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    Love the images released! I haven't checked the spec page for the Farer recently but looks like the crew complement has increased *chuckles*.. Looks like I'll change the hanger to R&Y from the asteroid.. really want to run around this puppy.
  2. I see the Phoenix as a Jack of all Trades. Though with the default load out and an installed C&C module it would excel at leading a squadron of fighters/attack craft. I love the load out, not in love with the internal look, I like my ships to be grittier.
  3. Deadhiel

    Aegis Sabre

    Damn nice ship! I ended up upgrading an old freelancer (with LTI) to the Sabre. Already had some store credit and can't really justify spending any more $$.. so upgrade it was.
  4. Wow.. Portal looks awesome!.. added most of my ships.. need to add all the little one's and add LTI to everything.. *grins*

  5. Considering the size of the front gimbal'd guns and the top turret (all concealed) I'd think its going to pack quite a punch.. It could almost be classified as a Q-ship (if we didn't all know that it had gun placements like that *chuckles*). Conjecture of course but it looks like they are S5 at the very least. (God I hope so anyway!)
  6. TBH I havent played AC in ages and ages. When I was playing it, I used controller and loved it. Will be interesting to see how they fair now (I've only just re-installed from the old version). I do have a nostromo but never really liked the feel of it. So I'm hoping the controller "experience" hasn't changed too much.
  7. Heya Nosfuratu o7 Good to see another miner onboard Will happily join you on mining runs if the squadron isnt already engaged in a group effort.
  8. With the modularity of the Hull series, I'm excited. Goodbye 890 hello Hull D or E.
  9. Can't wait to see what they bring out... So hope I don't have to melt my 890.. but if its as good as I think.. well.. I won't have a choice *chuckles*
  10. After much soul searching... (and melting a MM and a Carrick) I got two.. Just love the look of this thing and on paper at least.. it looks like a beast!
  11. Good lord!! That ship looks amazing! Bugger.. so what to melt to get one.. thats the question.. *sadface*
  12. Great post @Gremlich. While I very much doubt the Orion will make an uber warship, I definitely think it can make an effective weapon! Your post says it all. I'd happily use it in this manner against one of the capitals that had already been engaged by a fleet of combat ships. I won't go into actual tactics here as that should be kept to any "fleet" sub forums only but the idea has merit.
  13. I really hope they give us more info soonish *looks hopeful* I very much doubt they will but it would be great to see the latest concepts/updated images etc. I was also hoping that they made it a bit more roomy inside considering it's meant to be a home away for home while you travel to distant stars. Considering a lot of the previously released ships were made bigger we may see an increase in size.. A guy can hope anyways.
  14. In 10ftC Chris talked about "itemports" and commented that the ore saddle bag's on the Orion are attached via itemports. Makes me think that EVENTUALLY we will be able to swap in / out all kinds of stuff. So for now, (as much as I love theorycrafting) we have no idea what can or can't be fitted to the ships (once the game goes live).
  15. I'm interested to see what the "Beam" weapon module will be. I noticed it on one of the images in the latest jumppoint (if memory serves - will confirm now and post image if i can). It took up space in one of the rear modules across from the passenger module! Freaking cool vessel in the hangar! LOVE IT BIGTIME! If it pans out.. I'd love to have an uber beam weapon we can deploy and retract.. will scare the living #$%^ outa people if we unleashed a few *laughs* Hell.. why not install 2 of em. *grins evily* (yeah i doubt that will happen.. too op.. but a guy can dream) 8)
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