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  1. Interesting topic. Perhaps the VTOL feature will be what finally differentiates ships that can hover easily vs. those that probably should not be so great at it. Very large ships hovering long with non-VTOL-optimized maneuvering thrusters probably should burn fuel at an unacceptable rate doing it.
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    Welcome to Imperium, Milo!
  6. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    The A2 is a game changer. Sell Pioneer and say good bye to now-hopeless ground defense game. Buy A2 and play the now more-promising ground attack game. Cool ships.
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  11. 315p vs 350r

    So that had been my thinking too for a long time now. But the release of the 100 series has me thinking otherwise. Will the 315E get the AIR fuel refinery system being an exploration ship, while the 350R (while speedier) does not because its more of a racer? If so, the 315's star will rise. I CCUd to a 315 again just in case.
  12. 315P - Dedicated Small Jump Point Explorer [POLL]

    Surely the 315e just got a bit better with the launch of the 100i series. They'll have to keep the 315 compelling somehow. Probably the AIR fuel system.
  13. Origin 100 Series

    I was glad to see an Origin ship. I had not contemplated that a starter ship line ahead of the 300 series, but in retrospect it makes sense and is good news for 300 owners. I like the sleek look of the 100s. Its a good style for Origin. Picked up a 135i as I see using it more for bopping around on small jaunts than I do dogfighting.
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