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Found 19 results

  1. Speedy1


    Hello guys! Im not new here, but I have been "offline" for a few years. I pledged at a very early stage, and im ready to play the game again now, I have been playing abit for a few days, and would love to play with anyone Im VERY bad at the game, and I do crash lot Its a steep learning curve. If there are any norwegain especially who wants to play, im very down for that! Sincerly, Speedy
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself here . I'm an old Elite player , originally played it on a C-64 with wire frame graphics . I'm liking what I've seen so far in SC , do have some concerns about the game when it leaves alpha , my health issues dictate playing time for me so that means I can never be more than a casual player , maintaining a character may or may not become problematic for me . Guess time will tell . Just gonna enjoy it for now . Playing the Cutlass Black for now , Thinking about the Red version though .
  3. Greetings First a little bit of context… I am—Well… --was a console Elite Dangerous player. I was a prolific bounty hunter and explorer and had many achievements and end-game assets. But, as you have heard, Frontier, the developer, decided to not only release the not-so-new-anymore expansion Odyssey on consoles, but altogether discontinue any further developments of content for consoles (including next gen). In other words; if I want to continue my adventures, I’d have to start over on PC. Extremely annoying, considering the obscene amount of hours I’ve put into the game. Still, that in and of itself is not the problem. I might’ve. But I feel betrayed. The way Frontier handled this just wasn’t it, and very indicative of the way they interact with their Elite player base. I love Elite. I really do. But frankly, I just can’t bring myself to supporting Frontier in any way right now, and as much as love No Man’s Sky, it will never, ever scratch my pilot itch. And if I’m going to play on PC anyway, perhaps it’s time to become a Citizen. Did some research already and I’ve been eyeballing the Cutty Black pack and I will almost certainly get it a few weeks from now when I come into some extra money. But I still have some questions. Hoping yall can provide me with some answers. Can I use a flight stick (HOTAS) or controller? Can I, if I so choose, load into a solo game session, or is it always open? Will I have to renew the insurance or will I, as the website says, always have a basic insurance “for testing purposes”? Does basic mean I can upgrade insurance and should I? What exactly are pledges, and what are the benefits? What’s the deal with the wipes? What are some good groups to join for casual play and learning the ropes? Anything else I should know? Thanks in advance yall…
  4. im looking forward to flying with you guys and getting to command my own ship with a grop of regulars thats what im lookin for here
  5. I've been thinking of trying this game so I ask is it any fun? I know its still in development, but I would like to give it a try. I'd like to know what people that have played it think.
  6. Hello guys! My name is Insolint. I have been a Citizen for a few weeks. Now that I got my feet wet, time to get busy. I applied to the Imperium this morning. Real life gaming background. I started off with a Commodore Vic 20 in 1983. Back then it was text based games, or 8 bit 2d. I remember spending hours typing in programs that were included in the computer magazines of the day. A decade later it was Doom and Quake. They sure were fun. I got to tell you though. This Star Citizen is the most impressive game yet. It amazes me the direction and development of this type of thing. It is the best thing since SWG. Later I want to get a 3d headset. It will be totally cool! Kind of like something I've pondered in the past. I thought it would be cool if virtual reality technology got advanced enough that disabled people, or elderly people could go on adventures and do things they normally wouldn't be able to do. Now I see it happening right before my eyes. I'm getting elderly (60+) and I am disabled too. I'll get that 3d headset and do adventures no matter how old my physical body gets. As long as my conscious mind is functioning, I'm out there. Who knows where all this could go? If I'm lucky and make it to my 80s, I might be exploring Mars through telepresence, using quantum entanglement based communications. Life is only what we make it, so I'm going to take it. My mind can be free of constraints. I hope to see you in the simulation. I like exploring and mining the most. Piloting is of great interest to me. I want to get real good at it. I may be better at that than combat because my reflexes are not as quick as they used to be. Piloting in a ship for a hair raising landing, everyone piling out and making the mark while I guard the area ready for a quick landing as the crew scrambles to get aboard, maybe fighting all the way back into orbit, sounds like a lot of fun.
