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  1. Happy Holidays @Imperium Member We’re returning from our hiatus with a brief announcement for this months Game Day, which will be held this next Saturday, December 15th! With the recent explosion of content in the form of patch 3.3, and even more patches in the near future providing exponentially more places and events to explore, we wanted to provide some assistance to those that were looking to enjoy the new additions to the game, but wished to do so with some friends and org-mates. Joining Game Day In pursuit of that goal, as mentioned above, this next Saturday will be the next Game Day, held from 1600 UTC to 0400 UTC. If you are interested in playing Star Citizen with other members of the community, join us on TeamSpeak in the Game Day channel section! If you’re looking to do something specific, such as explore the PU, shoot one another in Battle Royale, or get some flight hours in Arena Commander, follow these steps: Create a sub-channel in the relevant parent channel of the Game Day section of TS Include LFM, or LFG in the title of your sub-channel In the channels description provide an idea of what you’re looking to do Alternatively, you’re welcome to hang out and chat in the Landing Channel should you desire a break from the game! Some minor changes from the format of our last Game Days will be effective for this month. We’re going to omit having hosts present for each hour of the event, opting instead for staff to enjoy the game alongside all of you. We’re looking forward exploring the new content with everyone! With that, we hope to see some of you next weekend, and we wish all of you safe travels and happy holidays! We’ll be back next year with more events in store, so we hope to see you then! Read this post for information on the game and our Game Days:
  2. Hello Once More @Imperium Members! This month we’ll be continuing the format from last time! In case you missed it, here is the explanation of the changes and some new information related to how Game Days will operate in the near future: We wanted to improve the experience of Game Day overall and felt that with Star Citizen in its current state just doesn’t warrant the amount of effort that we had once been able to put into it. IE. Custom Scenarios, Hype Trailers, Streaming, Competitions. Eventually that will change again and we can get back to the game that we are so anxiously awaiting. Until that time we would like to keep Game Day’s focus as a team building event that gives us a regular time each month that we can set aside to play games as an org. You’ll notice at the top of this post there is a poll with several games as options. If you plan on taking part in this Game Day, please vote for your favorite choice from this list, and those that play in the chosen game will be added into a raffle! The poll will close on this next Friday, the 25th of May. You’ll still be free to join in with anyone else that would be playing Star Citizen, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of the games in the list. If you would like to suggest game to play together as an org on future Game Day’s please leave us suggestions in this thread and we will add them to the poll for the next event. We’ll also be shortening the duration of Game Day for this month. Instead of 1600 UTC through 0400 UTC, we’ll be starting at 1800 UTC and run to 0400 UTC. Joining Game Day For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on Teamspeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! Raffles As for most other Game Day’s, we will be providing raffles for participants that play games in Star Citizen. However, this month we will be only conducting a participation raffle, so if you join any Star Citizen games created by other Imperium members, you’ll be entered into the raffle! As mentioned above, we will also be conducting a participation raffle for the winning game from the poll. Said game will have several TS channels created for players to meet up and play together, and doing so will enter you into this second raffle as well! Since we are hosting two games at once, be sure to check in with an officer or specialist that your name was added to the raffle of the game you played in! (As much as we may pretend otherwise, our Game Day hosts are still human, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your chance to win free stuff) The prizes for both raffles will be $10 Star Citizen gift cards, and the winners of the raffles will be PM’d in the following week to confirm their prizes. New to Star Citizen? Read this post for information on the game and our Game Days:
  3. Hey guys, I just picked up a Steam Controller during the Steam Holiday Sale, and I was wondering if anyone has used a Steam Controller for Star Citizen? I'll probably want to stick with my HOTAS for Arena Commander (maybe?) but I was wondering if a gamepad-style controller (and the Steam Controller in particular) might work better during the first-person sections of Star Citizen (FPS combat, and simply running around planet/station-side before you get in your ship & fly off). Since I've never done dual-controllers before, is it hard to switch between a gamepad and HOTAS? Can you run both controller schemes simultaneously?
