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  1. New Imperium Website

    @Leonn Excellent work! We are fortunate to have such talent here at Imperium! -
  2. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy birthday Strato!

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      Thanks brother!


  3. Complete Super Hornet with LTI

    Enjoy the SuperHornet, Buccaneer and Yellowjacket!
  4. Game Day - January 28th

    Looking forward to this. Class will be in session and I'm fully expecting to get skooled!
  5. Hi Citizen! All prices include PayPal Domestic USA fees (USD) and will be invoiced. ORIGINAL CONCEPT STANDALONE SHIPS - LTI (1) Anvil Carrack LTI = $410 (USD) (1) Misc Prospector LTI = $180 (USD) (2) Drake Buccaneer LTI = $140 (USD) (6) P72 Archimedes LTI = $55 (USD) (5) Drake DragonFly Yellow LTI = $45 (USD) Payment through PayPal (invoice). Feel free to use a middleman if you like. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking. to use a reputable middleman (you pay fee's)
  6. Star Citizen Space Simulator Station/Desk

    Early version above. Latest version (below it) showing the latest work on the size and length of the 18/20 extruded aluminum. Also finally settled on a Seat. Getting the Recaro Expert S (all black leather) seat with adjustable armrests. Figured since I've already spent enough on the game to buy a car, might as well get a nice car seat for anticipated thousands of hours I'll spend sitting in it.
  7. Star Citizen Space Simulator Station/Desk

    So when you play FPS, are you walking around with a VR headset or sitting at a computer desk in a comfy chair? When I go into FPS mode, my feet will rest on the floor and my desk will slide out towards me to a comfortable position where both keyboard and mouse are instinctively there. It allows for a quick run to a ship, jump in it's cockpit and transition. Or, land...exit cockpit and ship...run through space station, etc. Basically transitions from comfortable computer desk with Keyboard and Mouse to simply stowing KB & Mouse for rapid transition to flight mode. Not really different from 90% of the computer gaming desks out there today with a HOTAS sitting to the side. I do very much want it to feel authentic (feel only) to a HELICOPTER's seat, collective, cyclic and anti-torque pedals. Playing ARMA III and flying the helos's (could never get grasp doing it with Mouse and KB) to quickly parachuting and rolling into FPS mode is where I came up with the idea. Took forever to set up my Saitek HOTAS for Helo ops.
  8. Star Citizen Space Simulator Station/Desk

    While looking for Extruded Aluminum (80/20 T-Slot) gaming projects, came across some fine examples. Those electric jacks are freaking fast!!!! These are very nice but waaaay beyond the level of detail I want. I'm not looking for authentic replication of a cockpit, just the usefulness and playability...basically practical for both flight and FPS. Shouldn't matter if wearing VR goggles.
  9. Star Citizen Space Simulator Station/Desk

    I like them but I'm not looking for ultra realism, just usefulness and playability. I get enough real sims every 6 months and plenty of the real thing at work.
  10. Wanted to share my project with my fellow Imperium brethren. Basically I'm shooting for a Star Citizen Space Sim that doubles as a helicopter sim when I get the itch to fire up X-Plane (will also provide jet controls when wanted). At any given time, the keyboard and mouse can be utilized without interfering with any flight controls for quick transition from flight to FPS, etc. The keyboard/mouse desk area can be pushed forward and stowed away as well. This would allow the environment to replicate a fighter or helicopter cockpit. I plan to begin construction this Fall and will post photos when I do. I've already purchased most of the items below, except for the Monitors and Chair. - DUAL MONITORS: PRIMARY - FRONT = Acer Predator 34" UltraWide Display 3440 x 1440 SECONDARY - 90 DEGREES TO LEFT = 27" TouchScreen: [TeamSpeak, Soundboard - Jukebox, Roccat Power Grid alternative for Shield and Weapon control] - KEYBOARD & MOUSE: (FPS and non-flight) FRONT SLIDE OUT DESK SURFACE: Corsair Gaming K95 RGB & Corsair Vengeance M90 - DUAL JOYSTICKS: (Star Citizen Flight Controls) LEFT: Thrustmaster T-16000M [Thrust vectors Forward/Aft; Strafe Left/Right/Up/Down] RIGHT: Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick [Roll/Pitch] - CYCLIC JOYSTICKS: (Helicopter Controls) CENTER KNEE AREA: VKB Mark III Black Mamba [Conventional Cyclic Controls] - THROTTLE QUADRANT: (Helicopter/Jet Controls) LEFT CONSOLE PANEL: Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle [Provide switches and throttles for engine controls and conventional jet throttles when needed] - RUDDERS: (Star Citizen/Helicopter/Jet Controls) FEET AREA: MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals [YAW (absolutely could never used twist for this); Capable of being located fore and aft] - COLLECTIVE: (Helicopter Controls) LEFT CONSOLE PANEL SIDE MOUNT: Saitek Throttle Quadrant - mounted in such a way to emulate a helicopter's collective - PILOT SEAT: ADJUSTABLE SEAT: Recaro or other quality/comfortable Seat [Adjustable up/down/fore/aft along with adjustable arm rests] *** It will also incorporate 5.1 Surround Sound and VR headset Capability. Construction material of choice is T-Slot Extruded Aluminum (black anodized) which is manufactured by https://www.8020.net/ which I've found to have every imaginable piece needed for the project. Example of T-Slot Extruded aluminum used to make a gaming chair.
  11. MVP - Hall of Fame

    Congrats @Sir_Belial you deserve it for your tireless efforts to aid your fellow brethren in Imperium and high level of experience that you openly share through your top quality contributions.
  12. SC 2.0 Keyboard Layout - Readable Even!

    Compiled an image of both FLIGHT and FOOT Keyboard Commands for 2.0 for those of you using dual monitor (or just interested). 2.0 KEYBOARD COMMANDS (FLIGHT & FOOT)

    THIS SALE IS NOW CLOSED Thanks to everyone who looked and purchased.

    Awesome!!! Excellent transaction! Now could you do me a favor and leave the feedback on the feedback button...upper right screen FEEDBACK ICON. Thanks!

    @Sir_BelialExcellent trader and super fast transaction. Enjoy your new HERALD! Thank you!