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  1. @Flatire79then there might be some kind of software that Easy Anti Cheat is conflicting with. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412276152343-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Troubleshooting this is the official RSI post for this issue, maybe there is a solution there.
  2. @Flatire79 recommend you close out the game, restart your computer and router, then relaunch and do a verify. It will likely fix the issue unless you have some kind of software installed that EAC has flagged.
  3. Unrelated sale - Sold OC Apollo Medivac to @Invent for $300 + Paypal fees. Thanks!
  4. Hey all! Overstretched myself a bit during IAE, so I'm looking to offload some bigger ticket items. These ships are CCU'd and are cheaper than RSI cost. Prices INCLUDE Paypal Fees. LTI Odyssey - $600 (RSI Cost $700) LTI Perseus - $600 (RSI Cost $700) - This is a PACKAGE including Star Citizen Access, RSI Perseus is $675. LTI Carrack - $500 (RSI Cost $600) LTI M2 Hercules - $420 (RSI Cost $520) Paypal only for buyer/seller protection. I would be willing to negotiate a bit on the prices, especially if someone's wanting to buy more than one. I also might be able to make some kind of a ship at below RSI costs if you ping me and ask. Cheers!
  5. There are many, MANY streamers and youtubers for Star Citizen, so yes.
  6. Upgrade the RAM to 32 if you can, don't play on a wifi connection, and drop the graphics to a level that you don't chug. Your 1660ti is a bit weak for the game to run on anything higher than medium at 1080p. Additionally, turn off resource hungry graphics options like Vsync, film grain, motion blur, etc... and don't use sharpen unless you want to. Also be sure you're connecting to servers that are closer to your region, and not to places that are going to have very high pings. You might also want to consider doing a verify run or reinstalling the game just in case there's some kind of issue with the current installation. Finally, remember the game is in Alpha and you will experience bugs, so if it frustrates you a lot, take a step back from it for awhile, then come back. All of this said, the game itself is designed to push PCs to the limits of what they can do, and it isn't optimized yet, so don't worry about performance issues too much. It'll get there. Oh and make sure that the laptop is actually choosing the 1660ti to try to run the game and isn't having some kind of internal logic mess and trying to swap to a potential onboard video processor.
  7. Currently there's Quantum drive and standard only. There are a number of things that can block you from being able to lock a target, which is why F2+ clicking on your destination on the star map will generally plot which points you need to jump to in order to get to your destination. In a way this makes a lot of sense because the "logic" would be that you would need a computer to potentially compute a pathway around potential collide-able objects and just jumping at super speeds around in any direction would likely lead to some splatting on things like asteroids or debris. You can cut the Quantum Drive at any point mid jump by holding down the B key or tapping the U key to power off the ship completely. You also can use the scroll wheel to maximize the speed of your standard propulsion drive. For most ships that goes up to around 1000 m/s out of atmosphere. As there are more systems put into the game, I'm not sure if CIG will revisit the idea of "jump any direction". It's possible, but for the moment it's not in the game.
  8. @astreangebiscuit I've also heard that going into the nvidia settings and enabling shared memory access for the CPU/Video card it will help with frames. Also to consider that you'll get higher frames in space / low populations zones, while the big planets/cities are likely to chug, especially in Orison.
  9. Make sure you don't have a lot of processes running in the background...but yes, there's a lot of issues with Windows 11.
  10. If you go into the game and go to a ship dealer, with enough in-game credits it can be bought. For the website, if you want the C2, you need to wait for it again. Alternatively, you can check out the marketplaces to buy one off of someone else.
  11. C2 was on sale just last month, and the C2 can also be bought in the game right now, if you want it.
  12. Yes, when you apply the upgrades, the ship you upgraded to will always be in your possession. If you purchase an upgrade that also includes changes to stock configurations (i.e. Gladius Valiant instead of default Gladius) whatever the ship is listed with as purchased on the website will be the default loadout for that ship. There's also a 300-series customization system that allows you to customize the actual guns/powerplant/etc... but I don't recommend using that because weapon hardware is very much being given balance passes, so what might seem like a good loadout for the PU Alpha may not be worth it in the long run.
  13. @Straun one easy way to find out if a ship is always on sale or not is to check the SC wiki. If it says "Limited Hull Sales" or something similar, then it means it will only be available during specific sale events. If your Hercules is your goal, you'll need to wait until the next time the Herc is on sale unless you decide to purchase one from another backer using IRL money (Grey Market sales)
  14. Chimaera

    closed by staff Idris m standalone

    @Crowaxe There is debate among people as to whether it would be stopped. The issue is many standalone ships that are above 1000 show a gift button but then error when it is tried. Nobody wants to "test out" this.
  15. 32GB RAM is essential as is an SSD. That said, there is a big performance hit because of Easy Anti Cheat when you first get in. Also, Orison is terrible, so if you are there, get off asap.
  16. Highest I have found is 49%, so I cannot say over.
  17. They'll be on sale during IAE sale staring the 19th onward. Look for the Crusader Industries sale date and that's when Infernos will show up.
  18. Please specify what items are buybacks versus currently in the hangar, thank you.
  19. Just to parrot the others, with your rig, that FPS is about right, especially given it's a 1080ti and the lack of full optimization. I run a 2080ti on a single 1440p monitor and I'm mostly in 50-60 unless I am in a city, then it drops a bit. For your rig, the main thing would be to potentially upgrade to 64g RAM and up your card if/when prices drop.
  20. @Morgenroeteif Switch doesn't get it, let me know. I want that pack.
  21. Imperium and SCB members, As I am sure many of you have noticed, the Base Radio and Imperium/SCB no longer have a shared partnership with each other. We've waited to comment on this departure as it occurred near CitizenCon and we wanted to focus on our community and CitizenCon and having a great event. Now that we've had time to process CitizenCon and we've also had some followup chats with some people who left, here is what we at Imperium and SCB have to say on this situation. We have had a link between our organizations in one way or another since the beginning of SCB/Imperium, with many of the Base Radio’s “Staff/Commentators” coming from within Imperium itself. However, the end of this connection is not something we are terribly surprised about, as the direction of the Base Radio has long been going differently than that of Imperium and SCB. While we are saddened to see this partnership end, it has become clear over the past months that the Base Radio and SCB/Imperium have reached a point of dissolution; a fact made clear by the recent abrupt resignation by some Imperium members who also shared roles as staff for the Base Radio. We in Fleet Command and Imperium as a whole wish the members of the Base Radio the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope that they can maintain a healthy listenership/viewership as the game gets closer to completion. For those Imperium members who may have left alongside the Base Radio members, please know you were missed at our recent awesome CitizenCon watch party, and we wish you Godspeed as you find organizations that fit you better. Good luck to you all, and see you in the ‘verse!
  22. You cannot sell the 400i if it was gifted to you by someone else. That ability has been removed by the gifting process. Additionally, it's not something you'd get much profit on, regardless of its LTI/warbond status as it's a straight to flyable.
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