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  1. Bump. C2 sold, but I have another! Doubt you can find a better price.
  2. Are they really using a drag variable in space combat? I thought that was just for flight in the atmosphere.
  3. Figured. That’s why I was trying to trade a token. I think a p72 with LTI is a fair trade. I’ve seen then sell for that much and more.
  4. There are so many little things they could do to give it a bit more value. Bump the gun up one make it stealth maybe a dampener that raises blackout threshold better power power supply for higher shields and even less weapon overheated Or just keep it the same and just give everyone that owns one.. another one. As is, I think it is an 80 dollar ship. Basically a starter ship with a premium for being alien/cool. thanks for the reply I’m hoping whatever fly model they settle on does give at least an agility advantage right now it is just a trash mob ship for sq42
  5. I was looking through my hanger. I have been given some weapons through the, um, years. I just noticed an exchange button on them. Apparently, I can exchange them for UEC. Should I keep them or exchange them for UEC, so I can get a jump on some shipping income? 4 Klaus & Werner Mass Drivers - Sledge II Mass Driver Cannons 8,000 each (32,000 UEC) 2 Omnisky Series Laser Cannons Omnisky VI (size 2) 16,000 each (32,000 UEC) I currently have 12,000 UEC in my account. What would you do?
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