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  1. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Hmm, I can log in, but loading into Crusdaer just gives me a black screen. Arena Commander and Hangar kind of works but either with lag, or other buggy issues.
  2. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup, I'm not concierge and not a sub. But reason I got in though is probably because I used to submit quite a few bug reports back in the day as well as confirm some bug reports of others. NDA is lifted though so there are a few streamers that has been livestreaming it this morning. I watched a little bit but stopped so I can try it out myself. Downloading has been quite slow though. I think I will create a torrent though so that some of you guys can download it so long until you get access. Then do a quick incremental update to the latest version when you do. Or of someone else can do that who has it downloaded before me and link the torrent that'll be great.
  3. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Oh, what timing you have!
  4. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup, was just going to post this! For the record, I never got an email, but when I checked under my account I had the gold PTU option to copy my account over, and then got an email with the PTU password to login. Busy downloading the game now. About 38GB in total.
  5. Game Day, November 25th

    Ok guys, 3.0 is out on PTU and I have access to first wave!Who else does?
  6. Been thinking??

  7. Pokemon MMO

    I am playing now as well. ALways loved Pokemon games and looking forward to the new Unovo patch coming up. I want my Tepig!! I'm Pulsonic ingame, and my Gf is Kittena. Feel free to add. I'll need to trade Pokemons later for the evolutions so buddies are always needed.
  8. As amazing as that cityscape was, it was kind of the least amazing thing for me. That procedural animation, the new glass shader, seeing fauna ingame for the first time, the subsumption for the NPCs, the new Xi'an artwork and models as well as the langauge progression. Now there were a few things I did NOT like, such as the new Quantum travel look (Too much happening in the scene), the NOX jumping around as the guy was driving with it. But these are mostly non-issues that can easily change over time.
  9. Game Day, October 28th

    Why is that lately every Game Night I have something planned... I've been itching to join again. Hopefully end Nov 3.0 will be out and I would be smart enough not to have planned anything.
  10. Rib Steaks and Twisted Tea Butter Sauce

    When life gets me down I watch a BBQ Pitboys .com video
  11. I'm playing E:D on and off. It scratches a certain "itch" quite well, and it IS a beautiful game. I think for space exploration it's the only game out there right now that does it beautifully. SO let's give credit where credit is due. Having said that, having visited one Outpost station, ALL other Outpost stations are identical. The only differences are the name, missions and inventory. All planets of a type are the same, one might be bigger, closer to the sun, or have a ring around it. But if someone places you randomly on a planet, best you could do is figure out the type of planet you are on. So if you wish to "count" how many planets you've come across and "explored", then E:D would quite obviously win. In terms of "unique" content, SC will win hands down as they make every procedurally planet unique by throwing an artist and lore writer at it. And they don't even have to handcraft the entire planet. They just do the mayor landing zones, cities, outposts and some POI's unique and leave the rest as is. This is why they call it "procedurally assisted". So chances are very high if someone drops you on a random planet that you'd be able to figure out where you are by looking at the star, moons and any city or outpost you come across. Even playing E:D I sometimes just log into Star Citizen and walk around ArcCorp and sigh wistfully of the day I can actually start playing. Visit new moons, planets and start exploring with the new mechanics that are coming out. I remember Chris Roberts mention last year that if we really wanted to, we could play the game in only one system as there will be enough missions and variety to do so. a 100 systems is ALOT!
  12. I like the overall details and the quality of some of the footage. Personally though I am not fond of the "NewsRoom" style approach as it feels very mechanical and "samey" between episodes. I liked the more natural approach (looking at you Bryan) where it was more of a conversation. The "NewsRoom" style could better work if they did it in universe like they used to with Pete back in the days of Wingman's hangar, but then that wouldn't go so well with the individual studio reports.
  13. That is reason enough my friend. I can see the servers getting sorted to work like that eventually. It's feasible, but it's all new tech that needs to be figured out and built. Like Clive Johnson said, the real challenge maybe will be for servers to predict a sudden uptick when a 100 players somehow arrive at the same area at the same time. My thinking was that instead of statically located servers for each area of space, they have roaming servers that moves around big groups of people, ships and events.
  14. CIG - Balancing the Game in Alpha

    TBH I don't care too much of the state of the game while it's in Alpha. Once it gets late Beta / ready for Live then I can start expecting "balance" and features and insurance to matter.
  15. Star Citizen Nightbus

    It's totally some text-to-speech engine or such.