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  1. FoxChard

    How to make $ for star citizen?

    I had a job, worked a lot. Now I depend on @Basardto provide my needs. He doesn't know it, but I live in his closet, pirating his power, food, and internet.
  2. FoxChard

    Lorville Landing Zone

    +1 for understanding how to link to specific points in a video. an often impossible task for people.
  3. FoxChard

    Aegis Hammerhead release by year's end?

    I think he is trying to say that Zarian should contain this thread to other previously started threads on the Hammerhead, and that he should use youtube's timestamp sharing feature.
  4. FoxChard


  5. FoxChard


    @J. Corenare you talking bad about a giant rat puppet!? how dare you. He was my favorite character sir.
  6. FoxChard


    Hopefully they fixed the problems this film experienced while in development. I'm not hopeful though.
  7. FoxChard

    German Star Citizen Base?

    They showed up at Gamescom in 2015 and handed out some sweet flair to every backer after the event. It was like a comic book or something. It had me confused for a bit because they were all walking around in Star Citizen Base t-shirts. I don't like how they lifted the turbulent design for their website though.
  8. FoxChard

    Perfect Pancakes

    I've switched to hungry jack. You add an egg and some milk, but I love making them on cast iron, much improved in every way.
  9. FoxChard

    Looking to join Imperium - New

    Welcome to the base! Hop on discord or TS for adventure and excitement!
  10. FoxChard

    Pictures from your daily life.

    @stefmarsteris on a boat and saving the lives of the unfortunate Porgs who were washed off their island into the North Sea. I'm posting pictures for him in lieu of him taking over the ship's navigation computers to post himself. I'm not sure whats happening here. It looks like a series of angry computers. If you squint, you can almost make out a face among the blinky lights. Additional. Here we can see a lot of liquid snow being frothy. And here we see the controls for the Robotic Canadian Diver-Man suit the keep on board for dire emergencies.
  11. FoxChard

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Yep. Provided this is possible once everything is said and done, its a powerful argument for me to learn lumberyard and etc. so that I can make a shot for shot Top Gun in Star Citizen. The whole movie. Including the volleyball scene (or a volleyball game stand-in). Space Basketball is semi-confirmed on the Javelin at least. This of course means that I'd need to probably make a NAS Miramar set (because CIG probably won't do it, and the Marines took it over a few years back...so now its not the same at all). Guess I'd better get started if I'm going to render the entire base. Can you imagine going to the O-Club? Singing with your wingman? Going to a bar outside of San Diego to sing Jerry Lee Lewis on a honky tonk piano right with your wingman (minutes before he gets murdered by the canopy on your hornet), his hot wife, and your girlfriend? Yes. Yes. Yes. I can see it now. I'll Call it Top Citizen. Or or Star Gun. Or maybe Chris Roberts' Flight Academy: The Movie! Whats the appropriate stand-in for an F-14? Is it the obvious Super Hornet? Or perhaps a Hurricane?
  12. FoxChard

    Good times in far off places

    Nah, that bug doesn't occur until you start changing your spacesuit and helmet. If you don't change those you should be fine.
  13. FoxChard

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Yes. With in-engine animations like FiendishFeather so we can have the actual deck crew messing around and looking like navy people.
  14. FoxChard

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Bengal, but I'll settle for either of the others. Perhaps every ship that launches a fighter should have this sequence programmed in
  15. FoxChard

    Good times in far off places

    Glad you had some times!