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  1. Cutlass Black could work. Some people have said they can make the Nomad work for the ROC, but I haven't done it. Freelancer MAX is the best one overall. (Don't get a standard Freelancer, the door isn't wide enough yet - will be reworked). The Freelancer MAX is great because it has a massive cargo hold, can fit a lot of missiles, and has four forward facing size 3s + a turret. Just my 2 cents. Edit: Cyclone dimensions are a bit bigger width-wise and length wise than the ROC, so it might have issues in the Cutlass Black. Just a FYI.
  2. Hey all, I have a new kid on the way and the wife is wanting to buy some super pricey stuff. To fund this, I am selling two very RARE or UNIQUE items. 8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 1 - $600 HOLD 8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 2 - $600 Available (Current prices on Star Hangar/Ebay are above $1000) Might go lower if someone wants to buy both. Original Concept LTI Pioneer (includes land claim beacons) - $1750 (Current pricing on Star Hangar and Ebay are above $1800) I might take lower if offered. SOLD Custom Pack - LTI Torpedo Bomber Pack (CCU'd 600i ExpPack) with a Polaris and Eclipse (includes BIS skins for Eclipse and Cutlass Black) - $1250 (Current pricing for LTI Eclipse with BIS Skin is averaging around $600 and this pack includes a Cutty Black skin because of CCU Chains) Picture included at request of potential buyer. Price is negotiable. SOLD Paypal invoice only sales to protect both buyer and seller.
  3. Yes, you can lose powerplants, shield generators, weapons, etc... Usually you will have a visual (red colored part) on your ship that shows structural damage or a lost weapon on the MFD that shows your ship status and shields. Different ships also have warnings that either pop up in the HUD or on a MFD that say if something is damaged. Additionally, you can go to the MFD menu that lists off power distribution and see if something is showing as no power or gone.
  4. @BasardAre you saying you already have DDR5 RAM? If you're wanting to upgrade to a DDR5 board, you will need DDR5 RAM as well. If you're not used to the idiosyncrasies of AMD chipsets, I'd say stick with what you know and stay Intel. I know a lot of folks who have had a ton of problems figuring out AMD issues if they've been Intel-only. If you're familiar with AMD, then I'd say go for the best bang for the buck. I'd also check for the number of NVME slots on both, those are essential for modern gaming. If only 1, it's not enough. If 2 it's adequate. 4 is preferred.
  5. Glad you got it figured out. Just as an FYI, this isn't the Cloud Imperium Star Citizen forum, that's "Spectrum" on the RSI website. However, we've been around a long time and a lot of us have dealt with issues with the game. Regarding your specific issue, was it mouse related?
  6. New kid incoming, so prices dropped a bit.
  7. You have to have the ship at least landed on the platform, maybe even store it. If it still doesn't show up, then it means that the package itself is not in a spot on the Aurora that the game can read for the purposes of the cargo grids.
  8. Not a problem @Grumpledor. If you have questions or would like to know more about the game, feel free to hop onto our discord.
  9. @Grumpledoryou'd need to log into your RSI account on their website and then go to Apps, then to Spectrum. That's the actual "RSI forum" now. This forum is for the Star Citizen community for sure, and we've been around since before the game finished crowdfunding, but we're not Cloud Imperium Games.
  10. Tournaments are bracketed by power level, so as you get stronger, you'll find yourself facing off against players who have been doing the pay 2 win side of things and you won't be able to make it in tournies.
  11. I know there's a secondary market for those accounts, but the amount of money I would "recoup" would likely be miniscule compared to the money input. I'll probably wait awhile and see if some more of the "rare legos" become extinct legos and drive up the price. I originally started like you, play for free, but once you get to a certain point in the game, you literally cannot progress without spending money.
  12. 50+ Legos including 2x 6 star Valkyries, 2x 6 star Septimus (and a third one in my vault), 3x Martyrs, Ninja, Cardiel, Krisk, Elder Skarg set up to burn through Spider 20+...
  13. I blew a ton of money and time and energy in that game... Never again...
  14. Seems more that you're annoyed at how specific people are acting, as opposed to the game's playable state. To echo what everyone's saying here, SC is a game that CAN be solo'd, but it best played with others / an organization. Also: I recommend staying away from event areas like Jumptown if you're a new player because you're unfamiliar with the dynamics of those areas, so it's a good idea to steer clear.
  15. Hey @Lumenta, I'm one of the leaders of Imperium and I live in Hong Kong, as does @JosephW. We used to have a large and active contingent of players that were Malaysia/Singapore/HK based, but the game's long development have them pretty inactive at the moment. There are a lot of Aussie orgs that play in our timezone, and there are some SEA orgs as well. I'll send you a Private Message from one of the guys I know that's very active in the SEA SC community.
