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  1. @REIGN-11-87 Purchased an 890 Jump from me. Excellent buyer! Super fast and professional. Gladly work with again!

  2. Just posted this hoping to inspire the developers into utilizing modern day Arrival and Departure procedures for congested airspace into the game when we fly in and out of busy urban environments. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/sc-ship-port-arrival-departure-procedures-just-use/1446750
  3. I found this but it looks like it can only be entered for new account creators, not existing ones. If you know how establishes accounts can apply the code, please share. thanks https://worldofwarships.com/join/2772_EN1?utm_campaign=eblast&sid=SIDK5S10oZcX2g465LR3u_rfEFkXEHSeKGKVr7RyYLPYkbEkmw4gKNkdYuQ_t43pVw5hYA0dB_2x3zF8V5a5QJCWrmKVGsNvX6-2SGlr5soLhD0_GKsX7n5ZMGAZl7-59nCIazeUohqCuYxr0zlcd7bxOM9rrroGmTo7jhapHlcrS4hPU6oMG-fLzXQMUhpkk-R5PhPQBzE3R41LJ2SnkuI&utm_medium=7535&utm_source=wotcpu&lpsn=WOWS_collect_redeem
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