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  1. SpectreSC

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Well this is great news. Whatever Crytek has left to grasp at is surely going to dissolve over the coming weeks when they realize that their case has been derailed off course and has little chance of success. I'm hoping they don't file an amended complaint and keep this going. There's nothing left to gain here except a meager settlement at this point and honestly I'm not even sure why CIG hasn't filed another MTD on the remaining items left. Oh well, Crytek got what they deserved.
  2. SpectreSC

    Helllppppp lol

    Welcome! I hope you'll find any of the resources we've linked you to helpful and honestly don't be shy, ask any questions and hop into Teamspeak with us and we'd be more than happy to fly around together. And I hope you enjoy the 'Verse!
  3. SpectreSC

    Gameday, December 15th

    I haven't been around in months but I will be here as my first "official" appearance back
  4. Bump, still available
  5. Hello! I've decided to sell off this game package instead of my entire account. It's a Digital Mercenary game package with a CCU'd Cutlass Black w/LTI. Asking price is $140 USD via paypal for the ship+package. Send me a PM if you have any questions!
  6. Requesting topic close, will not be necessary anymore.
  7. Good catch, did so. Thanks for the tip!
  8. I'll also take offers from any prospective buyers! Don't be shy to offer a price for my account. Thanks!
  9. SpectreSC

    Hello Citizens!

    Welcome to the Base! You picked the coziest ship to explore in, I like your style
  10. Definitely saddened to hear about his passing considering he was one of my biggest inspirations growing up. He proved his doctors wrong and kept pushing past his affliction to become one of the leading scientists in his field by discovering the true nature behind Black Holes, among many other accomplishments. Pretty jaw-dropping! Just wish he had a little more time to realize his dream of going up into space though!