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  1. Please find hereunder the direction to go to the Caterpillar wreck site on Daymar Go to Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Brio's Breaker Yard. From there take a heading to North West (48°) for 8.5 km. From the point the direction to Brio's Breaker Yard are as follow : Be Carefull as the wreck is on a cliff, you might no be able to get there with a ground vehicle. BACK TO INDEX
  2. First go to Calliope, the moon of Crusader in Stanton System. Then jump to OM-2 (South Pole) From there, aim toward heading 16° with an inclination of 28° The exact location of the site is not easily find with visual clue. Go directly up to the ground and use the coordinates for final directions. The coordinates are the following : OM-1 : 575.7 km OM-2 : 178.9 km OM-4 : 326.7 km OM-5 : 397.3 km The site is close to a small hill on its East. BACK TO INDEX
  3. This vista can be found on Daymar at Arc Corp mining Area 141. It can spawn rovers for you to go on exploration. As Daymar is a sand planet, this place with mountain and snow is very unique.
  4. Please find hereunder 3 hidden spots of Grim Hex that can be worth showcasing to a new citizen : Pad 03 hidden Hab : An Habitation module is hidden under Pad 03 : Secondary Entrance : This entrance leads you to a coursive behind the bar Habitation quarter A : It has been quite a mess there, but, if you go on level 2 you will find what was probably the housing of the insane guy behind Benny's henge BACK TO INDEX
  5. Please find hereunder a list of propositions of racetrack on Daymar's canyons. They are sorted following their nearest outpost. Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Racetrack 1 : From Dunlow Ridge Shelter : Heading : 225 Distance : 21.2 km From this point the coordinates toward Dunlow ridge shelter are the following A closer look if you see other circuit opportunities BACK TO INDEX
  6. To find this Wreck site, you need to go on Daymar, moon of Crusader in Stanton System. First jump to OM-3 Then head toward the planet in heading toward North East (45°) Your are looking for this spot on the brighter yellow part between 3 hills : Please find Hereunder Farrister's location spotlight on the area : BACK TO INDEX
  7. This wreck site can be found on Wala, moon of Arccorp, in Stanton system. Go to Arcorp mining area 45 Head toward 175° for 33 km Beyond this mountain range, we will see a vast plain, and a small hill The wreck is nested in a small valley of this hill From there the direction to Arcorp mining Area 45 are : Heading 355 Distance 33,4 km BACK TO INDEX
  8. To find the Savanah biome, go to Hurston, in Stanton system. Then jump to Orbital Marker 1 : (North Pole). From there look at the heading 235° You should see 2 big water mass On the top left corner you should see HDMS Oparei From there you can either jump directly to HDMS Oparei or go to one of the 2 land mass. I advise to go to the right landmass (with a fork shape) and then head to a 70° along the green corridor toward the second land mass. Please find herunder the Farrister's location spotlight about HDMS Oparei : BACK TO INDEX
  9. To find the river (and possibly the satchman), go to Microtech, in Stanton system. From there jump to New Babbage : point toward 210° and try to gain altitude Stay at high altitude, you should fly above snowy landscape. You are looking for a green area like this : The distance should be around 440 Km from New Babbage. BACK TO INDEX
  10. To find this satellite wreck go to Lorville on Hurston, in Stanton system. From Lorville, head to 85° for 96,5 km From the distance you should be able to see the plume of smoke. The exact location of this site is : OM 1 : 1186.1 km OM 2 : 2174.3 km OM 4 : 904.5 km OM 6 : 1544.3 km From this location, the direction to Lorville is : Heading : 267° Distance : 96.6 km BACK TO INDEX
  11. This cave can be found on Hurston, in Stanton system. Please note that this cave can only be accessed by ship (it is a sinkhole) To find it, jump to HDSF Damaris. From there, head toward 60° for 122 km. The cave will looks like this : The exact coordinates of the cave are the following : OM 1 : 1911.5 km OM 2 : 1576.2 km OM 3 : 1467.3 km OM 6 : 633.8 km From this location, the direction toward HDSF Damaris are the following : Heading : 300° Distance : 122km BACK TO INDEX
  12. To find this cave, go to Hurston, in Stanton System. Jump to OM-1 (North Pole) then HDSF Ishmael (near the north pole). As this cave is positionned in a High Lattitude it is alway under daylight. From there, head toward 143° for 145.9km You should cross a sea : look for the following shape of the coastline in this alignement, look for the following hill : The entrance is in the flank of the hill, on the other side you are coming from : If you are lost, the exact coordinates of the cave are the following : OM 1 : 483.2 OM 2 : 2428.6 OM 4 : 1696.4 OM 6 : 1614.3 From the cave entrance, the direction toward HDMS Ishmael are the following : heading 162° Distance 145.9km Please note that this cave features at least 2 separate levels : The lower one is the most obvious, you can see it when you reach the bottom. The upper one is a little bit tricky, it is a small aperture on a platform between the bottom and the entrance. BACK TO INDEX
