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  1. BarCitizen Alberta

    Just wanted to bump this to remind everyone who might live in Alberta(Calgary Area) that A Bar Citizen meet up is this Saturday 16th.(details in my OP) Hope anyone who lives in Ab can make would be awesome to meet any of you and share a beer or 2....maybe 3 lol
  2. Welcome to TheBase and to the Fleet, and hopefully not too much longer! I know myself and many others are not just playing 3.0PTU but working hard uncovering bugs to get 3.0 out to everyone. Fly safe and see you in the verse
  3. New Recruit looking for a Unit

    Welcome to The Base and The Fleet (soon™) Always glad to have someone wanting to help out!!! see you in the Verse
  4. Alita battle angel

    I remember this from many moons ago, I think I might highly enjoy it though. It made the hair on my arm raise a little
  5. Hello, FNG here!

    Welcome to the Base, and hopefully the Fleet Soon™
  6. BarCitizen Alberta

    @Com. Serus Gant Hope you can, I know it would a long haul but it would be awesome to meet another org mate! and Go Oilers even though I live behind enemy lines ABC right?!?!?!
  7. BarCitizen Alberta

    @CC-Corp well here's to hoping you can, The guy organizing the dealio is getting hoodies made up with Star Citizen logo with an Alberta flag on it
  8. BarCitizen Alberta

    Hello, all you fine looking Citizens! Just thought I'd see if anyone else is from Alberta, Canada and is going to attend the BarCitizen in Calgary on Dec/16??? would be absolutely awesome to meet anyone else from TheBase and/or Imperium. http://barcitizen.sc/ and here's the link to the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/188337068354815/
  9. Hello from new member (applying)

    Welcome to the Base and the Fleet, hope to fly with you soon
  10. New Arrival to the Fleet!

    Welcome to the base
  11. Looking to join

    Welcome to the Fleet and the Base
  12. Hi im new

    Welcome to the fleet and the base, hope you can square away TS and other stuff, see you in the verse
  13. Hello!

    Welcome to the base @VectorWhite, BMM is awesome! do you have one of them bad boys in your fleet?
  14. Me and my wallet are not friends

    I got almost enough for a completionist pack saved up ....but I'm supposed to use it for a house and I'm kinda like why when I could own every ship lol
  15. Me and my wallet are not friends

    So I had a conversation with my wallet when the new Eclipse dropped..... Me~"hey wallet have you seen the new Eclipse?" Wallet~"yes Nathan, no you can't afford it." Me~"Fuck you don't tell me how to live my life!" ..... I showed my wallet who's boss!!! I'm now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Warbond Eclipse Also, awesome news! buying this ship just put me over Concierge so yaaayyyy !!! the struggle is real when you actually go... hmmm down payment on a house or completionist pack........