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Found 7 results

  1. DATE: 21/01/2024 TIME: 1600 UTC MEET: Orison + Loreville DURATION: 8+ HOURS MISSION BRIEFING // Mining Ops on Moons TBD, focusing on Quantanium, Gold, Taranite, Bexalite and ROC nodes Salvage Ops at various asteroid belts and Lagrange points Recon Teams will be tasked to help find valuable ore and salvagable wrecks Combat Patrol Teams will be tasked to control the vicinity of Industrial Ops and nearby POI. Industrial personnel will be split into teams upon Op Start. Tasked to mine and/or refine ore and general salvage ops MISSION GOAL // Make dank money Get everyone up to speed with current in-game mechanics Optimize salvage and mining operations MISSION NOTES // Please have sufficient food/water/medpens stored on-person. EVENT MAY BE RECORDED - Please behave. Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated MEET before mission Start Time. All IMPERIUM Members are welcome, SCB Members may require vetting. Late Joiners Accepted. PRIMARY COMMS, Discord. MISSION ROLES: = Command (Open to Fleet Command/Officers/Specialists/Unit Administrators) = Reclaimer / Vulture Salvage Ops = Prospector / MOLE Mining Ops = ROC Mining Ops = Recon Pilot = Combat Pilot / Turret Operator = Medical Ship = Food & Drink Vendor = Camera Crew If you plan to attend, please click the emoji (On Discord Announcement) that represents your preferred role to facilitate planning. Let's dust off our mining and salvage lasers, make some aUEC and have some FUN!! Any and all inquiries can be PM'd to @[IMP] REIGN-11-87 directly. 07
  2. SHIP TRAINING - STARFARER -------------------------------- WHEN: Mar. 20 (16:00 UTC, 11:00 MST) WHERE: ARC L1 Station DESCRIPTION: With 3.17 and new ship-to-ship refueling mechanics just around the corner, now is a good time to review the Starfarer. We expect Starfarer's to be used more often when 3.17 comes out, and we want to be prepared when this happens. Although it is true that the Starfarer will be getting a significant rework in the future, we will be getting the ship-to-ship refueling mechanics with the Starfarer in its current form. The Starfarer is amongst the largest ships in SC, with 4 full decks and exterior catwalks/elevators. It can be easy to get lost in her maze of hallways. This event aims to refamiliarize ourselves with this legacy ship. The plan is to spawn in a Starfarer and take it to a point in space. There we can look at it with the convenience of EVA. I'm then planning an interior tour of all 4 decks, highlighting the major areas such as cargo area, bridge, engineering and sleeping quarters. To finish this event, I would like to bring the Starfarer to an outpost and display vehicle loading/unloading operations. Mark the date on your calendar! Come learn about this long lost ship!
  3. Thanks For checking out Nebula Heavy Industries !!! Interested in joining our ranks? The application process is easy! Step 1: Click the big "Join" button on the unit's main page. Step 2: Include some information about yourself, and why you think NHI is right for you Step 3: A standard 1-2 weeks is needed for us review your application and make arrangements for an interview on Imperium Teamspeak. Step 4: If your application is successful, Congratulations! Welcome to NHI! Once accepted, you will need to apply on the unit's portal page here. Please note: NHI is primarily a western North America based unit (UTC -7) that operates usually UTC 1900-0900. While anyone is welcome to apply to NHI, please consider this before deciding if NHI is right for you.
  4. It doesn't get much better than this! https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/9sxyko/loyal_order_of_water_buffaloes/
  5. Looks like a very fun game to set up for practice aboard a ship and learn to work as a team
  6. NOTE: - This is only a PREVIEW of what will come in Star Citizen 2.0 (AC 2.0) and some are glitches and some is being revealed in PTU 1.1.1a for the first time. We will be getting images, videos, Dev posts, etc... about the WIP that CIG is now starting to reveal on the Multi-Crew Ships. We can use this thread to collate all new WIP items about Multi-Crew Ships like these sister (archive) threads: Below is our first glimpse into Mult-Crew Ships with the Gamescom Video below from 2014. Note there is an embedded link to a higher definition version directly from CIG in this video. Below is a new video of some players from Team Legacy experimenting in their Cutlass Black. It shows what it will be like to be in combat from the perspective of a crew member in the cargo hold with damage being applied to the ship. Note this damage being done to the Cutlass is per the older damage states and will be different when the newer damage state model (like seen on the Gladius) takes effect: --------------- Please post any videos or images you find on Multi-Crew Ships (in combat) on this thread (it may be awhile - but we will see more SoonTM )
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