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  1. KlasseTYP

    Origin 890 JUMP

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BFSy3EtUjI start @ 5:14 it gives you a nice raw feeling of the ship
  2. +1 so i don't say it isn't fair i like the slim Form of the Gladius too
  3. KlasseTYP

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Found this: What u think?
  4. but i like the new colourmodes...
  5. Time stood still at the Iron Hill,

    1. KlasseTYP


      When slowly in fear the dark Lord appears

    2. LightMonk


      The iron crowned

      Is getting closer

      Swings his hammer

      Down on him

      Like a thunderstorm

      He's crushing

      Down the Noldor's

      Proudest king

  6. highly reccomend the conzept art section! Great stuff! https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/13863/official-concept-art-a-compilation/p1
  7. KlasseTYP

    300i rework

    Great Link. Everyone should read this who earns a 300 series
  8. I only pledged the Bounty Hunter Package (Origin 300i) and don't plan to get any other Ship, since like anyone said, i think it is one major aspect of the game to earn new bigger ships. ... well but i can't promise to not totally freak out when the Origin 890 Jump is for sale and buy it in a saturday night drunk eccident what ever it will cost...
  9. RSI Site(Work in progress): Hard decision. GL with that
  10. KlasseTYP

    M50 Revealed

    CR metioned that it will look like something between a "F1 Racer" and a Lamborgini, and i don't think the present one is anyway like that. So i think (and hope) that it will be a huge makeover. It have to be seperated from the 350r as well, in my opinion they are to similar in this moment
  11. Topic safed for the future, this one looks like something for me... i aint no desktop guy....
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