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  1. Does anybody own a SanTokYai ---> Mercury CCU and want to sell????
  2. I think it would be a small Salvage Ship like the Prospector....
  3. Welcome to the Base. Have a lot of fun
  4. No not really....I want to explore the Verse and i think the Reclaimer is perfect to do that and make a lot of money I've tested the Sabre in the Freeflyweek and for me...it's a great escort ship
  5. No no...i have the Mustang Starter Pack with SQ42 and the PU...but i absolutely want the Reclaimer or Sabre...or maybe both
  6. What are you thinking about the next Ship Sale? I´ll have to wait until November???
  7. hier ist ja alles vertreten...sogar die Niederländer! Super!!! Really lovely place here
  8. Ja Dankeschön auch nach Österreich
  9. thanks a lot i hope to meet you all in the verse
  10. Ja guten morgen zurück und tolle Begrüßung
  11. Hi fellow citizens I love this Game and i want to know as much as possible about the Verse! So...best regards from Germany?
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