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    New guy incoming

    Is it as good as it is supposed to be? Not … yet. The game remains in an early alpha state. But give it time. CIG is building a 'holy grail' game: Massive universe, fully-realized planets, rendered cities, multi-crewed capital ships, many viable career tracks, and more. The beauty for the moment comes in experiencing game play systems coming on line. Its like watching a master piece being painted. But for those that don't like watching the paint dry, its probably best checking back in a year or more still.
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    Babylon 5 - 25th Anniversary

    I've actually been streaming B5 again over the holidays. Great show for sure. It would be great if they would reboot Crusade. I've also read the news articles about the B5 vs DS9 origins and rivalry, but I don't think it amounts to much. I've watched both shows extensively and never once viewed them to be the same show / premise beyond space stations being involved. Saying that DS9 copied B5 is like saying that Star Wars developed from Star Trek because they both had starships. They are both great shows that stand on their own right with their own unique ideas.
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    CIG Estimated yearly salary costs

    https://cloudimperiumgames.com/blog/corporate/cfo-comment-2012-2017-financials I guessed $45M to 50M with overhead. Actual annual costs for the last three years have ranged from 45.0M to 50.4M. So nailed it. CIG will have to sell $50M ships (or other goods) annually for the next few years still to keep cash in hand at the current level. Cash is king for all other decisions. But whose worried? That's only $50M cash / 2M backers = One $25 purchase per year per backer, on average for CIG to achieve that. They could achieve that for a few years just by offering a seasonal 'above average rated ' LTI AI NPC ship crew member (turret gunner, engineer, miner, etc.) Something everyone with a multicrew ship now needs, knowing some wont buy but others will buy many. After that, personal customizable space stations with special science or defensive features (just like the Pioneer, but in space). And that's without selling the normal cool new ships. CIG has some tricks left up its sleeve to keep this going a few more years.
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