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Found 11 results

  1. Per the Monthly Report: September 2014 we will be getting images, videos, Dev posts, etc... about the WIP that CIG is now starting to reveal on the Persistent Universe. We can use this thread to collate all new WIP items about the Persistent Universe like these sister threads: Below are some collated WIP items from the Sep. monthly report specifically on the PU (wanted to summarize these so we can track their WIP on this thread): CIG Austin - Our team has been working hard on Persistent Universe tasks and a multitude of Live Operations activities. ..wrap up Large World “Phase 1” this month as well, which is the first step to getting truly expansive galaxies in place that will literally take days to traverse without quantum travel. ... wrapped up development on the System Layout Tool, which our designers will be using to physically lay out our universe in-game as well as define properties and attributes of various planets and other objects within a solar system. ...completed the first design iteration of Subsumption, Star Citizen’s objective-oriented NPC AI system, and we’ve now moved into full production. ...highly data-driven design, which will in turn eventually allow the constitution of the NPC population and even their daily schedules to be algorithmically determined based upon what’s occurring in the surrounding environment, and heavily contribute to providing the feeling of a living, breathing universe. Some sensational examples we looked into this month include the Dark Nebula, Pulsar, and Ice Giant. ...standardizing our props for environments, investigating how we might incorporate FPS into our planetside locations, and developing reputations for the various corporations within our universe. ...the first planetside location, ArcCorp, up and running. Concept work for our next planetside environment – Terra Prime – is nearing completion, and full production will soon commence. Long before introducing the AMX-1 Repair Bot for personal craft, Saga Datasystems was known for its more industrial designs. The M3-A Multifunction Space Drone has been in service for more than 50 years, and is ideal for performing basic unmanned tasks in and around stations. While never fit with any advanced AI or communications capability, the M3-A is perfectly capable of performing any basic assigned task – from simple repairs to tug functions and the manipulation of heavy mining and cargo containers. Citizen Con 2014 is almost upon us. This year the present and future of Star Citizen will be unveiled in Los Angeles on October 10th. We will be livestreaming a presentation from Chris Roberts to backers around the world that will review what we’ve accomplished to date and then give you a sneak peak and what’s coming up for Star Citizen. ================== There will be a number of reveals about the Persistent Universe soon and please post any reveals, WIP images, vids, dev posts, including any Sandi Leaks - Thanks
  2. This [POLL] to help CIG balance Ship Replacement / Purchase Time in the Persistent Universe ... will let CIG understand Player's expectations... and as far I we know CIG hasn't set any standards for this yet. There are many factors that will influence balance: Show Room Purchase / Replacement: There should be at least one location in the PU where you can travel to and purchase or replace your ship from a dealer's show-room (More common ships maybe available in multiple dealers in multiple systems). Buying a ready-made ship should have a premium price. Ordering a Ship: There should be discount to having to wait for a ship to be made (for new purchase) or replaced (via insurance) compared to picking up a ready-made ship. Ship Delivered to your Hangar: There should be premium for a manufacturer to deliver your ship to your hangar (even LTI should have to pay something for this option). The delivery of a ship should also increase its lead time. Expedited Service: Like in the real world - people should have the option to pay a premium fee for faster construction / delivery. General Lead Time: Larger / More Expensive Ships should generally take longer to make / replace. Ship Rarity: There should be an extended lead time for rare or limited edition ships. Economic Factors: Factories making the ships / ship parts can be affected by supply / demand / resource disruption / etc... Self Repair: There will be options to repair / customize / over-clock / etc... your ships in your hangar or with repair ships like the Anvil Crucible, etc... ++++ WHY should you have to wait for your ship to be replaced? It is Realistic: Cars, Airplanes, etc... are not made instantaneously. It Balances game-play: People should realize that Star Citizen isn't just about flying your own ship -> You can get a loaner ship, act as crew on another ship, do FPS planet-side missions, etc... It encourages a Diversity of Ships: Players should be encouraged to have more than one ship and those that don't should have fun fixing up or tinkering with their ship in the Hangar It creates a Time-Sink: Time-Sinks (like Money Sinks) are needed to help create a sense of worth and immersion. If ships are replaced too fast and easy it becomes to much like an Arcade game. Death of a Spaceman: There will be time-loss already for getting your character healed / repaired / or a new heir - so waiting for your ship as well is just another extension of this. What do I do now?: As mentioned above in game Balance - there is plenty to do in Star Citizen other than flying your own ship (and this should be encouraged to help build up ship crews and or those garage tinkerers). ======= Vote and Post your comments and ideas below on this thread - Thanks EDIT: Poll is in Real Time - not Game Time. NOTE - Also see and vote on sister thread on RSI Forums for greater sampling
