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  1. @CyberianKalready said it, but I want to jump in as well. The majority of their employees seem to be on their first or second real games job after college. They will come to CIG and accept positions for the promise that they can accelerate to a position of higher responsibility faster than normal (CIG doesn't seem to hire many seasoned veterans) and leave with a large and demanding project under their belt. The studio directors, key staff (the creative directors and some of the department heads, and the studio chiefs) and the engine guys in Frankfurt are probably the only people that command higher than average pay. Everyone else is probably at their region's mean or below it. CIG's marketing and funding approach is enabled by the community. If you don't like it, feel free to not support them in that way. Not handing over cash doesn't mean that you are against the project, it just means that you don't give them money every sale. Essentially, every company does this with its products. You could easily spend the same amount (and many people do) on games with loot boxes and most of those games have lifespans that measure only a year or two before the playerbase moves onto a sequel. CIG just stands out because their asking price is extraordinarily high. And unlike what a lot of the haters say, you should still be able to unlock or buy most everything in the game-or just steal it if it isn't for sale.
  3. Derek does not lay down dates. He just has a rant, shows some of their stuff from the financials website, rages that a company spends money, and then says something like "I told you so" at the end. I went to go look because I was morbidly curious. Normally I don't bother to read his drivel.
  4. yeah...good luck finding someone who will actually put a game like any of those together in a way that is something other than a knock off cash grab though. Until something happens where other games start to follow SC, I'm of the opinion that SC is a one off masterpiece that will stand alone.
  5. @Drumhas got it. Though I think games built on this model will be fairly few because of the effort involved to publish such a ridiculously large environment. I think most publishers and devs will willingly stay in their box. BUT, and SC isn't the only huge concurrent player game coming out, the server stuff will spread and allow more multiplayer games to happen. So a whole true scale city map with thousands of infantry or mechs fighting in it is probably what we'll see-and that will be awesome.
  6. They're doing the right thing in taking their time and getting it right. Its important to get this right. They spent their time going through several different test models and skeletons for the male avatar including several animation refactors and redesigns. One of SC's core ideas is that you are your character. The player camera is in the avatar's head. You physically see down the sights like you would in real life. Few games actually go through this effort and instead just cheat everything. Taking their time allowed CIG to figure out how to make this work correctly (remember the days of head bobbing and people complaining that the game made them feel ill?). With only one character skeleton to worry about, they didn't have to do double work every time they tweaked or messed with the design. Of course, they also created the mother of all animation backlogs...but, they knew what they were getting into.
  7. I think he only redid the video because he probably got flooded by a bunch of comments from the trolls and their supporters.
  8. Microtech might get a "nordic forest" biome!? Awesome!

  9. Just going to show that UEC price is/was untethered from the dollar price.
  10. FoxChard

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I was quite partial to that image. I assume that is supposed to be the IAE main site on Kiel. Lots of little peoples wandering around the tarmac.
  11. Join/don't join, you can still join us on our TS where we do voice comms, or on our Discord where you can ask random questions. Its WAY easier to help via voice when you're trying to learn, then we can help figure out if anything is going wrong.
  12. Can we all just agree that it is borderline negligence on CIG's part to leave old images of ships up on their website?

    1. SpectreSC


      Time for some Holiday Cleaning CIG.

    2. FoxChard


      It just bugs me that ships that have been replaced by new models are still being sold on the back of their original models or concepts when they are and look so drastically different now.

    3. SpectreSC


      Yeah I agree, it's not very professional/smart to sell remodelled products under the assumption they're the same exact thing as the older version.


  13. FoxChard

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    And that is exactly why CIG should make all ships or equipment purchased with real money unusable without active insurance on them LTI, 6 mo, or something from in game. That is exactly why they should give all of us pre-beta backers (that is everyone to date) LTI as a reward and as an offer of goodwill. Sure, that will offend a few original backers, so give them something else that is worth their time and faith in the project. A pile of starting UEC on day one would probably work just fine. But this is really one of those things that they just need to buckle down and do. Kill the grey market too while they're at it. But if its LTI holding you back, DON'T BUY IT. Its simple. As an Idris owner already, you get the chance to buy one whenever you want.
  14. Welcome! Join us on Discord or TS for "activities" or just to chat.
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