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  1. Can the new shield generators be used on all ships?

    1. Dalanoth


      Provided the ship in question can support the specific size of shield generator you're looking at. Make sure to check the max size for your ship before buying!

    2. Captain Sata
  2. Sid Meier's Starships!

    Please don't mess this up..

    1. Dr. Bright

      Dr. Bright

      "Do not allow him to escape!"

      "Fire the YouTube cannon!"

      "Initiate the Facebook torpedos!"

    2. Captain Sata

      Captain Sata

      HAHA! Literally crying im laughing so hard

    3. Ostia


      lol best response @Dr. Bright

  4. Hello Citizens

    Welcome to SCB!!
  5. What is the Best Light Fighter?

    The Gladius has the best of both worlds. M50 has speed, Hornet has guns whilst the Gladius doesn't fall under under either category. A good pilot could make the Gladius quite the fearsome foe for any hornet.
  6. Just started playing Planetside 2!

    Hey, I'm and avid player of planetside2 so you will probably see me on maybe we can play an alert or two together. NC Emerald BR:39 lots of revives....
  7. Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    CPU:Intel I7 4790k 4Ghz no OC GPU:3 Geforce GTX 980's PSU:Corsair AX1200i MOBO:ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME SSD:Samsung 840 EVO 1TB RAM:Corsair Vengence 16GB DDR3 HDD:Western Digital 1TB Monitor: Samsung 28" UD590 4k Keyboard:Logitech G910 Mouse:Logitech G700 Headset:Astro A40
  8. How much money is too much money to spend on my rig.... it's so tempting.....

    1. GeraldEvans


      What are you building it for? If it's for SC, more than $1500 is too much since by the time SQ42 launches, you'll want to di it again. Put in a hq motherboard that has upgrade potential, a single GPU, and a decent CPU.

  9. Love the Galactic Guide on the Base :D

  10. StarCitizenBase's New Look!

    Great page, Almost on par with RSI
  11. First thing that came to mind was Ender's game.....
  12. Foxyfilth gets the caribou coffee avaliable only in the U.S....... He is canadian.... XD

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    2. Byronyk


      @FoxyFilth If I knew, I would have rerolled that :/

    3. Genesis


      Where do you live in Canada Foxy?

    4. Genesis


      Oh shit, what city?

  13. 3xGTX980 4GB for ONLY $3,000

    Just like my set up.... I'm happy with 4k.... for now....