  16. When you pull your ship, the terminal will tell you which hangar or pad that your ship is on. It will also have a blue icon / indicator that shows it is your ship. If you run up to a ship that isn't your ship, you shouldn't be able to open it. It's likely that there are some ships that are on your list as a part of the free-fly event that happened this month, and they will be removed once the event is over. In short, the way to know which ship is yours is to make sure you pay attention to which hangar/pad it's supposed to be at, and also look for the blue icon that says your ship and how far you are from it.
  17. Except... Mining's currently broke AF. Hopefully 3.17.2 brings in the long awaited debugs and fixes for mining...
  18. Welcome back and regarding P vs K upgrade, if you want to use your Idris as a kind of large, well armed and defended civilian support vessel, then you'll want to stay "P" version. If you want to turn it into something almost mil-spec for dealing with battles against similar or larger sized vessels, then you'd go with the K. K will be more offensive, while the P is more defensive minded. Since it's an upgrade kit, it doesn't actually mean you lose the ability to have a P, it just means you'll get the armaments to swap out for the K version.
  19. They might be balanced for greater speeds in the future, but note that Crusader system is one of the smaller systems. Pyro, the next system, is several times larger than Crusader, and it it has been stated, players will need even more transit times from point A to B in that system. This is a standard feature of space MMOs if you played any of the ones I mentioned. Time sink is a factor because the developers are catering to the "Space MMO Sim/Universe" playerbase, not the casual player base. A way to mitigate this would be to spend most of your game time in smaller systems that have much shorter Point A to B jump times. This was something Cloud Imperium Games (the developers of the game) have talked about, but they haven't decided if it will be a feature for in-game items, or only for items bought with IRL cash. It hasn't been implemented yet, and if you'd like to see it, you can look for relevant threads about this on the RSI Website's Spectrum forums. Many new players find it enjoyable, regardless of the aspects of the game that you, personally, dislike. Part of the enjoyment of the experience for players of this game IS the complexity. That said, having a more fleshed out tutorial would be great, and likely will exist when the game is more developed and closer to release. Until that time, there's a number of resources available on Spectrum/youtube/our forums that can help people. As stated before, the core aspect of the gameplay that Cloud Imperium is striving for is realism (as realistic of a Space Universe as they can create). Time sinks such as travel are a part of this. They have stated many times that they will never include things like instant-travel for players because that detracts from the overall experience that the target audience of the game is aiming for. That's why refining ore into final products takes IRL days to complete. That's why jumping from Hurston to Microtech can take upwards of ten minutes if you don't have faster drives on your ship. That's why it takes several minutes to enter atmosphere and fly to a destination on a planet. These are all core gameplay aspects that the community that backed Star Citizen wanted. The desire among the larger community for something like instant jumping to destinations, bypassing the need to fly through atmosphere and land on a planet, or even "quick loading screens to jump inbetween star systems" is virtually nonexistent. Why? Because people who backed the game did so because they wanted to experience a Space MMO Universe with high realism and fidelity. I recommend, if you don't like the time-sinks, then keep your home-operation area near an active area. If you stick close to say, Area 18, there are tons of missions/bounties/deliveries that can be done just within the Area 18 and her moons location and you won't need to "waste time" jumping to Hurston/Crusader/etc... That sounds like it'd be the best way for you to enjoy the game solo. That said, to echo @macgivre, this game is fine solo, but best experienced with a group of friends or an organization. You'd be surprised how fast time flies if you're joined up in a multicrew ship with several people. Alternatively, the new Bethesda game "Starfield" that's due out next year, seems like it would fit your desires quite well as a space-based RPG-type game, just without the MMO aspect. Glad you enjoy the game so far, but as has been stated, the shortcuts to gameplay you're looking for will not exist because Cloud Imperium Games has said, from the outset, it won't exist. If you'd like to see more info on these aspects of the game, check out https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC.
  20. For reference, these are the IAE ones from last years' IAE.
  21. Upon looking at both of your posts, it appears what you're looking for is a Space-Based MMORPG that doesn't behave as a sim of any kind or have any form of realism. There are currently no games in the SpaceMMO genre that provide any of what you're describing or wanting. EvE, Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky are games with the most similarity to what Star Citizen has, and none of them have what you appear to be looking for based off of your two posts and your list of points in this specific post. Additionally, Star Citizen is very much still in Alpha testing and development, so a number of your complaints regarding things like map navigation and etc... will be addressed. Core game mechanics like the time it takes to travel from point A to point B, loss of equipment, etc... will not be changed because they are, as I said, core game mechanics. Even Freelancer made you travel spacelanes to get to different locations, and the private server multiplayer versions of Freelancer had some locations literally hours of travel time apart. If things like "fast travel" and "autopilots" and "consequence free death" are important to you, then you'll need to stick to games that have those as part of their core gameplay. Star Citizen won't have that.
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