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  1. Suck it

    AdmiralSloth | CIGsaid
    The megathreads for Around the Verse have been discontinued after receiving feedback about them, and they weren't doing a great job at obtaining their objective. 
    We have kept the megathread for the Production Schedule updates in order to collect all of the feedback in a single place. This prevents having General flooded with numerous topics about the same thing, and we can better respond to players questions or concerns. This way the entire topic is contained and players can easily see our responses with context. 
    We don't have the ability to merge threads (yet) like we could with the Katamari's from the old forums, but we continue to improve the functionality of Spectrum and make it a better place to hang out with backers. I appreciate what you guys have said about them in this thread so far.

    1. FoxChard


      While I disagree with you here donut, I do appreciate that you love me. :) 

  2. I don't think you should be worried quite yet. They're still in the early stages of putting in actual gameplay features-had to get a lot of the core engine stuff done first.
  3. I've stayed at one once in a nice, but hotel-less neighborhood in the Twin Cities. It was exactly where I wanted to be, beat out hotels by a mile on price, and gave me a lot of flexibility. The owner was nice and understanding and it was a great experience. That said, I can totally see how it can turn bad quickly.
  4. Lost as always!
  5. Personally, I'd just like to see deep gameplay mechanics. We've been told that things are going to be player skill based, instead of off of "stats". Missions and tasks won't be "click to complete". Ship roles will be deeply engaging and complicated. If this can be brought off, then I'll be satisfied. If it can be brought off, this game will be so multi-faceted and fully dimensioned that it will be unprecedented.
  6. And now we truly know why they started training the Lore Team on Lumberjack.
  7. It appears that I will also come by
  8. Unless you pull a Rebel Alliance move and build massive shield generators and fixed defenses on a random ice planet somewhere. The Empire's military brass was totally prepared to just ignore Echo Base, but the sheer arrogance of putting giant shield generators on a planet like that sucked Vader in.
  9. Approved.
  10. To expand on what I said earlier, I'm speaking about some of the tricks the Metro Games and books play on you. Imagine entering into a derelict Hull E. Your flashlights are charged, your radio is working. But as you penetrate deeper, your lights seem to dim of their own accord, the emergency lights on the ship go out, and your in-game radio comms die out completely.
  11. I'm more of a fan of psychological terror than just having something to shoot
  12. Chris said...nearly a year ago? They want 20-30 systems. That number didn't rile the community up so much as 5-10. I'm cool with 20-30. They just need to get crackin on their tools to facilitate rapid construction of bases, landing zones, wrecks, and stations. Or whatever else they want to put in as a location in a star system. Guarantee that is what is going to take the longest.
  13. Notice how they said that changes could come when they hand the concept over to the designers? It could still get a windscreen.