  3. Here are a few things you will definitely need to know before you jump into the PU. Feel free to ask any other questions in chat, and I'll do my best to provide answers where I can! Controls: Left Alt + Space brings up the cursor in game. F12 brings up the instance chat box. Use enter to chat. F11 brings up your contact list. F10 initiates a HUD-like system which allows you to see names of other players at close range and items they have on their person. F9 brings up your MobiGlass containing your mission journal and other important things. F for interacting with objects. L Ctrl + F for exiting ships, chairs, beds, etc. R Alt + Backspace for "respawn," self-destruct. Double Tap Left Alt while in a ship to interact with your systems. ------------ Flight: "V" - Cycling V changes flight "movement mode." 1. (Default) Precision Mode -- Slows your ship to a max of 50 m/s and reduces maneuverability allowing your flight to be more precise. This is to be used when landing or any time you need more precision. 2. (1st Cycle) "Normal" -- Ship handles normally. 3. (2nd Cycle whilst at 100% power) Cruise Mode -- Allows your ship to travel at a high rate of speed, anywhere from 900 m/s to 1300 m/s dependent on the ship. [There may be another setting beyond Cruise referred to as "Supercruise," but I don't know if this has been implemented yet.] 'B' - Quantum Drive - Allows you to travel to certain distant points quickly. Hitting B shows you which points you can travel to. Use the mouse wheel (missile lock) button to activate your ship's quantum drive. ------------ Locations: Port Olisar - Starting location, main hub. Security Post Kareah - FPS station Cry-Astro Service 042 - Repair, Refuel, Rearm Covalex Shipping Hub - Explore, in Zero-G! Yela - ???
  4. If you dont know already know Frankie, he is a pretty big youtuber for PC games and has a lot of really good video series for games such as DayZ, ARK, Rust, Battlefield, etc, etc. I was really pleased to see him post this up yesterday (already close to 400k views) with some 2.0 action...watch it right to the end, its worth it lol.
  5. Hi Guys. Just tried a hack from Reddit shared on Discord for those that don't know: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3uj93k/no_ptu_access_play_it_solo/ I just tried it and it works, except I haven't been able to get a ship yet. When I request a ship it ctd. But other than that it's super stable with high frames. For someone like me that CTD everytime I try to load up universe, this was nice. Even someone not invited to PTU can try it out.
  6. I don't know if you've seen yet or not, but the new update looks so much better than anything seen to date. The moodiness in the lighting and the crispness is just about tangible. For the first time I feel like climbing into the scenes. Vimeo won't embed, but the images link to their higher res versions. Greetings Citizens!This last week has flown by! We’re pleased to present the second weekly update of what went down with both Star Citizen 2.0 and Star Marine. The coolest news? SHIPS CAN NOW SPLIT IN TWO (or more!) Yes, the Tech Design and Code team have been working hard and getting this very exciting feature working in the engine and they’ve finally cracked it… so you will now be able to break ships up in to large chunks once you’ve dealt out some catastrophic damage! You can really go to town on your worst enemies and deliver irreparable damage to their ships, for instance, breaking up the Constellation in to four whole chunks. The system still needs more love to get it ready for release but in terms of the technical functionality we’ve definitely broken the back of it (excuse the pun!) Everyone has been polishing and bug fixing like crazy and we still have some content dropping in from various the departments including more fantastic sounding audio. Our dialogue specialist has been down at Pinewood Studios (of James Bond—and Privateer 2: The Darkening—fame) and SIDE UK to record more of the datalog audio pieces which are turning out to be a very fun piece of exploration gameplay in this release. We’re still having a good tussle with the EVA system to get that feeling good and ready but at least we are getting more joy from the ship systems in the AI behaviours. These AI will account for those new encounters and scenarios that the player will now be faced with in Crusader. For example, the map construction is balanced so that if player strays too far from the security of the UEE zones they that might find that they run in to trouble, or they might just get lucky – who knows!? The beauty of it is that it’s all systemic-based gameplay where each encounter has its own unique potential. What about the Star Marine-related portion of the release? With boots on the ground we’re seeing some noticeable improvements in the FPS reload animations, ADS and Stop-Start so we’re very pleased to that is all really taking shape, and not only are the characters feeling better, but the environments are too. The