  7. Hellu Guys, My name is Thomas, 27 years old and from the Netherlands. I love Sci-fi games, so ive played a lot (Hardcore BF2142 back in the days). But this is my first (sci-fi) MMO. This is my second day of playing SC, so i dont know much about the game yet. My preference goes to the military and exploration. Im looking forward to play with you guys! Greetings, Pirovano92 (Thomas)
  8. Hi, Its good to be here i hope to be a part of this group soon, I like to focus on Transport and Mining.
  9. Hello! I am a new arrival to the star citizen scene and absolutely love this game so far. I am 23 years old and an Industrial Engineering major. (statistics, logistics, organizational flexibility, even some coding) I am rather competitive in my gaming and also like playing in groups. Feel free to HMU for crewing your larger ships!
  10. So my (online) friend and I (hes in Turkey, im in UK) want to get into Star citizen but would like to play together, be in the same ship together, walk around planets or stations together etc. I have two questions before we invest – Is the above even possible? Is the game persistent yet? I hate working up a character only for it to be wiped in a month or so. We love what weve seen on the various youtube vids but just wanted to check whats actually possible rather than sales pitches at games cons etc
  11. Hey! I have been waiting for this game to come out for years now. Lost track of how long. Very much excited about 3.3 I have been planning to get serious when ships become buy-able for a long time. I have a long track record of leadership in video games stretching back over a decade. Starting with a WoW guild back in the day, moving up through the years into Planetside 2 as an outfit leader, H1Z1 survival as a leader, ark survival evolved as a tribe lead and finally to what I'm doing now, team captain of a Heroes of the Storm team; proudly making headway in the pro scene. I'm here at Imperium to prove myself as a leader and competitive hardcore player. I want to rank up and have my own command. My hangar includes currently a mustang alpha, avenger titan, anvil hornet, an aurora and a constellation andromeda. I have a beast rig that I want to use to become a regular streamer. Outside of all that I'll be joining the USAF soon, assuming some minor obstacles are addressed properly. Looking to work in engineering. In Star Citizen I aim to kick it off as a trader, expanding into every aspect of the game though. My goal is to be a strike group leader. I want to help head our fleets! It would be my dream to bring my experience down to bear as one of our esteemed commanders in time. I know I'm new here, but I plan to stay, and make my mark on this organization. LETS BE THE BEST! LETS PUT TEST TO SHAME!
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Blout, And I am new the "verse" I don't know allot about it just yet. I am interested in learning however. I have a couple of ships and would love to meet someone that can show me how to become and ACE pilot, and make the credits I need to expand my fleet. I do have a discord but have not been able to find the discord information. So if you know what it is please send it to me. I appreciate the time you took to read this and look forward to flying with you. Recruit Blout
  13. Hi i just joined not really sure what im suposed to do.
  14. Hey guys . I could use a hand getting my game set up right . I have an mid range Asus rig and a fare video card so I'm happy there . I just traded my Mustang for an Arora MR and it hasn't shown up yet . It's been 24hrs so I'm not sure if it's a time thing and i should wait or if there's a code i need to put in . Last thing is I have an X55 Rhino and I'm looking for the best way to set it up . So if you guys have any helpful links I'dd appreciate it .
  15. Hi all, I've been lurking for a while and thought I ought to sign up in the wake of Citizencon. My handle on the RSI forums is Le Grand Fromage. I'm from South Africa and currently in a possession of a Gladius. Looking forward to expanding my fleet here and in game.
  16. Are there people on this forum going to just buy the Aurora MR+/LX/LN package and maybe some pretty add-on before release? I wanted to experience the universe where I have to go through the whole military duty, earn that citizenship that suppose to be important, and earn my way with my tiny Aurora LN to other great ships in the store. I have the mean to buy the bigger ships like the Constallation, but I would feel like I am cheating my way in to the game Zynga style (No offense to everyone here, since we all have a different character build to play) What say you?
  17. Hey RedBaron here, (aka. TheChosenOne on RSI website) To make this quick and simple I pledge the scout package and I am a Veteran Backer. I currently own only an Aurora and plan to earn all other ships in-game. I'm looking forward to being able to be a pilot of a Bengal Carrier or other Capital ship. That will pretty much make me the happiest guy on earth. Thanks for your time, RedBaron Edit: Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome and response! I can tell I made the right decision coming to Imperium!
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