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Found 5 results

  1. SPOILER [Big one] - From May 2015 Leaks - shows some Vanduul Ships we will see in S42 (don't look if you don't want to be spoiled) Found this thread on the RSI Forums that was updated 3/28/15 - SHIP SIZE COMPARISON / SHIP SCALE (3.0) + Best of Community Ship Comparisons (Continuously Updated) + StarCitizen Artwork & Assets Collection Video ++ From CIG (vid below) Ship Status Page: Updated now with perma-link to a Imgur Album (will update there from here one) SPOILER [Leak] Note these are leaked images - On the Net - but not at the consent of CIG Spoiler Star Citizen Leakening - Comparisons High-resolution comparisons of most UEE and Vanduul ships present in the leak. Ships smaller than a certain size stop rendering once you get to far away from them, so the Hornet, Lightning and Blade do not show up despite being present in the line up.. Top-Down Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul Profile Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul Imitation Orthographic Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul This is my attempt to simulate an orthographic render by angling the tops of each ship more closely towards the camera. It's a poor imitation, but is slightly better for comparisons IMO. It has been said that the Pegasus can piggyback two Retaliators on the belly of the port-side hangar. SPOILER [Leak] Teller's awesome vid of Vanduul and UEE ships Spoiler
  2. So I was watching the live stream of the solar system development and I saw something that blew my mind and it really opened up the full size of the game. Don't misunderstand me, I knew it was big, I have been avidly involved since 2013 and I heard what they were saying, but when they mentioned some pictures showing the size of playable areas compared to a single crater on one of Star Citizens smallest moons being released in 3.0.... well lets just say I am not only in complete shock. So I figured I would share the pictures. As amazing as this is there are some things that I now see that need to be adjusted to the current state of the game. Tell me what everyone else thinks. In the end though this is one moon of a possible many orbiting one planet that is literally billions of miles from the star, as we are supposed to eventually have 100+ known systems this whole moon could literally be 1/100,000th and up (including playable space) of the total size of the game. And all but Daggerfall fit inside a single crater TOGETHER with plenty of room to spare between them. (Drop the mic) Star Citizen 3.0's smallest moon, compared to other popular games (added Fallout 3 and 4, fixed scale)
  3. So...what do you guys think about the new change which affects all ships? I like them personally as it allows more modularity. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/5287105/#Comment_5287105 "Hey guys, since we just had the first details of the new component sizes talked about in ATV today, just wanted to pop in and clarify a few things. Regarding the existing ship specs - The current plan is to retrofit things against the current size specs. We don't want to be removing power from any ships, just readjusting them to the new sizes. Regarding mix/match of different sizes - While we're still building out the multi-component systems, there will be some more logical restrictions as to what can be installed where. The current working design is components could only tier up/down by 1 class, and the classes are sized on a matching 4:1 ratio. For example, a Super Hornet currently supports a max of Size 4 shields. With the new system, the goal is to let pilots have the choice between 4 Light Shield Generators, allowing for some more flexibility in what each generator is tuned for, or a single Medium Shield Generator, which would lack the diversity of 4 Lights, but would be objectively more potent being a larger class of item. As this new system really starts to roll out, expect some more detailed posts to really dive into the how/why of this change, and also showcase just how flexible the customization options will become when it's all implemented." It really is going to cost a bloody fortune to completely outfit just one ship.
  4. This week-end SDCC gave us some interesting info: CR plans on having around 20 million AI agents around the PU, and players should account 10% of the population. And we know that the PU when fully released in the start should have around 150 systems. This means that those 150 systems should be able to support those 20 million agents, although we do not know if those are both ships, crew and planetside NPCs or just ships. Also it looks like he plans on supporting up to 2 million players in the beginning in the PU. We know that the core systems of the UEE will probably be more populated than the fringe systems and so on, so a bulk of those millions of agents will be traveling trough UEE and neighboring systems. This should generate a lot of ambient traffic with actual goals and not just randomly generated. I remember in Freelancer how I enjoyed hearing the local trade traffic chatting about their destination and so on, how it added some sense of life to the sectors. Knowing that it all will be there, and interconnected in the economy should help SC feel truly alive, especially in the more populated systems where everyone is busy doing their work. It also does say something about the PvE potential of the PU, seeing how we should see the emergent gameplay out of the day to day actives of AIs (traders, patrols and pirates and so on). Anyway I am very exited to the scope of the universe right now! :-D
  5. How big will this ship be? i haven't seen a comparison between this and say a Connie, how big can it be?
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