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  1. Sale Complete. Plz move thread. Thank you.
  2. The Banu MM is giftable.. everything else is acct bound and can only be melted Thanks for the tip.. Ill be back though.. RL just can come up behind ya sometimes. PS can you edit your quoted post.. the info you requested I remove is in there too
  3. Selling Everything listed below. Yellow highlighted items are worth note. MUST SELL RL Problems. Please feel free to ask any questions about this acct and/or items on it. PM Me here, and we'll get everything resolved on my discord channel "Warpath" Discord Name: Skywarp#5329 Direct Email: jsaigh@comcast.net SALE PRICE: $550.00 As you can see... things are critical.. I can't come down any more though, so if your truly interested pull the trigger, cause this is my final price. Didn't I already say that? hehe.. Plz help.. no more pain. Buy buy buy. ACCT INFO: (All early backer rewards from May 18th 2013 and beyond) UEC: 33,000 REC: 49,253 Handle Change: x1 Centurion - Monthly Plan: Total 3 months (paused) AVAILABLE BUYBACK PLEDGES (Ships): 1 buyback with store credits 1. Standalone Ship: Aegis Vanguard - LTI (4 items) 2. Standalone Ship: Saber Comet - LTI (4 items) 3. Ground Vehicle Pack - Graycat / Ursa Rover 4. Standalone Ship: Reliant Kore 5. Standalone Ship - Argo Combo Pack - LTI 6. Standalone Ship - Aegis Retaliator Bomber (24 months ins) Anniversary 7. Standalone Ship - Aegis Redeemer - LTI 8. Constellation Andromeda - (6 months ins + 13 items) ACCT ITEMS: These are the actual items on the account. 1. Standalone Ship - Origin 600i Exploration Edition - LTI acct bound 2. Arbiter - LTI (9 items) Giftable - BANU Merchantman - LTI - 2,000 UEC - LTI - Digital Soundtrack - Digital Starmap - Digital SC Manual - Legacy Alpha - Squadron 42 Digital Download 3. Standalone Ship - P72 Archimedes - LTI acct bound 4. Standalone Ship - P52 Merlin (3 months ins) acct bound 5. Game Package - Aurora MR SC Starter - Giftable - Holiday Warbond Edition 6. 100M Reward - 2943 War Bond 7. 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler 8. 55M Reward - Preacher Armament Gatling 9. 52M Reward - BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit 10. 49M Reward - XI'AN Space Plant 11. 47M Reward - Engine Tuning Kit 12. 45M Reward - Hadesian Atrifact 13. 42M Reward - Explorer-Class Mobiglas Rig 14. 23M Reward - Takuetsu Prestige Khartu-Al Model (BIG) 15. 20M Reward - Fishtank Mark 1 + Midas Fish 16. 19M Reward - Jane's Fighting Ships Manual 17. 17M Reward - Mystery Engine Modifier 18. 16M Reward - Laser Pistol side arm 19. 15M Reward - Digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook 20. Hangar Fees Reward - FREE hangar Fees on starting planet 21. Space Globe - Reclaimer 22. December 2014 Backer Reward - Takuetsu Mustang model 23. Poster - RSI Constellation 24. Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) MK9 25. Christmas Reward 2015 26. Christmas Reward 2016 27. Subscribers Exclusive - Stellarsonic Jukebox 28. "Tears of Fire" Painting 29. Revenant Tree 30. UEE Towel 31. RSI Space Suit Reward 32. Original & Veteran Backers Reward - AMX-1 Repair Bot, Record Breaker Skin, SQ42 Mission Disk
  4. Skywarp

    Want to Sell Question about Ships/Acc

    Its all good. Ill make another post somewhere else is all. thanks.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Apparently there will be no "limited quantity" on the "big purchase" items that are coming out tomorrow - according to RtV. However, from my understanding, the "bit ticket" items will only be available for 48 hours. We'll see....
  7. Skywarp

    Chris Robets killed in Elite Dangerous

    I've played both Elite and AC and the flight models are pretty close. To be honest, Elite is slightly better, but that's not saying much since AC is still in early Alpha. I'm going to pick up a copy sometime today and start playing. My brother plays it and I tried it out about a week ago - If you go through the tutorials and take the time to set up your controls it's fairly easy. Seeing how SC is a ways off I think Elite would be a great tool for us to use as we prepare for SC's PU - not to mention give us something similar to play as we wait another year.
  8. Skywarp

    What would you do if?

    The last time I poked something with a stick I was five years old. It turned out to be a Portuguese Manowar, which too say the least was a very bad idea. Now I just shoot first, and ask questions later.
  9. First Multi-crewed ships to come online; http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity/c/5599792 info @ 17:15 Constellation 2.0 Freelancer 2.0 Cutlass 1.0 (w/ availability of friends manning the turret) Idris 2.0 (almost fully functional) Retaliator (I'm so glad I picked one up) Me excited for 2.0
  10. That's interesting they can Captain our other ships. That kinda changes things a bit. The AI better be impressive though. Not sure if I could trust "AI" to take control of one of my ships
  11. I have a kinda not-so-important question on this, as well, I'm not even sure there's information to answer it accurately. Let's say I have 5 game "packages", 4 of which are "extra" character slots - When I turn them into "NPCs", and assign them to a specific ship e.g. my Retaliator, will they be permanently assigned to that ship, or will I be able to move them to another ship I own? Reason I ask is, because if I am able too do this I really don't see the need to buy 1 extra package per/seat action for all my ships when I can simply move them as needed.
  12. Skywarp

    64 million!

    Before this sale started I predicted 65.5 mil by the end of Monday, but the way things are going we might end up hitting 66 mil by then.
  13. Skywarp

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Seems a bit confusing. Idris can't dock (from what I think I know), but a Javelin can? Why bother selling it unequipped if your going to allow individuals to dock them until they're fully equipped? And if that turns out to be the case - all the Idris pilots are going to be pissed? Unless they come up with some "Dry Dock" kind of excuse where you can't even fly it at the start until it's somewhat outfitted. I'll be interested to see how they handle this.
  14. Skywarp

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    I'm curious as to what we're going to do with the Javelins we have. Once the PU starts, and these things are barebones - what then? We can't park em' in our garage. I dunno how long it'll take to get one up and running, but around the clock guard duty sounds in order? Thoughts...?