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  1. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Agreed. Erin said something, sure. You can find this post linked on reddit. But he didn't (and probably couldn't have) posted details so we don't actually know what he means. His statement could imply any number of things, and there could have been a contract that includes certain additional provisions. Crytek didn't attach their license and contract to their complaint. These can later be added, but since we don't have them we can't guess as to what the actual details of their interaction are. Likewise, Erin didn't show a receipt or bill of sale or contract or whatever, so we can only take his words at face value. Ultimately we have to wait, but sometimes the most obvious answer (Crytek needs money so they contracted a high power law firm who will be paid with the proceeds from the suit) is the right one. For Crytek to actually take this suit to court needs them to believe in the power of an American jury to be confounded and confused by the facts and then award them what they're seeking. If any of you watches American juries in the news, you will find that you can occasionally be acquitted of murder in public or captured on tape. It all depends on your lawyers and their ability to use the Chewbacca defense.
  2. That SQ42 Advocacy Avenger in the Newsletter

    Yesss, yes I see.
  3. That SQ42 Advocacy Avenger in the Newsletter

    He likes being himself. Unfortunately everyone thinks he is always Luke Skywalker. Makes for an odd relationship.
  4. Pictures from your daily life.

    @Dragon-Knight, @stefmarster
  5. That SQ42 Advocacy Avenger in the Newsletter

    Unless its a packaged trailer or something. Then they won't have to. But let us just indulge in the idea that Mark may actually want to enjoy the SQ42 fandom. ahh....didn't that feel good?
  6. That SQ42 Advocacy Avenger in the Newsletter

    Well they must be a whole lot more confident about the development state if they're going to start up the hype_drive. I guess whatever they're doing for the livestream they have it prepared already.
  7. CIG released the inaugural SQ42 newsletter this afternoon. Don't race out and get all excited, it essentially is a primer letting you know that more content is coming and to tune into the live stream. IGN will receive an exclusive next Wednesday as well dealing with Mark Hamill. Also there is this beautiful picture: Heres the rest of the text: December 14th, 2017 Attention! The UEE Navy needs you. Whether you’re already a top gun or have never flown a ship before, there’s a place for you in the Navy. Only by banding together can we hope to move forward and protect the freedom of the UEE. On Wed. Dec. 20th, enlist on the RSI website by signing up for the next Squadron 42 newsletter with exclusive information and updates on the game’s progress. You must enlist to continue receiving these official communications — be the first to know. Heads up. Check out IGN on Wed. Dec. 20th for an exclusive teaser featuring Mark Hamill. Report for duty on Thurs, Dec. 21st for our Around the Verse holiday special. Watch it on Twitch from 12-2 PM PST to hear the latest Squadron 42 updates directly from the developers. Over and Out, UEE Naval High Command
  8. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Edit-sorry Drum, I don't actually have a comment referring to what you posted. His TL/DR is that: "they're interested in getting CIG/RSI to negotiate out of court" and that the complaint is barely enough (content wise e.g. there are no referenced proofs or evidence) to get it into court. Here is the video link:
  9. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Its a livestream right now: For reference, this copyright lawyer represented the Star Mazer folks against Alex Mauer. He's reading the complaint and translating American-Lawyer speak into common English.
  10. Team up for new GTA V Heists?

    I'm definitely not a continuous player, but the heists are fun for what they are.
  11. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Which owners? I know there was a thing on Reddit that claimed The Creative Assembly and Sega now own them, but that cited a wikipedia article which only says that Crytek sold their Black Sea studio to TCA and Sega. As far as I know, Crytek is still its own entity.
  12. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Awesome. I initially was under the impression that he was some sort of predatory troll and I didn't want to give him any clicks.
  13. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    CIG gave a statement to Massively OP: “We are aware of the Crytek complaint having been filed in the US District Court. CIG hasn’t used the CryEngine for quite some time since we switched to Amazon’s Lumberyard. This is a meritless lawsuit that we will defend vigorously against, including recovering from Crytek any costs incurred in this matter.” http://massivelyop.com/2017/12/13/crytek-sues-star-citizen-developer-cloud-imperium-alleging-copyright-infringement/ To me, and I'm not a lawyer, this appears as if CIG feels strong in their case and are willing to defend themselves. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything other than fighting words if their private discussions went this far (apparently for years according to the complaint). So if CIG thinks they have a legal leg to stand on, we'll have to see what happens next. Their response (which probably won't say much) is due 21 days from when the suit was filed (yesterday).
  14. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    This only goes really bad if CIG elects to take this to court. Taking it to court would mean they think they have a believable defense to each of the allegations and can prove it with evidence. Most of the opinion that I've read is that the document written was with an eye to making CIG settle privately out of court to make this "go away". They could elect to settle because its cheaper than going to court or because they know they're fully in the wrong. I doubt we backers are they only investors in the project. I see Amazon, Intel, AMD (at least they were a few years ago), unspecified private individuals, Chris, Sandi, other CIG corporate personalities, etc. as other major contributors. Using backer funds to defend themselves in court probably won't happen if this is true. Of course, they don't have to go to court at all, they can settle outside of it. Edit: Personally I'm curious to see if they can prove that code shown in Bugsmashers is actually Crytek intellectual property.