  4. Salutations @Imperium Member! We've finally managed to clean up after the last Game Day, and we're now ready to prepare for another one! If it was the case that you missed the last one, or somehow don't know what Game Day is; then don't worry, because we streamed most of it. @Rellim and @Pegasus truly did an amazing job setting up the stream with all the technicalities and what-not. @Sharpspoonful Did a great job shoutcasting during the stream and we look forward to many more streams with his beautiful voice and face at the forefront. We would also like to give a shoutout to our amazing camera crew @Weehamster, @GRIZZ and anyone who volunteered to stream their point of view for us to use, this wouldn't be possible without ya'll. Should there be any interest in helping out during the stream with shoutcasting, streaming or on a more technical level; then don't be afraid to contact any of us event coordinators. (Bloppo or Killroy) You can also take a look at this link and fill out the stream form and we'll be sure to contact you. http://imperium-studios.tk/ On to the new stuff! On the 25th of March, between 16:00 - 04:00 UTC, we will be hosting our 6th Game Day! This time we’ll be offering, as always; fun gameplay including custom game modes within Arena commander and Star Marine. These activities will also be streamed so you can show all your loved ones that you're having fun! We're sad to say that this Game Day is once again BYOB, but if you wish to change that for future events simply give money to Bloppo, he's trustworthy with your money. And as always; Joining Game Night For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com) , and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in, as we will be turning all footage we get into some excellent content, as you saw above! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in a Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend checking this link out: Thanks to everyone for reading all of this, we hope to see as many of you as possible for the upcoming Game Day!
  5. So as I was playing a little star marine, I was wondering how CIG is going to (or should if they haven't revealed it yet) balance security forces with outlaws. In lore, the Marines are supposed to be the very best in the UEE, able to clear any station with relative ease due to their prolific use of heavy weapons, outstanding soldiers, and nearly unlimited resources. How is this going to translate in game. I first assumed that they would have gear like the F8, unobtainable (or nearly impossible to obtain) by players. However, we can buy the marine weapons and their armor, so how will CIG make outlaw players' hearts tremble when they here the marines have arrived to clean up the mess. After reading their lore, what ships should the marines use on their own (we know they have some). Should they be entirely separate from the navy and focused on or should they be incorporated onto navy vessels. Should they fly sabres and hornets and a few f8s or should they have their own ships (or versions of ships. Lets here all of the opinions. (please answer my question though, I have been torn about that one).
  6. I made a new video for my thoughts on the changes to Star Marine in Alpha 2.6.1. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Some likes and subscriptions are nice too, if you are inclined.
  7. Happy New Years @Imperium Members! Hope all of you had an excellent holiday season, a fantastic end of the year (#FUCK2016), and wonderful morning that didn’t leave you too hungover! We’re back it again with another Game Day announcement, and per the usual, here’s a look at the times we had in December! Credit to our lovely editor @Switch: Even though the 2.5 servers ended up dying on Game Day, we still wanted to thank our Unit Volunteers, Alaris and Star Hawks, as well as all the other individual volunteers that offered their time in the days leading up the the 17th. Thank you all so much! And for any Unit Admins reading this, if you’re interested in helping out in future Game Days, be sure to contact @Fintz for a list of requirements. Now, with those last recorded memories of 2016 behind us, let’s welcome the new year with an incredible new Game Day! On the 28th of January, between 16:00 - 04:00 UTC, we will be hosting our 4th Game Day! This time we’ll be offering: Custom Events inside the 2.6 Persistent Universe Every hour several participants will be ran through a story driven mini-campaign run entirely by our Event Coordinators and OPFOR volunteers A casual Star Marine Tournament featuring both Team Based and Individual objectives Using a point-accumulation system that rewards activity throughout the day as well as victories against other teams, we’ll be able to host this quasi-tournament within the 12 hours of Game Day itself, without needing to spread across multiple days/weeks a standard bracket would require Game modes will be 4v4 Last Stand and 8 man FFA deathmatch Teams that are present on Game Day will be able to challenge one another, with the winner earning Victory Points: the team with the most points at the end of the day will be pronounced tournament victor If you want more details on the tournament itself, then please click on the forum thread link below, and feel free to ask any questions within this: After you’ve read through that thread, and would like to pre-sign your team up, then please fill out this google form: https://goo.gl/forms/QM8INAm21KRfbwCE2 And for the standard Game-Day announcement fare: Joining Game Night For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com) , and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action! If you want to make your own action, then all we ask is you use the following format when making your channels: Teamspeak Channel Arrangements will involve creation of temporary channels as parties are formed having the type of party (public or private) followed by how many members is the party consist of and along with notes looking something like this example of channel name: Public [6 Max] Twitch.tv/Imperium Public [LFM] Private [4 Max] See Description If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in, as we will be turning all footage we get into some excellent content, as you saw above! Raffles and Prizes As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter: Participation Raffle - by checking in with an host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered Vanduul Swarm Raffle - by attempting a Vanduul Swarm wave 18 run with at least 4 Imperium members, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Pirate Swarm Raffle - by attempting a Pirate Swarm wave 18 run with at least 4 Imperium members, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in a Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle There will also be prizes available to the victors of the 4v4 and FFA Elimination game modes in Star Marine All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards, and each winner of the tournament will receive Star Marine related hangar flair, and gloating rights over their fellow members! (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day) Newbie Info If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend checking this link out: Thanks for reading through this, and we hope that we can usher in the new year with our most successful Game Day yet!
