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  1. I don't really think the starting location currently is a big deal when it drops in 3.15. Eventually, when we have larger server capacity and proper org integration in the game, there might be a benefit for a specific location depending on what the Org will do at that time. As for myself, until that time comes, I'll just pick one I personally like best.
  2. Fizzlefuse

    Drake Vulture

    Vulture in early whitebox (whoo!)
  3. This has me excited, even though I personally don't care about being a medic. Any extra gameplay is welcome.
  4. It looks to me something inbetween a X-wing and a Starfury. Honestly I expected this type of ship design to come along a lot sooner, seeing as how iconic the X shape is.
  5. Fresh off the PTU. BENGAL!
  6. I named my ships, now all that's left is to wait for 3.13
  7. o7 Welcome to the fleet!
  8. Oh I'm definitely not going with pop culture references. I really like some RP elements in any game so I'll be naming my ships something unique that I'm at least confident won't be taken... but then you never know.
  9. Gotta wait till the 8th for naming my Reclaimer and MSR. Honestly I'm still not on board with this whole exclusive naming thing... but I guess it is what it is.. I'm not quite sure what to call my Reclaimer though...
  10. yeah the mercury has enough space to fit 2 cyclones, or one ursa.. or 2 (maybe 3) ROCs The MSR is pricier though.. but it's a great ship... and will be better when they fix the fuel consumption wich is really high at the moment. they said they will adress it in the next major patch (3.12)
  11. The problem with the Freelancer is it's rear turret struts. I havent tried on a MAX but you'll have issues trying to get a Cyclone into the base Freelancer and the Freelancer DUR... which is one of the reasons I upgraded to a Mercury Star Runner.
  12. Great bit in Inside Star Citizen on a early engineering prototype..
  13. /sigh *opens wallet* How much, Chris? Goddangit, how much?
  14. That would actually be a paint job I'd get behind... it's better then that weird "Best in Show" skin.
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