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  1. Sky Captain

    Aopoa San'Tok.Yai

    Yes and beware of that rabbit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmu5sRIizdw
  2. Sky Captain

    CIG Estimated yearly salary costs

    500 employees x $80,000 salary average x 1.25 = $50 million a year current staff cost. Total raw salaries x 1.25 provides an estimate of total salary cost, with fringe benefits (employee insurance, 401K, vacation, other benefits). Labor in Austin and Los Angeles is not cheap. Even if the average is lower, labor costs are likely not less than $40M annually. Its unclear if the employee count includes general and administrative staff (HR, legal, payroll, contracts, etc.). I'm guessing most of that is in the cost above. But there will still be business legal, insurance, real estate, and other external costs. So say another $5M annually to operate multiple international studios. Moral of the story, cash has been burning fast the last few years. Ship sales as means of fundraising will continue for the foreseeable future.
  3. Sky Captain

    Anvil Arrow

    Its a tiny ship from the headline image on this RSI page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16867-The-2948-Anniversary-Special
  4. Sky Captain

    Anvil Arrow

    Here's the RSI Arrow page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16860-The-Anvil-Arrow Entry-level single-seater light fighter.
  5. Sky Captain

    Anvil Arrow next ship for sale?

    I'm really wondering about this ship based just on the images. - Not sure I see 'Anvil' theme. Maybe in the split tail. - Looks a big as an F7, but with a large dorsal profile (great to aim at). - I dont see a missile load out under its wings yet. - Heck, I dont see guns either. Tucked inside? Is this a stealth fighter with its armaments concealed?
  6. Sky Captain

    RSI website down (23 November)?

    Everyone is hitting F5 to buy an Idris even before we know if the sale has started.
  7. Sky Captain

    Anvil Arrow next ship for sale?

    Gladius is an Aegis ship, though. If the Arrow is just another light fighter, meh. So following the trend of 'starter ships' we saw with the likes of the Reliant variants and more recently the Origin 100 series, maybe the Arrow is Anvil's entry level ship in variant configurations like those. This would enable the Hornet line of ships to be positioned more clearly as Anvil's mid level entries, as is being done with the Origin 300 series now too. Unless of course we already see the Hawk as the entry level Anvil ship. It would be a good marketing move for CIG to release 'LTI tokens' for upgrades at a time when the anniversary sale is running too.
  8. Sky Captain

    Hello 'verse, scarlet speedster here, just joined the forum

    Good work on the vids! And welcome to the Base, Scarlet Speedster!
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    mia Coming back into the swing of things!

    Welcome back!!!
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    Howdy, newbie on board :)

    Welcome to the fleet!
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    Hi I'm steeldelete

    Welcome to Imperium!
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    gameplay Bunnyhoppers Beware It's Wabbit Season!

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    New experienced player

    Welcome, Justicar!
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    Hi I'm a Newcommer

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