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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Melted my Orion and Hull C and bought the Hope... I like running my own hospital, and if I get bored with it I could just outfit it very easily to perform a completely different role...
  3. Ragnor

    MISC Endeavor

    From what I understand there needs to be some kind of transaction first before someone can spawn on your ship, in other words: you can ask credits for people to be able to use your ship as a spawn point. I am guessing during that transaction you also will be able to check the organisation that person is a member of and if he has a bounty on his head... Would make sense to me at least. Also, I don't think it would very wise to use your endeavour as a public spawn-point in lawless space. If I would be in lawless space with my endeavour to assist my org I would only accept spawns from other org-members... In areas where there is high security it wouldn't really be a problem I think. If two pirates would start attacking the ship, UEE forces would be there to help you in minutes, and you could also ask bounty-hunters in the area to help you, who might be interested in cashing in the bounty on the heads of those pirates... And ofcourse you could ask help of ships of your org or orgs that are allied with your org to help you... Last but not least, you could also remove the hangar and add the defense module to be sure, although it wouldn't be possible for players that spawn on your ship to order a ship anymore if you do that, so you miss out on the revenue that could create.. And it also would add an inconvenience for the players that spawn on your ship, because they would need to ask someone of their org to come and pick them up from your ship...
  4. Thinking about melting my orion and hull c for one of the variants. (Hope with defense module or extra fuel module, seems most interesting to me and is really useful to the fleet, although the farmer's version is interesting as well). I am wondering though how the collider module will work, you guys think it would be possible to buff other ships' weapon system with it as well, because in that case it would be really useful in combat situations, and it looks very cool, reminds me of the Vulcan starships in Star Trek...
  5. When I get to choose my starter-ship after finishing the campaign, I will definately pick this ship...
  6. If pirates are smart, they will use a small and inexpensive scout ship to scan the crates of any freighter that looks interesting first, before they commit their more powerful and more expensive ships to an attack on the vessel... So the strategy mentioned under 2. will only work with dumb and inexperienced pirates.
  7. Hull C has rear turret too, althought it isn't visible on all pictures.
  8. Reading the above chart I'm thinking of buying a Hull A as well, for a trader there is no better starter ship.
  9. <--- Happy owner of Hull C. Thanx for the post VoA... Really curious what modular options the MISC Hull series will feature, and what roles they can fulfill, apart from trading.
  10. Registered on the forum, just out of curiosity, not sure what to expect tho...
  11. Ragnor

    RSI Orion

    Another option could be to have a cockpit on the top for navigation and a cockpit on the side for visibility of the arm en grinders once the mining itself starts...
  12. Bought one as well. I like the 'industrial' look of the ship.
  13. I see. Didn't know that you guys had your own server. In that case Wamp can't help, you're right...
  14. It is generally considered good practice to update the content management system that is used to run a website, when there is a newer version available, because in the newer version security leaks that were discovered earlier are patched, although the leak may not necessarily cause problems with your own site. (It's a precaution). Perhaps it's a good idea to install WAMP on your computer, Gallatin, so you can run a testversion of the site on your own computer, apply the updates there and if it still causes problems, fix the issues on the local version of the site and when everything runs smoothly, copy the local version to the server of the ISP you are using to host the online version of the site. This way if there are problems during the update process, the online site doesn't go 'dark'. EDIT: You can download WampServer for free and read more about it, here: http://www.wampserver.com/en/
  15. Ragnor

    RSI Orion

    I knew you were going to say that... Reason I contemplate melting my 890 Jump is because mining seems like a more interesting profession to me than ferrying VIPs. Also, in the beginning stages of the PU our organisation would probably be in need of a lot resources, so I figured I would be able to contribute more to Imperium with mining than by transporting VIPs.
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