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Found 7 results

  1. Good day to the Citizens of Imperium. I am Dr. Sage Parvil of A'care Mining and Reclamation, Director of Corporate Outreach and Engagement. We are a small, employee-owned corporation who seek to provide our clients with the foremost in asset retrieval and mineral survey capabilities in the increasingly complex security environment we find in the 'Verse. We were founded in 2944 in Houston Texas / Earth / Sol but have recently moved our operations to the Crusader system where we feel we can be closer to our clients and our operations. We specialize in the timely and tailored retrieval of materials of concern and low-observable prospecting and survey reports in compromised environments. In addition, we provide real-time threat observations to our clients ensuring they have to most accurate environmental picture prior to undertaking any activity in a sector. We understand that during these times that economic access and security are intimately tied and our trained professionals provide up-to-the-minute assessments to ensure your interest are secure and you are ready to strike when opportunity presents itself. Due to our desire to remain flexible and impartial to our clients, we are not seeking direct affiliation with any entities at this time, but we are willing to discuss exclusivity agreements to avoid potential conflicts of interest arising in the future. With our exclusive clientele we are also open to discussing our full range of capabilities so that we may better tailor ourselves to your needs. A-M-R. We are what you need us to be.
  2. A lot of people tend to forget the original design behind the Reclaimer, and this only solidifies the description. "Dedicated salvage AND exploration". In a way the ship is more valuable than the Carrack because it can also make money.
  3. Recruitment is now open for Oceania based players. SKY-TEK is intended to provide an umbrella structure covering different play styles and goals, while maintaining a legal approach to all operations. This means that government-sanctioned bounties against “public enemies” and pirates are both legitimate, whereas piracy is not. SKY-TEK’s primary focus will be “Sec-Ops” (Security Operations), but acknowledges that a broad income base is required for stability and growth. These verticals are intended to work together towards the common goal of lawful profit, and may include sub-operations focused on areas such as: Salvage, Search, and Rescue Industry and Manufacturing Trade and Freight Exploration and Cartography For full details of the SKY-TEK charter, visit us at http://skytk.org/sky-tek-charter or see our RSI page https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SKYTEK All Members must be over 20 years of age and have a Mature attitude. Please be aware that we are an Australian based Star Citizen organisation and would prefer if only players from the Oceania region apply for membership. The reason for this is simply to avoid connection issues and lag caused by high-ping. All members must provide a full API key for vetting upon application. This is non-negotiable. SKY-TEK maintains Discord and TeamSpeak channels for members. Details will be provided to you once membership has been vetted and accepted.
  4. It's a slow news week without the 10ftC on Monday, and I would love having a chat with anyone interested. I read on the official forums that one guy plans (or was joking about) to salvage his own LTI ships for easy money and it made me wonder a lot of things about how RSI could possibly prevent this. I know insurance fraud prevention is probably a long way off, and RSI will have to adapt it over time like a anti-cheat engine, but there is a whole new list of "What if's" with the salvage mechanic. Obviously parking a ship and then salvaging it is fraud that would need detection but there are so many ways someone could cheat the system. You could crash into a rock of purpose and salvage your own wreck, you could find a very easy enemy and let them take out your ship then quickly return to easily take them and salvage them and your ship. I have a friend who wants to dogfight and would allow me to tag along and have salvage rights after he gets first pick. But what if he is having a bad night and looses a ship, would I get flagged if I salvage him more than a couple times? The whole insurance fraud thing is one of those things Roberts promised but seems so easy to defeat. My best possible solution to this is a Piracy Timer. After an insured piece of hardware becomes a wreck there is a timer where touching it before the timer is up would make it pirated goods. When the timer expires you can be free to salvage it without worry.
  5. Wondering if the Vanduul favor bio weapons, viruses, crawling facehuggers etc. Are they the 'Engineers' of the SC universe? Also curious as to the escort ships shown, placeholders or drones?
  6. Agnate Enterprises is a worldwide neutral corporation which deals with all sides of the law. We are a varied organization focused on profit; we deal in goods and services to anyone willing to pay. Specifically we offer trading, transport, security, bounties, information, and diplomatic services. Trade and transport is the main way we make money and as such we handle goods which might have once been stolen or illegal and attain items which may be difficult to buy for fringe and free systems.We also offer security for merchants, explorers, salvagers and miners with both our escorts and guards as well as actively collect bounties for the UEE. We collect, protect and distribute information for any clients desiring as well as offer our services as mediators to help end hostilities or broker deals. Generally if there is money to be made on the frontier, you will find Agnate there being very successful. We operate on the edge of legality and dance that line as carefully as possible. Because of the sensitive nature of our business and clients we place the utmost importance on the skills of our members. As a result we don't just take anyone who applies, you have to meet our high standards to prove you have the right stuff to join the Agnate family. In addition to being the best, further dedication and skill is required to join the ranks of some of our divisions or become management. If you feel like our family is a good fit for what you need in a group go right ahead and drop off an application on our organization page. Please follow the instructions on the recruitment application page and write here if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Of course you can always send this account or any of the leaders listed on our page a personal message if you'd rather ask a question privately. We also have a Team Speak server (agnategaming.typefrag.com) where you can ask any questions and generally hangout. Thanks for reading this and remember, when you're with Agnate you're family.
  7. Looking forward to being a Star Citizen and contributing to the Imperium. I have a Hornet and a Freelancer to support my interests. As a loyalist and an early sponsor (Nov 2012), I have the early ships and chose not to upgrade though I enjoy the idea of multi player ships and missions. This is going to be KILLER!!!!
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