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  1. Aliens (FPS) - 3.x

    After watching those vids, I'm starting to wonder... Are we the bad guys?
  2. MISC Endeavor

    An Overclocking cartel would be awesome - count me in!
  3. MISC Endeavor

    I'd imagine the refining room is more to do with refining things like plants into useful chems, rather than refining ores...?
  4. Aegis Vanguard - Hoplite Variant

    I read that no, you can't. However I now can't find the source, will keep looking.
  5. Aegis Vanguard - Hoplite Variant

    If you like the Vanguards as they are, rather than what they were sold as, I can't see the Hoplite being a better purchase than the Warden. At least with the warden for a few bucks extra you get essentially 2 extra variants due to the BUKs. Still.. they really aren't what they were concepted as, and they have way less punch than we all thought. Hopefully the balance does something amazing. I'm holding off melting until I see what CIG do to these beasts to make them worth $225+. It's weird, when I planned my fleet a year or more ago, it included the Vanguard and the Khartu-al as two of my main ships. I reckon now that they're both left out before we launch. I hold only the vaguest of hopes that we'll see these ships return to even close to what we were sold.
  6. Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    So... is there any hope for the Khartu? Does anyone actually think it'll get a loadout worth the effort they spent to make this beauty? I'm really starting to doubt that the Khartu-al will make it through to beta, looking at melting it for something with guts.. maybe a Glaive if it comes up in the Alien Ships day of the Anniversary.

    I don't think they will though... those engines are kind of iconic. It may not make any sense, and you may lose vertical maneuverability with them side-by-side, and they may be a wider target so you're more likely to lose them with spray-n-pray shooting from enemy ships, but they're iconic

    That's really the point of contention imho - it's the selling point of the FL. If it can go through small jump points then it's the king of smalls and has that edge. if it can't go through small jump points then the FL is merely a stepping point to a Connie. It's a wasted ship. All the variants have their own charm, but really, a Connie could do them all .. possibly better.
  9. The Banned Thread

    Banned for my base not belonging to you.
  10. The Banned Thread

    Banned for using words
  11. Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    This is a great idea - thanks!
  12. Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    I'll be holding my Khartu-Al until the very last month you can melt it. Depending on if they reneg and make it a 2 seater, I may keep it beyond that. hoping beyond hope, but I can't bring myself to melt the ship that, imo, had the most potential of all the light/med fighters
  13. Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    Isn't the khartu al only 2 guns, not 4?
  14. The Banned Thread

    Banned for implying who's on first