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  1. Glad to have hopped over here. Looking forward to working productively with you fellas.
  2. Some of us ADI guys bumped into Imperium last night. A damn fine time. Hope you all enjoy CitizenCon! 🙂
  3. I get that people are eager for the game, but wow.
  4. You'll probably get a bite when the game picks up some energy. Someone will be ravenous for these - especially with the LTI. It's a nice cluster of goodies, man.
  5. Saw this recently and chuckled.
  6. i5/7 65xx+, 75xx+ or 85xx+, plus DDR4 ram seem to have the biggest impact on FPS. Older Intel CPU's and AMD CPU seem to suffer more lag on the same server that those listed above. That and making sure you have at least 16GB of ram.
  7. Looks good, man! Chicken soup season for me.
  8. The MFG manufacturer is a pretty responsive person. Actually spent time walking through some things with me over audio. If it comes to it, you could get an awesome assist.
  9. Nice to see you guys on here.
    Hope you're all having fun and thriving :)

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