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  1. Morgen Black

    RSI Galaxy

    Dunno, I will have to wait and see. I really think that CIG does a great job going from Concept drawing to actual in-game ship, but there have been a few duds. I have been waiting since September 2012, so what are a few more years? MB
  2. Morgen Black

    RSI Galaxy

    I had some CCU's laying around, so I got creative with a free referral ship and now I have a $165 RSI Galaxy (LTI) in the hangar. I understand the modules only have the 10 year insurance but I vaguely remember CR stating that the modules on the ship, take the ship insurance?! I could be mistaken, but at this point in time I can wait and see how things evolve with the Galaxy and future modules. A total package of $405 for the Galaxy (LTI) and all three modules isn't horrible. If all else fails, it could be a nice jump to another concept ship release in the future. MB
  3. It is that time of year that puts excitement in our hearts and fear in our wallets. Enjoy the show and remember to watch those corners at the expedition hall, the ThirtE-K bandit is always around the corner. See you at New Babbage! MB
  4. While I really appreciate the utilitarian Drake layout inside and out on their ships, the asymmetrical wing design seems a bit forced for the cool factor. It serves no actual purpose and this ship would of been much better looking as a symmetrical design. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really this will be a CCU jump instead of a CCU completion stop for a great ship. It really screams Star Wars shuttle in the wing design and I am not a fan. The overall design looks like the two foldable wings on the starboard part of the ship were blown off in a confrontation and they found a large scrap wing from another ship and just welded it on to get by for the near future. Hopefully, it will stand the test of time before this game is released in another 10 years. MB
  5. The Greycat STV is a small ground vehicle that was fun to drive on planet. I picked up one to try out and I spent about an hour or so bopping around Microtech. I do like the small package, it should mate up with a 400i better than squeezing a Cyclone RN under the lower turret. The Cyclone series does handle better, especially in lower gravity situations. The color options are average, the Concierge blue and carbon fiber was a nice bonus. MB
  6. I picked up all three low dollar CCUs just in case it turns out I can play the Warbond CCU game during IAE. I like the look, but not sure based on the few pictures that CIG posted. MB
  7. Drink your Ovaltine? Crummy commercial, thanks CIG. MB
  8. Thank you for the update, does anyone know what is inside the Banu lockbox? MB
  9. The 2022 Alien Week is upon us and I just wanted to pass that the Banu Merchantman is getting a price bump to $600 at this time. There is a Warbond upgrade available at the $550 price point with new money and a credit upgrade to $600. That is all, now please move along. MB
  10. One of the Warbond Anvil Legionnaire ships fell into my cart unexpectedly and my dog hit the purchase button, how unfortunate. It will go well as a landing craft / dropship from my Polaris. Only time will tell, I like it. MB
  11. Morgen Black

    Drake MULE

    It looks interesting but I would definitely just get one with aUEC in game. This will become the new LTI token for many. Upgrade CCU chain to the moon. MB
  12. The MISC Expanse is the perfect ship for my son. As I mine in my MISC Prospector, he can learn patience by sitting in orbit and waiting quietly. He will think he is playing a video game but ultimately, he will be learning a valuable life lesson. It is a Win-Win situation, well worth the money. Shhhh, no one tell him. MB
  13. I just checked all of my old CCUs and I have a few that have not been revised, yet. Decisions, decisions. Do I really want to spend money to save a few bucks? (Edit: The two that I bought back that were not changed were a Terrapin to Andromeda for $5 and a Terrapin to Redeemer for $30. I also have two P-72 Archimedes to Hull B for $55 but not sure I want to get those, even though they are a good buy for the recent price increase. Also, at this time in my BuyBack, all my Warbond ships are still at Original Warbond price) MB
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