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  1. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    I get that people are eager for the game, but wow.
  2. Alpha 3.1 PTU Expands testing group

  3. Complete High Admiral Account

    You'll probably get a bite when the game picks up some energy. Someone will be ravenous for these - especially with the LTI. It's a nice cluster of goodies, man.
  4. Beef Liver Bacon and Onion Burgers

    Jesus, that must be amazing.
  5. F8 Lightning

    Saw this recently and chuckled.
  6. Build help New Build Advice

    i5/7 65xx+, 75xx+ or 85xx+, plus DDR4 ram seem to have the biggest impact on FPS. Older Intel CPU's and AMD CPU seem to suffer more lag on the same server that those listed above. That and making sure you have at least 16GB of ram.
  7. Gallery of in Game Screenshots

    Whoa... Really nice collection, man!

  9. Perfect Pancakes

    Looks good, man! Chicken soup season for me.
  10. MFG Rudder Pedals and Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Settings

    The MFG manufacturer is a pretty responsive person. Actually spent time walking through some things with me over audio. If it comes to it, you could get an awesome assist.
  11. New SC Dev Tracker

    Sweet find. Thanks, man.
  12. Nice to see you guys on here.
    Hope you're all having fun and thriving :)

  13. Happy 2018 gents!

    Happy New Year to you too, sir.
  14. Happy Holidays

    Just wishing you all well during the turning of the year! Hopefully, you all have at least some time off for quality decompression time with your favorite people. Take good care and stay in touch. CaptainCypher Director of Diplomacy Atlas Defense Industries