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  1. Hey guys, As with many of us, life has thrown some curve-balls and I find myself needing to slim down my hangar while replenishing my wallet. As such I am posting up a number of LTI Ships at cost+paypal markup of 5% to cover the paypal fees. The Paypal Cost is listed as part of the price, rounded up to the nearest 5 dollar. I've also got an Original Digital Freelancer Package (Circa 2015 buyback) that is a MIS and includes the goodies like Legacy Alpha, Squadron 42, manual, engineering manual, soundtrack, etc... This is obviously going to be marked up a bit due to its rarity, as is the Banu upgraded from a Vanguard. Paypal only, no negotiation on prices unless you're wanting to buy 3 or more lots, verified buyers only. Lot 1: Digital Freelancer Package Freelancer MIS with LTI and all the legacy package goodies $255 Lot 2: BanuMM LTI CCU'd from a Vanguard Warden, so this is one of the mythical $250 melt Banu MMs $375 Lot 3: Retaliator Bomber LTI Original Concept + ILW 2950 Paint Pack $290 Lot 4: Origin G12A Warbond LTI $65 Lot 5: Origin G12 Warbond LTI $60 Lot 6: Mercury Starrunner LTI Original Concept + Fortuna Paint $225 Lot 7: Argo Mole Dig and Ditch Pack LTI with Mole and FL MAX and Argo Mole Talus Skin $315 SOLD Lot 8: Aegis Vulcan LTI Pack (CCU'd from Nomad Star Citizen Starter Pack) $210 I may add to this with some bigger ticket items (read Polaris and/or Perseus) depending on interest. Thanks all.
  2. Stupid CIG with their RSI X-Wing and Blockade runners...
  3. One potential issue is that there was a problem with the initial download and install. Another could be related to drivers and driver updates. SC in alpha is not very optimized and is very unforgiving of things like driver discrepancies and such. Also, if you CPU is an older one/lower end model it'll have a rough time as well. As development goes on, it'll get better. It's much more optimized than before, but still nowhere near where it is supposed to be at launch. For perspective, I run it on a 2080ti rig with a i7-9700k and I still get some performance issues because of optimization if I play at high or ultra
  4. Is this an account sale or are you able to gift all of these?
  5. @pablosky101 You need to read our rules for posting. Please put prices on each of your items.
  6. Please check this post for updated info.
  7. Anything you melted at a specific price is able to be bought back at the price you melted it unless CIG changes something or otherwise has specified. Example: I bought back a Carrack for $350 that I had melted. The "savings" for the Warbond CCU will increase if the value of the ship is increased, but things like the appliable LTI (Which some WB CCUs had as a feature) may no longer be attached, but I have yet to see anyone comment on trying to do something of that nature. As for "stealth" price increases on specific ships, I think it's telling that the Avenger and the Auroras appear to be the only ones that were boosted in price by a little bit, and that's probably because of CIG aiming for the "buy in" average cost for getting a ship+game package to be a "minimum cost" of $45, which required a boost in price to the above mentioned ships in order to make the "Base ship cost + $15" they aim for to get the starter packs set.
  8. If the past is any indicator, the only issue for increases would be if the BASE ship would increase in cost, not the ship you'd be CCUing to. Example: I have a $0 CCU from a Vanguard to a BanuMM still chilling in my hangar. The only way I would be "hurt" is if the VANGUARD increases in price, as the BanuMM is already amped up pretty high in price. As for the ships already out there, CIG has said they won't increase prices of ships already released.
  9. Greetings Azzuzu. I'll have someone followup with you when we have time. Thanks.
  10. Endeavour was CCUable. Almost all ships were. The caveat is that specific Endeavour packages cannot be CCU'd and you cannot use a CCU to buy the modules (so you can get LTI on the modules).
  11. Thus far the only "building" related side to the game has been bases and base modules, with the Pioneer being the only "base builder" that they have announced. While there are repair ships, things like replacement part manufacturing have always been maintained to be game/AI controlled, and will not be in the realm of player building/control due to the in-game economy largely being AI-driven. Players will able to make SOME impact on the economy, but not in ways like you'd think from games like EvE or Star Wars Galaxies.
  12. @Insolint if you manually type in the portal address, as opposed to clicking on the SCB hotlink there is no warning. We're currently trying to figure out why the portal link on the forum is causing this flag issue.
  13. @vahadarfeedback function top right corner of the webpage
  14. Make sure you've got it on a good SSD, too. I'm running a 2080ti, i7-9700k rig and had no issues aside from some frame drops.
  15. Sold some items, updated prices on others
  16. Hey @Boildown sorry I missed this one... Yes, shit's been crazy and getting worse and worse, especially with what's happened with the National Security law and Beijing taking direct control over much of HK. My family and I are currently working with immigration attorneys to get my wife her green card, and we'll be relocating by next summer.
  17. You can always get onto the RSI page that has videos and guides. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/playstarcitizen
  18. Good day everyone! I've been going through the old Freelancer game recently and realized that one of my major loves in that game was having to work toward getting a new ship and tricking it out. While I love giving CIG IRL money toward the development of the game, I don't actually want to have every ship in the game before the game comes out. So I'll be listing MOST of my ships at RSI Cost + ~5% to cover the international paypal fees and transfer fees that I have to do. The ones that ARE NOT RSI Cost are generally Original/Veteran versions of the ships or packages that have not been released since the original concepts. If you have questions, please PM. Verified paypal only. 1. ROC and Brawl Pack: LTI ROC and Drake Cutlass Black - $147 SOLD 2. ORIGINAL BACKER Aegis Dynamics Retaliator, LTI + Retaliator Livery Paint Pack with Invictus - $330 Removed from sale 3. Origin G12A LTI - $69 4. Origin G12 LTI - $59 5. Kruger P72 EMERALD LTI - $37 SOLD 6. Argo Mole Dig and Ditch Pack LTI: Mole with Freelancer MAX - $315 SOLD 7. Swords of Valor Pack LTI: Crusader Ares Ion and Crusader Ares Inferno with Radiance and Ember skins - $373 SOLD 8. AOPA San'Tok'Yai LTI Warbond - $205 SOLD 9. RSI Apollo Medivac Original Concept LTI - $310 10. Origin 100i starter pack, including Star Citizen game download - $75 11. Aegis Eclipse ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI including unique serial stamp and alternative skin- $325 SOLD 12. ORIGINAL BACKER Pirate Package, Cutlass, skins, tractor beam, game pack, etc... - $210 SOLD 13. Ursa Rover Fortuna Original Concept - $70 Removed from sale 14. ORIGINAL CONCEPT Carrack LTI ($350 melt value) - $450 SOLD 15. ORIGINAL CONCEPT Reclaimer LTI ($350 Melt value) - $450 16. ORIGINAL CONCEPT MISC Prospector - $200 17. ORIGINAL CONCEPT Aegis Vulcan (Early Bird version) - $235 18. ORIGINAL CONCEPT SPECIAL SKIN Valkyrie Liberator - $425 SOLD Prices are final unless there's a multiple purchase that happens (I may be willing to wheel and deal a little). Payments handled through Paypal invoice only. As always, I reserve the right to refuse offers. Cheers! Closing and making new post.
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