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  1. Stonehenge

    Want to Buy Mercury CCU

    Does anybody own a SanTokYai ---> Mercury CCU and want to sell????
  2. Stonehenge

    New Aegis ship confirmed

    I think it would be a small Salvage Ship like the Prospector....
  3. Great Trade! Quickly and easily! Any Time again
  4. Stonehenge

    Hi! I'm Brett.

    Welcome to the Base. Have a lot of fun
  5. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    No not really....I want to explore the Verse and i think the Reclaimer is perfect to do that and make a lot of money I've tested the Sabre in the Freeflyweek and for me...it's a great escort ship
  6. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    No no...i have the Mustang Starter Pack with SQ42 and the PU...but i absolutely want the Reclaimer or Sabre...or maybe both
  7. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    What are you thinking about the next Ship Sale? I´ll have to wait until November???
  8. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    hier ist ja alles vertreten...sogar die Niederländer! Super!!! Really lovely place here
  9. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    Ja Dankeschön auch nach Österreich
  10. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    thanks a lot i hope to meet you all in the verse
  11. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    Ja guten morgen zurück und tolle Begrüßung
  12. Stonehenge

    New citizen

    Hi fellow citizens I love this Game and i want to know as much as possible about the Verse! So...best regards from Germany?