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  1. Welcome @Arckon and thank you for choosing IMPERIUM UNIT Nebula Heavy Industries (NHI) to hang your hat. I've sent you a PM and accepted your request. We love to play with anyone patient enough to explore the latest versions of SC and always playing with any Imperium members looking to have a good time. IMPERIUM is our family. Welcome.
  2. Hello fellow IMPERIUM - Nebula Heavy Industries members. There are two areas for our unit to communicate with our fellow Unit members here on Star Citizen Base. This particular area can only be read by current NHI unit members. The other area can be read by all of us but anyone within IMPERIUM as well. Of course it seems we do a great amount of communicating on our NHI Discord channel so as to how this can best be used remains to be determined. Eventually we will be having weekly/monthly meetings for our Unit and this may be more of an active area then.
  3. Hello @aquilesopkarg Wish you had caught us before you dropped your money as we could have saved you that. You'l see above in the thread here that I started an IMPERIUM world of warships clan almost two years ago. We have 23 members of IMPERIUM in our IMPERIUM World of Warships Clan now. The facilities are almost all built out. You guys can join and move in and enjoy all that is completed so far. We can muster usually 3 to 4 players but haven't been able to get enough for CLAN BATTLES. Having you guys join might actually make that a reality. Do a clan search for IMPERIUM and you'll see this [-IMP-] IMPERIUM-STAR CITIZEN BASE. Ask to join and have your friends do the same. I'll get you accepted as soon as I can. Look forward to playing with you.
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