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  1. Sky Captain

    Drake Herald

    I've always seen the Drake Herald as a cool little ship. Fast with a unique niche. Wondering if I should pick one up again in the Anniversary sale. My only question (that holds me back from owning one) relates to data running game play: Snooping out data sounds interesting. But will anyone (NPCs, other players) in the game universe care that I do that? How will this mechanic really work / be fun?
  2. Sky Captain

    Drake Corsair

    What's the speculation on the Drake Corsair otherwise? What kind of ship? I don't see another thread on the Corsair here, so this one's it!
  3. The SQ42 trailer sure does have fantastic settings and character fidelity. CIG has done a fantastic job. I wouldn't have guessed it to be a Netflix show trailer. But I … CAN … foresee a future where Squadron42 becomes a Netflix live action show or cartoon. The Wing Commander universe will live on again on screen.
  4. Sky Captain

    F8 Lightning

    I got more excited about the F8 Lightning after seeing it 'live' in the 2018 Citizencon trailer: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16801-Squadron-42-CitizenCon-Trailer
  5. Sky Captain

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Someone convince me why I should have a Valkyrie instead of a Terrapin. 🙂 Looking at the following link, I agreed with what some said elsewhere that the Valkyrie looks like what the Terrapin probably should have. Terrapin's big brother. https://sketchfab.com/models/50435df5549c4670aaf36d4fba42a57a
  6. Sky Captain

    Hull E shipping professions

    Off on a tangent - I just learned that the famous Leeroy Jenkins video was a reenactment by the guild to capture a past experience. :-(
  7. Sky Captain

    MISC Endeavor

    Any Endeavor owners out there having second thoughts about this ship? Why do you keep it if so? I've held this ship for awhile, but am wondering now if they will be able to pull off the significant modularity, seeing the direction modularity has gone on (or not) other smaller ships. And will a massive science ship truly be able to attract players for some type of group science game play? If there is concern about finding enough gunners on an Idris, I'm leaning towards maybe not. So I'm starting to consider if future mid-sized science vessels might be a better bet.
  8. Sky Captain

    Freelancer DUR?

    I recently picked up a Freelancer DUR again as a CCU from some small entry level ship still lurking in my fleet. I'm thinking that the fuel refining mechanics recently described will appear in the DUR (not other Freelancer models) and may be important for exploration. But I have a MAX and MIS and dont really want three Freelancers. So what to do.
  9. In my heart I want to have a Pioneer. But I melted it because I found myself debating two things that I continue to debate before hitting a buy back button: 1) What is the value of owning a base/land in Star Citizen? With such dispersed game play, will there truly be community at any one planet location? Even in MMOs that have implemented robust housing systems, player towns have nearly always proven to be ghost towns. Citizens in SC will be even more far flung. 2) What will I do with the Pioneer after I build my base? What value will this ship have when everyone with land plots have a base already built? Will this very expensive ship just sit in inventory with no purpose after my base is built? Will there really be a player market for Pioneer pilots over the long haul? I want to buy this ship back. But it feels like the real investment for the cost is in having land, as the ship is likely to be largely useless after a base is built. And its unclear why the land / base building game will be truly meaningful in Star Citizen, beyond being a curiosity. Wondering how others are seeing it now?
  10. Sky Captain

    Battle Group Configiration

    Looking back over this thread, I'd offer that when someone uses the term 'theory crafting' they are giving themselves license to go off the 'realistic' reservation. So, IMHO, we should give them that license without leaping too soon to how impossible, unrealistic, repetitive, or wrong that idea is. The reason is that its … theory crafting. The whole purpose of theory crafting is not to be right. It is to …. dream. And this whole web site exists to create interest in and allow us some space to dream together about a make believe world. When someone says 'theory crafting', I dont care if an idea was covered on another thread. I dont care if its outlandish. I dont care if its confirmed. I'd rather see the ideas are flowing here. That's what matters. If its not safe to do that, it squelches fleet creative discussion and camaraderie. And we need to avoid that. Cheers!
  11. Sky Captain

    Drake Kraken

    Aye, this is the one thing that holds me back with the Kraken. Its a great looking ship when its empty. Just not sure I like it as much when crowded with ships parked on the decks. Having two Valkyries or Cutlasses on deck kinda has the effect of making the Kraken look small. Dunno. Need to see it in game. That and I can't help but wonder how long it will take a poor pilot to wipe out the exposed bridge tower when attempting a landing. 🙂
  12. Sky Captain

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Aye, I feel the same. I really want to push the pay button on the Valkyrie. Its hard to pass up that 'Aliens' dropship look. And I've been fond of the Anvil line up since early Gladiator days. But transporting 20 troops in the Valkyrie feels like a lot, and this might prove to be a very niche ship if I cant use the rear space for cargo when not transporting troops. I dropped the Prowler for the same reason. I love the ship. It is super cool looking. But its role feels so specialized that I decided my use of the ship might be too limited. I'm now seeing the Hoplite as the practical day-to-day drop ship, as its a heavy fighter first. Redeemer held that concept role for me too, but I see speculation now that it will reinvented as all gunship. For the less-practical drop ship, I like the A2 as it gives troops plenty of guns to fire before they land.
  13. Baelthor, welcome to the fleet!
  14. Sky Captain

    Star Citizen Lurker - Finally looking for corp

    Welcome the fleet, Valcyn!
  15. Sky Captain

    Hello, I'm Nikopol

    Welcome, Nikopol! Great to have you join the community.