight sim hours will come in handy when contributing to this organization. o7 Martus
  11. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Blake and I'm from Mississippi. Currently working as an Electrician doing Integrated Electronics type work. Apart from living a married life and doing the family thing this is my main hobby. Although, I do like making custom electronics for sim based applications. (Switch boxes, etc.. looking to modify my Obutto R3v setup heavily near release.) Looking forward to working with everyone to make this the best org out there. I also really enjoy New Retro Wave styled music. So shout out to any Perturbator or Carpenter Brut fans out there. With that I'm also a big hifi hobbyist. I'm currently running a Schiiit Bifrost Uber DAC / Valhalla stack with rolled tubes. My cans right now are Beyerdynamic T90s but looking to maybe upgrade within the year. I run a AT-2020+ USB for a mic. (Will probably upgrade everything but the DAC eventually haha.) I pledged originally at Rear Admiral but melted it down into Digital Freelancer with a Saber Comet LTI. There has been a lot of melting for me as I've been incredibly indecisive but I've managed to settle into owning the Carrack and somehow acquiring an Idris-P LTI, Carrack LTI, Hull C (48mo), Dragonfly LTI, and a Hornet F7C Wildfire SE LTI. Excessive? Maybe. This genre of gaming is by far my favorite and I've dreamed of a game like this since the release of Space Commander, Freespace, and Freelancer. I'm hoping they add fleet insignia to ships so we can show off our org. The banner / Insignia would look amazing on my capital ship.
  12. Hi there, just joined Imperiım. I've been a backer since 2014, I have an LTI Reclaimer, Carrack, Connie Andromeda, Herald, Gemini, Super Hornet, Khartu-Al(gonna upgrade to caterpillar instead), reliant(gonna upgrade to prospector instead), Genesis Starliner, Sabre and Tumbril. I plan on dabbling on pretty much anything and then decide what I like the most. Looking forward to playing with you all
  13. Hello Guys. Been a backer since the beginning but stopped playing about a year ago. Going to be getting back into it now that there is so much more to the game, and progress has sped up heaps. I'm going to run a Dual Warthog setup (one has been converted to left hand grip). Only thing is, I currently need some help with TARGET to configure two Warthogs. I will post a question about that in a more appropriate place. In the mean time, I wish you all well. Fly safe, or not. Your choice.
  14. My name is Ali, from Turkiye, I have two greate kids and a greate wife. (my English not very good, please ignore my grammer mistakes ) I like to play space games, Star Citizen one of them. I was "eve online" player for a long time. I still have many accounts and chars but can't play anymore. I bet many of you played eve online before. In Star Citizen I have Sabre, Aurora MR, I would like to buy one more but not now. I hope we will enjoy playing games together for many years. Regards.
  15. Ashangel


    Hi there, new recruit here, I've just made my account here and now I'm doing the re-apply thing now but I thought I'd say hi while I'm here. How is everyone?
  16. Hello guys, my name ist Thomas and I'm from Austria. I follow the progress from star citizen since 2 years and tried it in some free weekend offers. Last month I decided to buy it and I'm in love with it. I am now totally on the hype train and can't wait for Alpha 3.0. Currently I only own a Aurora but I'm thinking about to buy some more ships to have more diversity. I hope I find here at Imperium a new home and hope we will have a lot of fun for the next years. We will see us ingame!
  17. Greetings fellow citizens my name is GreyFox_420. Just felt like saying hello. I got star citizen the other day after I finally caved in to the hype. So far I'm extremely impressed with the potential of this future epic. Very interested in joining the IMPERIUM organization. (hope someone from there is reading this ) I haven't been part of a large group since my old world of warcraft days so it would be nice to get back into working with groups of people again to achieve amazing goals within the game world.
  18. Hello fellow citizens! Been a long time lurker but with the release of star marine I'm looking to find people to play with now and eventually upon full release of the game a community to call home. I've applied for Imperium on the RSI site and posted on the recruitment thread here too! A little bit about myself, I've been gaming since 05 and started out with a free FPS game called crossfire, was a member of one of the top clans back when I played called Team Fuzz but then moved on to runescape then finally got a decent PC and started playing BF3! Loved that game and sank 280 hours into and was quite good at the game if I say so myself . Tried Bf4 but that was a huge let down at release and Hardline was a bit of a flop so haven't touched the BF series since. Started playing league of legends and reached Diamond 3 as my highest elo before I stopped trying harding for ranked and playing more with friends for fun. Getting bored of playing one game now and I've been looking forward to playing SC for awhile now. Got a LTI Redeemer and LTI reliant and archimedes. Looking to go big on the FPS side and exploration. Hopefully I can use my years of FPS experience to help the community and make new friends along the way! May the dice be kind and roll in your favour - RGN0D
  19. Was looking through the orgs of SC this one seems to have a lot of like minded people in it that enjoys discussing everything SC. Almost a 2 year backer but just now getting involved with the game other than donating money and buying ships. See you all in the forums.
  20. Simbar


    Hi everyone! New recruit and ready to meet you! And yes... that's my actual name.
  21. Hello everybody! Excited to be on board.
  22. I'm take my Taurus very excited to come here.
  23. Rizben

    hello all

    Hello all. I'm Rizben/Mikey. im just starting the game RaginCajun talked me into buying the game. i have met a few nice people on the TS server Dragon ,, stefmarster. i want to go military. i'm an old eve online player and play alot of arma 2 and arma 3
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