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  1. Hey all! I have developed a habit of taking ships that I know I will want to use and CCUing them in packages, so I've decided to offload some of my Warbond ships that are now doubles in my hangar. All ships have LTI, and I'm also including a sweet little package. Prices are in USD and DO NOT include the paypal fees which generally amount to around 4.5% increase from list price. Verified paypal only. Prices may be negotiable, but I am pricing them at what I want to get from them, not what people see from mass grey marketers that deal in assets bought from multiple accounts or sources. That said, if you want to buy more than one, we may be able to do a bundle price. 1: Ursa Fortuna Warbond LTI - Melt Value: $50 - Selling Price: $60 + paypal fee 2: Aopoa San'tok'yai LTI Warbond - Melt Value: $195 - Selling Price - $225 + paypal fee 3: Anvil Aerospace Arrow Warbond LTI - Melt Value $65 - Selling Price $80 + paypal fee 4: RSI Apollo Medivac Warbond LTI - Melt Value $250 - Selling price $285 + paypal fee 5: Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI - Melt Value $80 - Selling Price $100 + paypal fee 6: Aegis Gladius VALIANT Warbond LTI - Melt Value $100 - Selling Price $125 + paypal fee 7: BUK Sentinel for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $25 - Selling Price $85 + paypal fee 8: BUK Harbinger for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $45 - Selling Price $105 + paypal fee 9: Arc Light II Pistol (Rare Weapon) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee 10: UEE Environment Coat (Rare Coat) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee 11: Advocacy Tools (Rare Restraints) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $35 + paypal fee 12: Valkyrie Liberator (limited skin) Warbond LTI - Melt Value $330 - Selling Price $400 + paypal fee 13: Digital Pirate LTI (Rare Package) with a Cutlass, SQ42 AND Star Citizen included in package with skin, and other items - Melt Value $110 - Selling Price $200 + paypal fee 14: Aegis Reclaimer ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $350 - Selling Price $450 + paypal fee 15: MISC Prospector ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $140 - Selling Price $220 + paypal fee 16: Finally, the capstone: Digital Freelancer Package UPGRADED to the Freelancer MIS LTI. This is an ORIGINAL BACKER pledge with all of the perks from the old packages included. Melt Value - $165 - Selling Price - $250 + paypal fee Remember to follow our rules and guidelines posted. Cheers all!
  2. I got the CV because I like the idea of having a motorbike to speed shit around inside of an area...hell it could be useful for biking around inside an Idris.
  3. I was just waiting to see the AMD bros show up with their zealotry. I wasn't disappointed.
  4. I think you got the wrong game, bro. https://www.pcgamer.com/mass-effect-inspired-porn-game-is-now-one-of-the-biggest-gaming-kickstarter-of-all-time/
  5. Most of mine were removed. Some weren't, but almost all of mine were. The only ones that seem to have stuck are ones where one or the other ships' values changed after the CCU was purchased. All of the ones that said $0 before the wipe, but are still around, still show as $0.
  6. @Trak was actually a member in Imperium for a good while before he branched out to make an org that was specifically built around the people he knew and worked with who wanted to focus hardcore on Arena Commander. As such he went from member to foreign dignitary, and it was my pleasure for nearly half a decade to talk to him very often. He was a good friend who helped my wife and I get ourselves situated in LA when we visited there for our late Honeymoon, and even took time out of his busy schedule (multiple fires) to take us to the Stinkin Rose. He was awesome, and was one of the first people I shared my daughter's birth with. When I saw his family's post it broke me. My wife and I have been mourning him, and we have been grateful for the communications to us from his children. He was a literal giant of a man, with a great heart, and I hope his family can find solace in the number of people who have been giving support to them after their loss.
  7. Just learned today that former member and good friend of Imperium @Trak IRL Steve Snyder passed away on Saturday, April 6th. He was a great guy, and good friend to all Imperium members he came across. He was a fixture with Imperium members at each US Citizencon, and was a recently-retired Fire Captain with Orange County. He will be missed by all who knew him. 