Environment team have been slogging away at various space stations in their final art stages, and the Covalex Shipping Hub has just had a full lighting pass so we’re sure it will really blow people away! Crusader as whole is feeling much more alive now with further iterations to the repair bots and the implementation of the background traffic simulation systems – this helps give a real buzz to the map with traders and UEE patrols zipping about all over the place! This is another of those first Star Citizen steps with this release, as the Universe starts to come alive piece-by-piece by building the systems that will organically produce the economies and communities for you to play in. Lastly, there’s some vast improvements coming in with the in-ship UI screen revamp in order to factor in all of the new Multicrew gameplay. The UI the team are really excited with how it’s all coming together, and any of you techie-types will love getting your hands on the first implementation of the new engineering screen that allows greater control over your ships power and shield systems. In addition, the new screen focus functionality will allow you to quickly and easily turn your attention to individual screens situated around your station. These UI screens needed much careful consideration because they will be what underpins this core system feature for years to come, and will allow us to build up more and more functionality as the bigger and BIGGER ships come online! Here’s a high level breakdown of action from the different departments… Gameplay and EngineeringShips will more accurately arrive to the end of AI splinesBetter handling of dynamic avoidance for ships that are following AI splinesImprove escape behaviours when a ship’s hull gets heavily damagedImprovements for the missile usage of the shipsShips will be more accurate on avoiding obstaclesChanged the relationship between character arms and the camera which improves ADS and shooting from hipFixed up problems with the player jumpingCleaning up the pistol motion sets to be brought in line with the rifleImproved the handling of rag-dollingQuantum fuel now supported over a network gameAdded a collision test before the start of quantum travel – informs you of objects between you and the intended destinationSupport for discoverable quantum travel nav beaconsImprovements/polish to the repair drone functionalityNetwork optimisationsUITweaks to Quantum Travel HUDCircles around points of interestAdded Quantum Fuel consumption amountAdded “Out of range” message if you are trying to make a jump that you don’t have enough fuel forAdded Quantum Travel HUDs to most of the ships nowFirst Iteration of the Mission Manager has been submitted5 Screens for the Crusader mapBasic implementation of the Engineering screens with Power, Shields, Overview, Minimised tabs submitted. (Requires testing)Engineering Screen polishShip spawning implementationMission manager improvementsListing completed missionsArtFurther iterations on the Cutlass, Retaliator and Constellation final steps of the pipeline.Final improvements to the environment art and FX.AnimationMore iterations on environmental interactions, EVA, FPSmovement and gunplay, Death and Hit Reactions, and “Fall and Play”.AudioDialogue recording session for some additional lines and some re-recordsBegan work on improvements to the ship audioImplementation of more music to improve the feel of the areas and ‘sell the scene’Working on duress parameters to be applied to your ship under certain conditionsAudio design to go alongside this as wellTweaking audio on FPS weapons and gadgetsExpanding the variety of footsteps heard on surfacesOngoing work to improve the atmospheric qualities of space stationsBlockersCharacters are missing interior sections of their helmets.Ballistic weapons can cause a crash and we have various other stability issues to fix up.The “Push and Pull” system seems to be conflicting with another control system because it’s currently catapulting the player in to deep spaaaaaaaaace!Particles seem to stop rendering in some gravitational areas, but not all! Needs further investigation!Looking ForwardWhew, what a week! As you can see, we’re making a great deal of progress on what promises to be Star Citizen’s most exciting release to date. With today’s live release of Star Citizen Alpha 1.3, the PTUrelease of Alpha 2.0 is now our next goal! We can’t wait to let you explore (and if we’re honest, break!) the Mini PTU. The entire team is working as hard as possible to get it ready for backer testing. Please note that while our major focus this week was 2.0, next week’s update will include more details on Star Marine. [iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/143325075"][/iframe]
