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  1. I'm about to die. Perhaps I should go clean or start cooking for Christmas. I don't know. Neither of those seem like viable options. I'll probably just sit here and chew my fingers off waiting. That seems more productive.
  2. Steam!?  WHYYY

    1. Minted


      My money is ready!

  3. Any FPS starter pack should include an Aurora or Mustang. People buying these packs may have a rude awakening when they 'wake up' on Terra with no way to fund themselves (because Terra is peaceful), or get off the planet. All packs sold should have some basic ability to allow the player to transport themselves.
  4. As an American living in Germany (and no offense to our German friends!), the Germans have done more to disabuse me of the stereotypical view of them as organized people and excellent engineers than has anything else. They're just normal people, not gods of standardization. In American cities credited with German roots have clean organized street layouts-probably because such places don't exist in Germany. German cars are just as fallible to be poorly designed as anyone else's cars (see the VW flare up). German roads are nice, but they are so heavily trafficked that you rarely get anywhere fast on them because you have to keep stopping. We can go on and on, but you know, stereotypes of this type are not well founded. All that said, Foundry 42: Frankfurt is probably the most effective and efficient of the teams at turning out new tech and specialized artwork. Go Germany! We're also not sure exactly what type of tech propels the engines, or their efficiency. Is there any particulate discharge? Heated gasses? Not too sure. Some things imply that some of the engines function like conventional jets, but then again...those don't work in space...so...
  5. lol, those Drake boothgirls...


    1. GeraldEvans


      It comes in red?

    2. Scotterius


      I cant tell if they are using a female model, its a great use of existing assets if they didn't.  

    3. FoxChard


      I'd say that its probable that they used the female model, but then they do have a repertoire of old version female skeletons and probably a bunch of stock Crye female art assets as well.  I like how the non-dancing ones are toting assault rifles.  Very Drake.

  6. I am now decidedly a Drake and MISC fan. Must have all of the Drakes. This thing is so beast mode.
  7. Chris Roberts and the team earn the honor of being called Steely Eyed Missile Men (and Women). Can they stare the community back into our box? Only Trophias will tell.
  8. I'm gonna say-selling shit like that is a straight up bad move. BAD MOVE. It makes them look externally like another Ubisoft or EA.
  9. And we're inching upwards to 2 million citizens. It seems like less than a year since we hit 1 mill...
  10. GTA V heists anyone?  I would like to do some ludicrous stuff again.

  11. So photoshop. Wow.
  12. For my two cents to answer the original post- We don't have CAS because its already an assumed thing. There is no need for a separate CAS organization at this time-literally any pilot can do CAS with just about any ship fitted with guns. Its a mission, not an organization. But yeah...basically anything fitted with lots of guns or bombs or rockets can do it...how well...and what ground-based counters to players flying CAS remains to be seen.
  13. Sounds great! Welcome to the base!
  14. Welcome to the base! I also look forward to getting into mining...gas mining is more for me, but industry all the same!
  15. Welcome to the base Muff1n! I'm sure you already know about TS, so remember to hop on!