  13. Lorville is the main city on Hurston, it host a relatively complex transportation system that is pictured at the entrance of metro stations : An aerial picture of the city gives a more synthetic vision : If you want to pickup a vehicule, you can rendez vous at gates 3 or 4 that are the closest to the spaceport. A township can be found at gate 4 So the big signature building, housing the Hurston family can be called the Central Business District. Please note that behind this building, a canyon is ideal for vehicule races, it can be accessed from both Gates 1 and 6. In the East, from Gate 1, the coastline is close by a few dozen kilometers. BACK TO INDEX
  14. The abandonned mine is located at HDMO Dobbs, on Aberdeen, a moon of Hurston, in the Stanton system. As the place is equiped of a quantum beacon, you can jump there directly. Please find hereunder the Farrister's location spotlight : BACK TO INDEX
  15. The sleeping Volcano can be found on Cellin, moon of Crusader, in Stanton system. The volcano is located near Mogote Aid Shelter. This point is a possess a quantum beacon. Please find hereunder the Farrister's location spotlight about the area : BACK TO INDEX
  16. Please find here under instructions to find the following easter eggs at New Babbage. Please note that as of 3.17 tears of fire paint seems to not be available anymore. First get to Microtech, then jump to New Babbage. At any point if you want to check the distance to New Babbage, engage the quantum drive and point toward New Babbage. Your Heading is displayed on top of your Heads Up Display. The entrance to the cave hosting the campfire is located beneath the tram line going under Aspire Grande. To enter there you need a small ship (pisces, hornet, ...). follow the tram line toward the tower aspire grande. At some point we will see that the tram line take some elevation on a viaduc, sneak in under the viaduc following the direction of the tram line, you will see the trench leading the cave. The Lakeside chair is found on a small island of the lake : In doubt, when you are at the location pointing to Aspire grande you should get a heading 146° and 10km distance to New Babbage : Close to this location you can find a hidden entrance to the commons : For the mountain view, you need to get to the Aspire grande tower and looks at heading 35°. The spot you are looking for is next to the observatory I mean really close : In doubt, look back at Aspire Grande, at the exact location you should have a heading 215° and a 17.9km to New Babbage. BACK TO INDEX
  17. Nuiqsut Aid Shelter can be found in Stanton system, on Micro Tech planet, the oupost posses a quantum beacon you can jump on. Please find herunder Farrister's location spotlight. BACK TO INDEX
  18. This outpost can be found in Stanton system on Arc Corp moon Wala : Samson & son's possess a marker to jump on : BACK TO INDEX
  19. Please find hereunder direction to find Yela easily and efficiently : Go to Yela, moon of Crusader, in Stanton system. Jump to OM-5. From there align with the following coordinates : heading 245°, pitch down to -25° Once you go down, adjust until getting the following coordinates : OM 1 : 487.3 km OM 2 : 611.3 km OM 3 : 417.8 km OM 5 : 247.8 km The approach should gives you something like that : From the ground you should see this : BACK TO INDEX
  20. Please find hereunder the direction to find the Lyria wreck site #2 Go to Lyria, moon of Arccorp in the Stanton system. Go to outpost Shunbin mining facility SAL-2. From there, head to 271° for 19,4 km. When you will start a small mountain range start to look for the reference points highlighted in green BACK TO INDEX
  21. Please find hereunder the direction to find the Lyria's wrecksite #1. Go to Lyria, moon of Arcorp in Stanton system. Go to Shubin Mining Facility SAL-5 (North hemisphere) From there take a heading 331° for 22.2 km The site is pretty tricky to find as there are no reference point. In doubt, activate your quantum, point toward Shubin SAL-5, and adjust your position until you see thoses coordinates (heading 151°, 22,2km distance) BACK TO INDEX
  22. Please find hereunder the direction to find the abandonned outpost on Yela. Go to Yela, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Talarine Divide Aid Shelter. From there take a heading to 95° for 24.2 km. From the ground, on location, you should see thoses coordinates BACK TO INDEX
  23. As of 3.17, please find hereunder the direction to Benny Henge, one of the most trickiest easter egg of Star Citizen. First of all be aware that location may change from patch to patch. Go to Yela, moon of Crusader in Stanton system. Jump to Orbital Marker 1 (OM1) (North Pole). From there look at OM6 . You want to align yourself between all those points or reference. Don't hesitate to help you with reference points on the moon. You aim to go inside the asteroid belt. Note that the belt is constituted of multiples rings, comming from the outter ring, look for the begining of the central plain ring (with the most bright color). Coming in closer you will have a better view of the rings When inside the belt itself, you will need to get to the exact coordinates with the following markers : OM 1 : 787.5 km OM 2 : 785.4 km OM 6 : 218.4 km OM 3 : 703.5 km Grim Hex : 254 km When within 1 kilometer of 1 reference point try to adjust the distance with another reference point. Use OM 1 and OM 2 to alignate you in the plan of the belt, while OM3 and OM6 will be the most helpfull. BACK TO INDEX
  24. Hello, I'm new to this game, i've download it but seems that i cannot play in the universe, do i need to buy something to play? The download part say i should have access to stanton, but i'm not. My best regards, 1nsan3.
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