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  1. IMPERIUM RACE DAY - LOREVILLE (HURSTON) WHEN: Friday, November 12 (FORM-UP: 15:00 UTC, FIRST RACE: 16:00 UTC) WHERE: Loreville (Hurston) RECCOMMENDED SPAWN LOACATIONS: -Loreville -Everus Harbor START LINE: Perimeter Gate 1 (Loreville) FINISH LINE: Perimeter Gate 6 (Loreville) VEHICLE CLASSES: 16:00 - RACE 1 - Tumbril Cyclones 17:00 - RACE 2 - Hoverbikes 18:00 - RACE 3 - URSA Rovers 19:30 - RACE 4 - ROC's 20:00 - RACE 5 - Greycat PTV's 21:00 - RACE 6 - Anvil Ballista 22:00 - RACE 7 - Tumbril NOVA Tonks PRIZES FOR EACH RACE: 1st - $100,000 aUEC 2nd - $50,000 aUEC 3rd - $25,000 aUEC *** PRIZE MONEY will be distributed in 3.15 LIVE *** RULES: -Racers will start each race on a designated start line @ Perimeter Gate 1 -Race Finish Line is the Vehicle Spawn Pads @ Perimeter Gate 6 (Touch the Ramp!) -NO WEAPON FIRING PERMITTED FOR ANY RACE -RACES ARE SOLO. NO HELP from other players is permitted. -To qualify for prizes, Racers MUST complete the race -Upon Death/Vehicle Destruction, your race is OVER -Further inquiries can be PM'd to @[IMP] REIGN-11-87#7758 NOTES: - Please have sufficient food/water/medpens stored on-person - EVENTS WILL BE RECORDED - Please behave -Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Points BEFORE Op Start Time - ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome - Discord comms "SCB / Imperium Events" Channel - Please send in-game friend request to REIGN-11-87 for party invites - Racers please select emoji for the races they wish to compete in, each race is open to ALL participants Please see the Race Announcement in Discord to sign-up!!
  2. Hello Citizens! I just wanted to touch base with you all regarding our plans for future events here at Imperium and SCB. The wait for 3.15 going LIVE has been long and painful. With a full persistence wipe coming in 3.15 (including a reset off our in-games earned aUEC), we have been hesitant to host events that have money-making as a primary goal. Any aUEC we make in 3.14 will be lost with the wipe. Rest assured that when 3.15 does go LIVE, we plan to jump right back into regular events so we can all top-up our in-game wallets! Another topic I wanted to bring up is the implementation of more in-depth medical gameplay. Up until now, our medical gameplay has been limited to 3 ships with medical beds and medpens/oxypens. With 3.15, many medical gameplay changes will come into play, such as hand-held medical gadgets that can heal yourself and others, various medical drugs with different uses and effects, blood drug level (BDL), the implementation of full-blown hospitals, and the change to the cutless red med bed (unable to set your respawn to it anymore). These changes will have a HUGE effect on how we play the game! While it will be necessary for everyone to become familiar with the basics of these new medical systems, I will be putting more emphasis on medical support for future ops. Hopefully we have some members willing to take on the role of doctor or paramedic to keep us all functioning at our best! Additionally, 3.15 will bring the implementation of the new personal inventory system. Gone are the days where you can "magically" re-equip your medpens, armor, clothes and guns from an infinite inventory when you are out travelling the 'verse. If you want to equip something, you better take it with you! Most ships in 3.15 will have the ability to store items to take on your journeys. Just make sure to load-up before leaving the station! When hosting ops, we will do our best to bring some extra armor suits, medpens, guns and ammo. However, it will be strongly advised to get used to this new system! Finally, we would like to get back to hosting regular racing events. Our previous race days have been amongst the most entertaining and exciting events! If there's anybody in our community that would be interested in championing race days, I would encourage you to reach out to me! We could use the help in scheduling additional races and over-seeing their execution. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out to me either here on SCB or on discord! As always, please keep an eye on the #events channel on discord for information about our upcoming events! When 3.15 goes LIVE, we'll hit the ground running! o7 REIGN
  3. IMPERIUM MINING OPS (WEEKEND SCHEDULE) --------------------------------------------------------- WHEN: Friday, Feb. 5 - 14:00 MST (21:00 UTC) Saturday, Feb. 6 - 14:00 MST (21:00 UTC) Sunday, Feb. 7 - 14:00 MST (21:00 UTC) DURATION: TBD RALLY POINTS: Friday, Feb. 5 - CRU L1 (Prospector/MOLE + Support) Saturday, Feb. 6 - Everus Harbor (Hurston orbit) (Prospector/MOLE/ROC + Support) Sunday, Feb. 7 - TBD MISSION: Friday, Feb. 5 - Mining in Aaron's Halo Saturday, Feb. 6 - Combined Mining Ops on Arial and/or Aberdeen Sunday, Feb. 7 - TBD NOTES: - Please have sufficient food/water stored on-person and appropriate personal armor/environmental suit for your preferred role - EVENTS WILL BE RECORDED - Please behave - Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Points BEFORE Op Start Time - ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome, Late Joiners Accepted - For those interested, please have PTU downloaded for possible PTU fun on Sunday If you plan to attend any of the ops this weekend, please visit our Discord server and respond with the colored shape that represents your preferred role to facilitate planning. Any and all inquiries can be PM'd to @[IMP] REIGN-11-87 directly. Hope to see you there!! 07
  4. The TS server appears to be down, I can't connect neither
  5. Thanks For checking out Nebula Heavy Industries !!! Interested in joining our ranks? The application process is easy! Step 1: Click the big "Join" button on the unit's main page. Step 2: Include some information about yourself, and why you think NHI is right for you Step 3: A standard 1-2 weeks is needed for us review your application and make arrangements for an interview on Imperium Teamspeak. Step 4: If your application is successful, Congratulations! Welcome to NHI! Once accepted, you will need to apply on the unit's portal page here. Please note: NHI is primarily a western North America based unit (UTC -7) that operates usually UTC 1900-0900. While anyone is welcome to apply to NHI, please consider this before deciding if NHI is right for you.
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