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Large amount of quantanium


Have you found a asteroid containing over 49% Quantanium?  

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  1. 1. Have you found a asteroid containing over 49% Quantanium?

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Found a rock with 95% once. uncracked. Must have been a glitch.. I know, it's the internet so "pics or it didn't happen".. but it just didnt register with me that it was very rare so I didnt screenshot it.

It felt like christmas. It's a high ive been chasing ever since. Found a rock today that had a bit over 50.
I think I might be addicted to mining now.

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      I have a Helix on my Prospector.

      I added a FLTR - L
      My question is

      The Helix has 3 slots.  Can one put the same module in all 3 slots?  If one does, do the effects stack?  i.e.  The FLTR-L decreases the inert by 15% and slows the intake by 40%  If I add another, does that mean I decrease the inert by 30%  and slow intake 40%?
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      The 3.12 brought us refinery. Turning mined ores and minerals into sales ready commodities.
      Linking some streams and such are welcome if you think they were well done,  but I will start out with just some insights to what has been seen.
      Here is a trigger. High percentage Quaintanium, Bexalite, or Borase loads will give approximately 130,000 +/- value once refined. Some rocks are just worth looking for.
      You can refine more than one job, but for now the UI is broken such that you cannot split a job extraction. On top of that, it shows false values. I have sort of a feel for it now, but my advice would be to limit amount of jobs unless you have a Max, or Cat, or another large capacity ship available. That overloaded Freelancer shown below was from just two batches. EDIT: UI has been fixed and if not enough room the ship will not appear for selection.
      First picture is a job that said I had 1700 of 2200 available cargo space. As you can see, it overloaded the ship which made it glitch out and it needed to be claimed.
      There are several ways to refine your raw resources, but beware. As of now, if you try to do just one element of the mined load it will destroy the others not selected. Ask me how I know... So select the best method for the highest rated element and just accept whatever that gives you with the lower value stuff.
      Second picture is the Trade Center. Everyone is trying to sell the refined metal at trade windows. You cannot. It must be sold at a commodity window in a trade center ground side. I did not pick up on it at first, but this is appears to be a moving target. A pixel version of E-trade? The numbers shift around, so if you are happy with what you are seeing, sell it and move on, else wait a bit and see if the world has more need of that commodity later.
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      A’care Mining & Reclamation: We Are What You Need Us To Be
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      AMR is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants subject to full-scope UEE security check. Certain restrictions apply. Speak with an AMR representative for details.
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      A'care Mining and Reclamation
      New Babbage, MicroTech, Stanton
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      We specialize in the timely and tailored retrieval of materials of concern and low-observable prospecting and survey reports in compromised environments. In addition, we provide real-time threat observations to our clients ensuring they have to most accurate environmental picture prior to undertaking any activity in a sector. We understand that during these times that economic access and security are intimately tied and our trained professionals provide up-to-the-minute assessments to ensure your interest are secure and you are ready to strike when opportunity presents itself.
      Due to our desire to remain flexible and impartial to our clients, we are not seeking direct affiliation with any entities at this time, but we are willing to discuss exclusivity agreements to avoid potential conflicts of interest arising in the future. With our exclusive clientele we are also open to discussing our full range of capabilities so that we may better tailor ourselves to your needs.

      A-M-R. We are what you need us to be.
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