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  1. Audio Only Download: https://soundcloud.com/geekdomo/starcast-s03e01
  2. Season 2 Episode 13 Audio Only Download: https://soundcloud.com/geekdomo/starcast-s02e13-ben-lesnick-james-pugh-reveal-all-info-ever
  3. Tomorrow. Tonight is H1Z1 on my channel
  4. Episode 12 Audio Only Download: https://soundcloud.com/geekdomo/starcast-s02e12-pedro-macedo-camacho-star-citizen-composer-guest
  5. This was a live cast. The phone had people asking questions live on it. I was not playing Candy Crush Saga.
  6. Weird, I cant fix it now but I will check Erin's and see if I can fix it before I am done editing. Thanks!
  7. He was super tired but extremely gracious. Erin Roberts one is way more technical. I am uploading it later today (still rendering) stay tuned!
  8. LOVE YOU GUYS! Stay tuned for a better audio version probably tomorrow afternoon. (HUGS)
  9. OK GANG I GOT THEM ALL! Packing for Pax right now. I will try to ask some of these to others if CR is unavailable. Crossing my paws. See you all in the 'verse!
  10. I am scheduled to interview Erin Roberts and Ben Lesniki. I am penciled in for Chris Roberts *(not guaranteed). I am also going to hunt down Sandy and any other dev I can find. If you could ask any developer any question what would it be? Please format it like this: Erin - "What made you start...." Ben - "What is your best..."
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