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  1. Hello Citizens!

    Welcome to the Base! You picked the coziest ship to explore in, I like your style
  2. Definitely saddened to hear about his passing considering he was one of my biggest inspirations growing up. He proved his doctors wrong and kept pushing past his affliction to become one of the leading scientists in his field by discovering the true nature behind Black Holes, among many other accomplishments. Pretty jaw-dropping! Just wish he had a little more time to realize his dream of going up into space though!
  3. Aegis Reclaimer

    Wow, that is one pretty impressive piece of work. Reclaimer hits live in 3.1 correct? Looks like a neat addition.
  4. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Glad you're liking it so far! It definitely works like a charm and I solved my little issue I had as well so no complaints anymore. I'm actually using that exact config from Spectrum with a few adjustments I made of my own. Pretty smooth setup overall!
  5. Who Are You?

    We have some of the most skilled Necromancers on the Base don't you know? As for who I'll be? Not exactly sure just yet but I know that apart from Fleet Duties I'll be doing what I find most profitable to get into a bigger ship eventually and start exploring space for a suitable spot to call home.
  6. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    I suspect it's the first due the fact that this also occurs while playing Escape From Tarkov if I have them plugged in. I have to unplug them to even play that game or else I just spawn in and perpetually spin in one direction. Fighting back with any of the joysticks does nothing but fighting back with the mouse does and I have to constantly play tug of war just to see anything or move anywhere. It doesn't happen all the time with SC though, just out of the blue once or twice so far and usually when exiting a seat or turret in a ship.
  7. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Definitely will wait for those changes before I head into AC and compete like before. I heard they removed the Goat Faint (Greyout?) and from the comparison videos flying looks a lot less creative/challenging and ESP seems to be way too good at assisting than it should be. I've noticed something odd about my new setup... sometimes out of the blue I'll start going into a death spiral spin and no matter what I do, moving the mouse, joystick, throttle, etc.. nothing stops it short of exiting any game I'm playing. I think it may have something to do with there now being two joystick inputs instead of one. Anyone have ideas on what could be causing this?
  8. Lexip gaming mouse.

    Seems like the best of both worlds just like you said. Just wondering how valid that feedback is when it comes to build quality, longevity, etc. for the mouse itself. I like how they literally use Star Citizen in their video
  9. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    @Buckaroo After putting in a few hours with the T.16000M I can definitely say it's a great upgrade from a T.Flight Hotas X and the setup itself is efficient and isn't as stiff/horrid as my old setup. I still have to setup keybinds that work for me and I'm running it as a Stick+Throttle combo so it may be different than what you decide on. I've got no complaints so far. I've never actually considered or tried a dual stick setup but I wouldn't be against trying it out! It looks like this is how I lose my dogfights in AC all the time since its so much easier to have strafe binds on a second stick than on a throttle button, etc. Awesome kills by the way!
  10. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Will do! I should have it in today and I plan on setting it up and making sure I've configured it right for a good test run in Arena Commander/PU
  11. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    I actually did take a look at the T.16000M and I'm considering that as an alternative, the Warthog is definitely nice and it has great build quality as well but that's probably a setup I'll have to save for when I start my new PC build, haha. I actually use the Z-Axis on my T.Flight for throttle and it works pretty well, after some fixing of my own of course, so I feel like the T.16000M would be a pretty comfortable replacement for me. Good to know I wasn't the only one who had issues with this Hotas though and I've also done literally just about everything I could to make it work but it's just a really sluggish stick for SC. I ended up using my mouse for combat and precision instead of the joystick itself, which I really only use for flying around out of combat because it lacks the precision you need, I'll probably store it away for a different PC setup eventually Thanks for the advice guys! Edit: Went ahead and bought that T.16000M and I'm excited to see how it'll work.
  12. Build help TM T.Flight Hotas X

    Hey all, So I've got a T.Flight Hotas X and I was curious if anyone else uses this setup that could give me an idea of their profile/keymapping? What other tools do you use for functionality in SC with your setup, if any? I feel like the stick itself is too stiff or too loose no matter what I do, and I feel like I have deadzones as well. Trying to figure out what I can do to fix that besides getting a new stick+throttle combo.
  13. Sabre Raven

    Awesome deal I'd say! If it works out for 'ya let me know where you found yours, I definitely want to get my hands on one of these too.
  14. Role of Hammerhead?

    Yes, I'd think so too and last I heard they had to delay the latest push for bind culling because of some issue. Not too sure on the specifics there but that implies we might not see a single server that "holds" all of us for a bit longer. This. I am definitely on board for some pirate hunting in Hammerheads! Make them run in fear, haha
  15. Role of Hammerhead?

    Quoted the wrong guy there! Definitely. I'm looking forward to the rest of this year and crossing my fingers that CIG keeps to their roadmap. Looks like we'll see a hefty expansion to all systems and the Hammerhead being introduced means we'll be able to practice all this in real time.