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  1. A few highlights from the video. Hull C Good: High Capacity - the Hull series is designed first for cargo capacity High Efficiency - cargo containers are very modular, allowing for hauling several types of cargo simultaneously as well as offloading via "drone" containers Common - this ship will be very common and cheap to obtain/maintain/replace Minimalist - skeleton crew of two can operate the vessel at full capacity Long Haul - this ship will be able to make longer trips without refueling Bad: Vulnerable While Hauling - Hull series stores cargo in containers that are exposed on external struts Weak Arms & Armor - the Hull series has relatively weak armament, with a point defense turret and a few small (S2/S3) turrets for self-defense Minimalist - the Hull series is designed for one single purpose at the expense of effectiveness in every other category Dangerous To Go Alone - escorts are basically a hard requirement given how exposed the payload is Common - this ship will be very common and its weaknesses will be widely known and exploited Space Whale - this ship will likely require assistance to take off from the surface of a planet while fully loaded with cargo Merchantman Good: Armed & Armored - high-end offensive capability (S5/6 guns) and a fully enclosed hull give the Merchantman significant battlefield presence when required Onboard Trade Center - onboard space for negotiating and showing merchandise Planetside Friendly - this ship will be able to navigate in atmosphere and land on planets without issue High Capacity - largest subcapital cargo hold, at about 75% of the Hull C's capacity but fully enclosed Luxury - this ship will contain high-end components and interior detailing Bad: Luxury - this ship will be fairly expensive Not-Quite-So-Long-Haul - this ship will have somewhat limited jump range Gold Sink - this ship will likely cost a lot to maintain as its components and interior are high-end Friends Required - skeleton crew of four and max crew of 8 means higher crew costs
  2. Click the link at the top of the thread, should let you add your availability. If it doesn't let you edit just send a request and I'll add permissions manually.
  3. I may or may not have forgotten to actually give anyone with the link edit permissions. Should be working now.
  4. Indeed I can. Never bothered to check before. Heh. Everyone should have edit permissions if you click that link. Fill in something to let the squadron know when you'll be around.
  5. I was looking at that with @Zaib after @VoA got wife aggro on Monday. That's one of three new modules on the Portal, the others being Capital Crew preferences, and an enhanced ship borrowing module (for designating which ships Imperium can borrow for fleet-level missions and in what capacity). As of now they exist in your Portal profile, but are not being utilized for anything. There's a small notification tucked in there saying they're "broken", meaning they probably just cobbled together the interface panels and haven't worked them into the API as of yet. For now, I'll just stick an Excel sheet on the google drive, maybe VoA can copy this link to the OP. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TofygMcTn5166wrA8jky1qR1gMnvt5JjwxPCd0wr_EA/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Bar Citizen STL would be more than happy to coordinate with Imperium for a big meetup. Long as we can do it on a Sunday so I'm not being left out, lol. https://discord.gg/QjDZVG Ping Rakish or Will Sperling, they're the ones who coordinate the meetups.
  7. Next couple updates are going to be big foundational steps - OCS looks like it will be in by 3.4. Things are getting interesting.
  8. The way I understood it, explosive damage (from missiles/torpedoes) will "bleed" through shields slightly. i.e. if it detonates on a shield, the shield will take 75% of the applied damage and the hull takes the rest. Something to that effect. The shield mitigates most of the damage, but doesn't completely stop explosion damage. And ballistic weapons are similar. They're mitigated by the shield but most of the damage is still applied to the hull. Energy weapons are the only thing that shields completely absorb.
  9. If you're going to use an Eclipse as an alpha strike, use mutiple. Otherwise, bring a distraction and keep the fight away from them until there's an opening.
  10. @Reavern I did some light testing and some guy in a 600i couldn't see me in my eclipse (no signature detected) until he was within 450m. That was with shields off and only maneuvering thrusters firing. EM signature was hovering around 450, IR was at about 150. So those numbers may be fairly indicative of the detection ranges. And those torpedoes look decently fast.
  11. Several builds a week, sure. several a day is a bit unusual.
  12. @LowZone It's not, they're both from the current evocati build. And the ships behave identically regardless of whether it's f reeflight, racing, AC, or PU.
  13. Looking at the power systems video on that playlist, I wonder if the numbers on the indicator are ranges or just abstract values. Because the values on the signature display seem to be well over twice as high for the Sabre (in the power systems vid) versus the Eclipse. What I'd heard is that if a Hornet was a 100 on a scale of detectability, the Sabre was supposed to be around 50 and the Eclipse around 25. But the Eclipse would be at about 15-17 on that scale according to the values on the HUD. Sabre was closer to 3x more detectable.
  14. @Amy Babe The viewport isn't being restricted just for the sake of being restricted. It's drawing on real-life concepts like the B-2 bomber, which is even more restricted than what we're being given in the Eclipse. It's built that way to keep EM/IR signatures from escaping the ship as much as possible. Although, I agree the overhead panel needs something more.
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