  7. This has been talked about before but it is an extremely important Star Citizen development topic. Let's help CIG identify what player's expectations are on the subject and VOTE !!! Keep in mind the game is still in development and CIG can't define each subject specifically since they are still developing the technical implementation of each item. Each Poll Topic on this thread is explained in this OP and please add your ideas to this thread - Thanks. Number of Wingman Per Player: CIG has yet to specify the number of NPC Wingman per player but Ben has mentioned in a RTV that the current player expectation of (2) Two NPC Wingman per player is reasonable. There has been discussion of up to (4) Four NPC Wingman per player from Gamescom 2014. The Poll thus limits the selection from 1-4. Number of Additional NPCs Per Player: CIG has yet to specify the number of NPCs per player (in addition to the NPC Wingman above) but Ben has mentioned in a RTV that the current player expectation of (10) Ten additional NPCs per player is reasonable. The Poll thus limits the selection from 6-16 (centered around 10) = more maybe technically possible but also too challenging developmental wise (we don't know). "Agent Smithing": CIG has mentioned the possibility of "Agent Smithing" or have a friend or yourself take over one of your "package" or extra character NPCs as defined in RSI's Multiple Package Clarification post. Please vote if you think that "Agent Smithing" should only occur when you and your friend (since both can Agent Smith a NPC) are in a hangar (see Ben's explaination 9m into Video below) or that it should be possible at any time as long as you (or your friend) and the NPC to be "Agent-ed Smith-ed" is Out of Combat. Swapping Roles with NPCs: Should a player be able to swap roles with an NPC. Example (A) let's say you are the Pilot on your RSI Orion. Can you decide to take over the Refiner's positon from an NPC then that said NPC goes and become the new Pilot on your ship (obviously his skill at piloting won't probably be as good as it was in refining). Example ( B ) you hire an NPC wingman to fly Escort for you in your Hornet along side your Orion. Can you decide to EVA out to the Hornet and replace yourself as the Pilot of the Hornet and your NPC then EVAs over to your Orion to take up your seat action there. NPC Autonomy: Rob in an old WMH mentioned that NPCs can't run missions for you. NPCs can't operate or function in a separate instance from the instance the player is in. Should there be an even shorter "tether" distance for NPCs like many MMOs or should NPCs be freed to act anywhere within the instance the player is in. NPC Initiative: Should an NPC Wingman be able to fly a ship back to a player's hangar without the player? Example: Instead of having a Vanguard fighter Wingman a player has a Super Hornet Wingman (which also has a Jump Engine). The player goes out on an extended exploration mission with their Carrack and their SH but the SH doesn't have the range and must return to a safe landing zone. Should the NPC Wingman have the initiative to fly back to a safe landing zone without the player (so the Player can continue the mission with their Carrack knowing that their Super Hornet will fly back safely and can later pick up that SH and NPC) Player Commands to NPCs: Should a players ability to command an NPC always be the same per the role of the NPC or should there be dynamic options (different options) available depending on the situation or instance that the player is in (different options to command NPCs in space on a ship vs planet side scenarios). ============ Please post your other ideas for NPCs or comments on the Poll topics on this thread ++ also see the Sister Thread on the RSI Forum and Vote there as well for Greater Sampling - Thanks
  8. I'm not sure why none of our infohawks posted this yet but in case you missed it... Well, coming soon....
  9. This week-end SDCC gave us some interesting info: CR plans on having around 20 million AI agents around the PU, and players should account 10% of the population. And we know that the PU when fully released in the start should have around 150 systems. This means that those 150 systems should be able to support those 20 million agents, although we do not know if those are both ships, crew and planetside NPCs or just ships. Also it looks like he plans on supporting up to 2 million players in the beginning in the PU. We know that the core systems of the UEE will probably be more populated than the fringe systems and so on, so a bulk of those millions of agents will be traveling trough UEE and neighboring systems. This should generate a lot of ambient traffic with actual goals and not just randomly generated. I remember in Freelancer how I enjoyed hearing the local trade traffic chatting about their destination and so on, how it added some sense of life to the sectors. Knowing that it all will be there, and interconnected in the economy should help SC feel truly alive, especially in the more populated systems where everyone is busy doing their work. It also does say something about the PvE potential of the PU, seeing how we should see the emergent gameplay out of the day to day actives of AIs (traders, patrols and pirates and so on). Anyway I am very exited to the scope of the universe right now! :-D
  10. I thought this might be of interest to people who may want to know how CIG is making travelling through Jump Point a skilled based experience from PAX South Town hall. https://youtu.be/-Q4WAl6uBw0
  11. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/60679/invading-vanduul-space-at-the-end-of-the-beta-operation-pitchfork#latest So I stumbled across this monster during my insomniac wandering through RSI.com. I personally would love to participate in this, and I have a feeling my friends in Blood Moon would be all over it. Thoughts? Comments? I think we'd need one of the higher-ups to ratify this as an official fleet op before anything goes down. But it would be one hell of an event. Edit: Relevant quote:
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