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Found 7 results

  1. Fenrirrj

    Can run SC

    It is possible to run StarCitizen with an R5600 and an RTX 3060 with 16GB of RAM and an NVMe drive?
  2. Thrust your arm out, palm face down, all straight at the elbow in salute to the PC Master Race! Brag openly with your mates here about your pride and joy, the machine that will be carrying you along side us into the 'Verse. Share pics, share system specs, share how comfy your chair is. Recommend voice paks, TrackIR, Voice Attack or other hardware or software. Have a setup for a Warthog HOTAS that you want to share with other Warthog users, here is where they will look for it. Thanks for sharing
  3. Hey folks! I had some thought on how the Unit was to be setup when we fly together in the verse. Reading the Whitepaper we have one main and one backup Endeavor. I do agree to have one ship as standardized for research - I simply love that aspect of the Endeavor and I think that is sort of what we are about. I do however like the idea of having Hangar Modules on them as we are then able to carry some fighters, like Sabres or Hornets for quick and efficient defense of the Unit. The Carrack is a good option for exploring no doubt and it will help us tons. Since the Endeavor explorer can not really jump it is not suited for deep space exploration without the drive unit but is a viable option for going down on planets we "stay at" for research and equivalent. I am pretty sure the Freelancer can be landed in the Endeavor hangar module simply because there is only a 5m length difference to the Cutlass Red! (Which they mention can be landed a few in one Hangar Module) Starfarer - hands down a need just as the whitepaper says cause of the fuel, when I think exploration of the verse it is truly going for deep space exploration and finding all its riches! Any thoughts :)? I love to talk about these sorts of things!
  4. Hi all, Newb here. Looking to buy SC once I've upgraded my PC (would probably run SC but needs a refurb). Just wanted to know if SC runs ok on a 3 screen setup?
  5. Hi guys, I'm having some problems with my Warthog. i can't for the life of me figure out how to get the buttons and switches on the throttle's base to do anything. The buttons on the joystick and throttle itself work fine but none of the base switches work. Trying to find a good tutorial on how to set this up for star citizen is like fininding a needle in a haystack, some videos are years old or just tell you to download someone's keybindings and then everything magically works. but I tried that and it doesn't. I've been trying to figure out the TARGET software but.. well, it's poop. if anyone can give me some advice I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Hi. I'm not exactly sure where to post this because its about hardware but the problem is more likely with software. If it's wrong, mods feel free to move it;) I just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (yeah, I know.. I couldn't resist. so.. shiny..) and I'm having some problems getting it to function the way I want it to. My issue right now is that it doesn't pick up the throttle at all. I can move that thing up and down and nothing happens. The lights are on and all the buttons are functioning but the throttle does nothing. I've tried following several setup guides (like Clifford aka Miku's on youtube (though its a few years old)), tried loading different profiles (like Solarfly's) and still nothing. Ive messed around with the settings in Star Citizen for a few hours but it still. wont. work. any ideas?
  7. I know nothing about computers but would like to play star citizen. My current PC is on it's last legs so I'm due for an upgrade anyways, though I'd like to avoid spending an absurd amount if possible. Where do I start? Let me reemphasize: I know NOTHING about computers. Like zero aside from basic everyday use. So dumb it down please. Like you're talking to your grandma. Thanks.
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