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  1. Sky Captain

    Hello ALL

    Welcome, Dillweed! You are definitely in the right place if you like starships! And beaches!
  2. Sky Captain

    I watched The Expanse now I'm here downloading 3.2

    Welcome to the Base, Nico!
  3. Sky Captain

    Howdy Base!

    Hey there DirectorGunner aka Gold Helmet Guy! :-) Welcome to the Base! That's a great shot with CR by the way. Good work, sir!
  4. Sky Captain

    |9th| |9th|Security Industries

    Welcome, Captain Raven!
  5. Sky Captain

    New player, Controller issues

    Hey there, Hamfrash! Welcome to the base! I've not see your issue. But you might consider posting this in the general discussion if you still need some help. Cheers!
  6. Sky Captain

    300i rework

    Glad they are finally working on this. And even more glad that it looks like it will make the 300 series something to own again.
  7. Sky Captain

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the Base!
  8. Sky Captain

    new applicant Hey all o/

    Hi Ninok! Welcome to the fleet!
  9. Sky Captain


    Hey there, Shortround! Welcome to the Base! Its great to have you here.
  10. Sky Captain

    600i vs Caterpillar for CCU to Herc

    Perhaps....a reason to keep the 600i for exploration is that the Carrack will not fit through all jump points, and that there will be a smaller jump point game. Hard to say right now. But its the the reason I keep a Reliant Sen and 315e around.
  11. Sky Captain

    o/ Hi to all

    Welcome to the Base, Spirit!
  12. Sky Captain

    Hello, I am Blout

    Welcome aboard, Blout!
  13. Interesting topic. Perhaps the VTOL feature will be what finally differentiates ships that can hover easily vs. those that probably should not be so great at it. Very large ships hovering long with non-VTOL-optimized maneuvering thrusters probably should burn fuel at an unacceptable rate doing it.
  14. Sky Captain

    imperium Hello.

    Welcome Poe!
  15. Sky Captain