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  1. Best Ship Names

    The Randy Adder
  2. Flora + Fauna + Pets in Star Citizen

    I realize it's probably asking too much, but I definitely would be down for a huge goofy dog that you could have in a costume. Likely one of those things CIG would pass on, methinks.
  3. Memories

    SOCOM 2 & WoW
  4. Hey, folks. I'm pretty new here, but this looks like the place to post this stuff. This was a pretty cool article I noticed on a Star Citizen Facebook group. In it, CR explains a number of things nicely. Amongst other things, this: "The problem online is a small number of people over-amplify their voice, which can distort the feedback. They trample over other people's opinions." http://www.mcvuk.com/articles/development/star-citizens-chris-roberts-talks-community-development-recruitment-and-rel
  5. Greetings from Atlas Defense Industries - ADI

    On a slightly different note: Um... wow! REALLY *bleeping* nice website you guys have here! I'm going to have to talk to our guys about snazzing things up properly.
  6. Greetings from Atlas Defense Industries - ADI

    Hello Everyone, As of a few months ago, Shepheard moved on to other roles at Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) and I became our new Director of Diplomacy. Please feel free to contact me as needed if you might have any questions about anything related to our org. I regularly am able to respond well within 24 hours. Also, I'm seeing that the link Shepheard provided above is no longer effective. Sorry about any confusion. I'll work on providing a better option. But, in the meantime, I'm happy to personally follow up. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello Everyone

    Glad to be here and looking forward to getting acclimated. I'll try to be on with decent regularity so that I can be around for dialogue. Warm Regards, CaptainCypher