  8. That is incorrect. The point of the $0 CCUs was for people to be able to switch to a different ship of a different type independent of ship stats. There's no way to be able to know what the ship's stats can or would be. It was designed so if you had a $110 Freelancer, but decided you didn't think you'd want to haul, you'd be able to get a $110 combat ship without needing to pay more money. They REMOVED the $0 CCU option almost two years ago from the store, and the ONLY $0 CCUs left are from people who grabbed a ton of them before CIG removed them from being able to be gotten. As to thinking that the "Grey Market" argument is thin, consider that people literally grabbed hundreds of these $0 CCUs. What other purpose would they have if not to use that to game the "discount" system for some form of purpose? If you check grey market posts that list the values of different ships in their melt value, you'll probably find that a ton of them are ships that have a melt value far below the "retail value" of the ship. Hell there have been reddit posts I've seen where people advertise "Get your $350 Banu CCU for only $275!" ($0 CCU from Vanguard to Banu, + $25 for profit) Regardless of their reasoning, though, they are well within their rights to change the store, just like people are well within their rights to complain, but the number of people who are trying to complain for "innocent" reasons makes me laugh. I guarantee you most of them are bitching because they don't want to lose their "discounts".
  9. Yeah....No. CIG allowing you to get an in-game ship as a reward for backing the game, then changing things around in-game for balance/flight/mechanics is not acting like Electronic Arts and their predatory lootbox and microtransaction practices. CIG allowing people to melt pledges for credit and use that to get other rewards/ships also is not like EA. Basically, CIG is nothing like EA, and the only people who claim that they are tend to be people who have zero idea what the words "parallel" or "comparatively" actually mean. CIG is getting rid of the $0 CCUs, most likely, because tons of grey marketers are out there with hundreds or thousands of these CCUs sitting in their accounts. This is how they've been able to sell prime ships "cheaper than CIG" and still make profits. When you add to that the fact that CIG's system for upgrades doesn't account for the money, but the retail value of the ship in-hangar, then you see how easily this system is abused by people who want to give themselves a "discount" simply by having a $0 CCU. CIG said this would be gone a long time ago. They're finally getting rid of it. Good. I have some $0 CCUs in my hangar that I may apply, or may not apply. I haven't decided yet. If I do apply them, I'll probably "get a discount", cool. If I wait too long and have to pay for a CCU later that I used to have as a $0, oh well. CIG is, by far, the most pro-consumer/backer company out there. Don't conflate them with vultures like EA. All that does is show the weaknesses of your arguments and the insanity of your snowflakedness.
  10. Chimaera

    Drake Corsair

    More a question of Corsair vs DUR vs Aquila.
  11. That's a whole other level of shitty from a developer. Their lead community manager basically told the backers to fuck off because, "We could refund every single preorder and still be in the black with the money that Epic paid us to make it exclusive." Basically, seems like just about any decent release coming out in the near future is going to be at risk of being hijacked by those fuckers.
  12. Not since Ubisoft sided with the Chinese Communist Party - I mean Tencent - I mean Epic Store.
  13. As the user has not posted pictures of the account or ship package in question, this will be closed.
  14. I did some research and realized I misspoke. Not sure where that came from or why I misremembered that. Probably due to baby fatigue. Going back over my old posts, I’m remembering that the angst about those ships with LTI was because they were just skinjobs and armaments, not actual variants. Which made folks annoyed. Apologies for the poor memory, all. That said, it seems silly to LTI a skinjob and weapons loadout instead of an actual variant.
  15. Ridiculous that they're putting LTI on this, when things like the Phoenix Emerald and the variants of the Gladius, Hornet, Avenger, and Sabre didn't get LTI when they were out.
  16. As you are not the original owner of the account, please post a picture showing that the Freelancer is giftable, otherwise this post will be removed. If the Freelancer is not giftable, you need to change your post to reflect this.
  17. Our rules require a price stated. Please edit this to include a price or this post will be removed.
  18. No auction style posts allowed. Please choose a price for this account and stick with it.
  19. Still can’t get over the irony of the guy’s last name.
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