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  1. I will be at this thing i would like to see most off you
  2. Congratulations albuss!! :D

  3. Sadly it all single player fixes next major patch is multi player physics and net code fingers crossed that being said single player is way better so if multi is half as good we will be in good shape. I and my cousin do have a permanent dedicated space engines sever up it is open to public look for thenerdstuff.com shorthand TNS LiF will be my diversion until next major patch sadly, Lif is fun do not get me wrong I was just hoping for more space in my life is all
  4. Its happened space engineers update physics big overhaul people no more ship breaking apart for no reason!

  5. been kicking but in Star marine :) just got to play everyday


    1. Sir_Belial


      I'll be around until Friday, so let's get together someday

    2. Albuss


      for sure only way to get better is to play with people better then me


      will you keep  the same schedual you have been?


  6. Mark stayed fairly clean in terms of abuse (in terms of substances as I recall) though I did see him in a bar in LA once a few years back, Granted the bar was badly light and when I said hey Mark Hamill he said his name was not Mark.
  7. Grasp it like he is pointing at her saying you're next.
  8. Disney might strike this down but then it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
  9. A space batman sounds fun I also smell a good future movie batman 2443, how will he drink his scotch while in his EVA suit?
  10. Without sacrifice there can be no victory...


    I wonder how many her would make sacrifices to the greater good of the ORG?  I have seen very little evidence in other games played thus far except from a select few of us here.  (you know who you are)   My fear is the lone gunner the Anti team player will kill us all.  The point it will be different in Star Citizen is lost on me.  We all need to reflect on why we joined what we want from each other and for ourselves in this endeavor.


    This is not to point out anyone and there is not immediate impetus for this thought  it is a call to reflect.

    1. stefmarster
    2. Rain2reign


      like this?

      1. Observe
      2. Identify
      3. If target is ALLY: Shoot, else stab him/her
      4. walk circles around the body
      5. Find next target.


  11. Thank you @Pagan_X2 and @rimmer59 for helping me with my in game cough leagal issues.

    1. CC-Corp


      i smell a pirate!!

    2. Pagan-Tempest


      I'm glad I could ram my ship into Grim Hex for you. :)

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