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  1. Hovermode wasn't too hard for me. I didn't run into many of the issues most people here are pointing out, but hopefully the new system works as intended and makes things easier for people.
  2. I've gone all in on picking up one of these. Like most people in this topic have agreed, this ship really does seem like the best bang for your buck. It's running S10 torpedos for taking out heavy targets above its weight-class and a pretty good set of offensive/defensive guns as well. Size is just about 890J/HH range and its one of the fastest capital-ship vessels on paper. It's still amazes me that people are selling these for 700-900ish when it can easily go for more, and will eventually. I just wish we had more information on this ship and some news on when it'll finally get whiteboxed/put into production, etc.
  3. Welcome to the Community! Glad you got to ride along with some of the guys from Imperium the other night. We've been following the game itself since the beginning as well and while it's taking longer than expected we've definitely found people along the way to share that wait with. Hope you find our community a good fit for yourself! Hop into our Discord if you have any questions or just want to hang out and chat!
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the wait like the rest of us! 😂 Feel free to hop into Discord to ask any questions and hang out with the community.
  5. The only reason I upgraded from my GTX 970 to the RTX 2080 was simply because my GTX 970 wasn't recognizing the full 3.5gigs of VRAM it had anymore. Chip Creep and old age were finally getting to it. I'm not disappointed in my upgrade and I don't regret it, however, I do know I probably could've gotten a better deal with AMD or by waiting another year or so. Just didn't have the time/patience for it anymore. It's a great card but not worth the price, imo.
  6. Welcome to the Base and good luck on your application! We've got a neat range of timezones and play styles inside Imperium so I hope you enjoy your stay. See you in the 'Verse!
  7. In this case yes, it sure is a great card but it was already showing its age and I was running into low memory issues with the card itself, faulty hardware. The jump from the 970SC I had to the 2080 was absolutely huge in terms of performance! From 35-50FPS on average to a smooth 120-140FPS on maximum settings now. I plan on giving my 970 to my nephew who's just getting around to building PCs himself. Good first card for him to use!
  8. Welcome to the fleet tickle! If you're ever looking for a group just hop on teamspeak and join us in the 'Verse! 😉
  9. Lol oh yeah definitely. I'd be upset if that was the case but I know CIG will be a little more generous with our expensive ships 🤣
  10. Absolutely Have they given any indication on what "ingame" time might be light compared to real-time? 1:1, 1:4, etc etc?
  11. Could you imagine how effective that'd be? Dropping a fully loaded Titan Squad on the ground to wreak havoc... Yeah, I think I'm getting myself a Titan suit ASAP once it's up for grabs 😆
  12. True... Regardless, it's a metric ass-ton of time compared to other offerings and the lack of any consistent LTI offerings, unless you look on the Grey Market. 72-Months either ingame or real life is a huge bonus/perk. Also, AFAIK Insurance is supposed to be dirt cheap in game as well... more of a nuisance than a real money-sink. I only own LTI ships myself but I wouldn't be against buying 72-month items too.
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