  8. Donut

    Ongoing Discussion New Gamepad

    Just placed an order for one of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QE1XH8Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The Razer Orbweaver Chroma just wasn't doing it anymore unfortunately, mainly because of the amount of missing keys needed for Star Marine. The Delux T9 is a Chinese product, however there are quite a few decent reviews and every key is on there plus some for quality Star Marine and general SC use. If it's a good buy I'll update this post and give it a thumbs up for anyone else interested in it
  9. Hi guys so I've just posted up my first my first video about the awesome SC. It would be great to get some feedback for improvement, for future episodes (as well as a sub/like or two!). I know it is cheeky but feedback on here would be great but comments on YT would be awesome! I focus on Star Marine as it is realistically the big new addition to SC with 2.6.
  10. After a quick PTU update to test out a Live candidate, Star Citizen 2.6 has just gone to the LIVE servers, available to every backer with a game package! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//15653-Star-Citizen-Alpha-260 Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Patch notes Full 2.6.0 patch notes
  11. Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Emails have been sent out to 'public' first wave ptu participators. You are as of now able to copy your account and start patching. Video by me: Video by Hasgaha: Also, if you're on the PTU and want to try out spectrum org functions, join our 'fake' ptu org (or just create your own): https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/orgs/IMPERIUM/ Visit spectrum here: https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/spectrum Patch notes Full 2.6.0 patch notes 2.6.0i (current build) 2.6.0i - 488815 is now open to Wave 1 Testers & RSI Subscribers! Patch Notes PTU Site https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/comm-link//15644-Star-Citizen-Alpha-260i Spectrum https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/star-citizen-alpha-2-6-0i Feedback We will be collecting feedback from dedicated feedback posts on the PTU Website. Please be sure to use the correct section of the PTU Issue-Council. Star Citizen https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen Star Marine https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/community/issue-council/star-marine For the duration of this PTU we will be using Spectrum and not Discord for our communications https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/spectrum/ Screenshot album from me:
  12. It looks amazing and really polished. I'm shocked. Tried to stay away from spoilers but... Wow...
  13. Quick message from Will Leverett on reddit: source: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/5flh6t/260_and_spectrum_closed_testing_update/?st=iw414057&sh=a9f0bfba Hopefully a fresh batch of new evocati will help spur the builds into glory to be ready for wider ptu and live soon enough. 🥑
  14. The Stream: CIG is having a Star Marine LAN party tomorrow morning before the Anniversary Stream. Check it out at 1700 UTC https://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen
  15. 42nd Annual War Games between Crusader and Grim Hex. That thing that we all thought would never happen, might just be happening fairly soon.
  16. Shadows Lead to Oblivion BLOOD MOON Vanduul Hunters Squadron BLOOD MOON Squadron - Star Marine (SM)(FPS) Scheduled Events + Discoveries SM Schedule Events + Discoveries is a squadron-focused event calendar or times when we want to get together and accomplish a common goal in Star Marine (includes Sataball) (Note - it is not available to play yet). These threads will be supplemented by an Event Calendar later on once we get up and running (and regular play going on). This thread will be focused on (and everyone can post here to create events - just note what type of event it is): Monthly Large Planned Events (*these may eventually have their own thread - but post newly introduced ones here as well) Weekly Medium Planned Events (*these may eventually have their own thread - but post newly introduced ones here as well) Daily Play - Post whenever you are on and in SM (so others know to join you in TS and in-game) Post when you plan on join or start up a Tournament or E-sport Team (* Eventually this will be done through CITIZEN ARENA <<-- See link) Post important discoveries or new way of doing things (training) - If important enough elevate it to a communication with an appropriate Imperium Officer + Post when you are available to show people your new discovered tricks / tactics / strategies Anything else relative to Star Marine
  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/433nmb/original_systems_announces_star_marine_delay/ So as i'm sure many of you are aware, star marine is still being worked on and will eventually release when all the mechanics come online and can be tested(Refer to the most recent 10ftc found here). Seems one backer took the time to make an "Official Annoucement" from Original Systems, the in game "developer" of both Arena Commander and Star Marine, addressing the recent delay and concerns of their next anticipated title. Make sure you guys upvote the OP and give him your support on reddit. I got a good laugh with some of the digs he threw in there relating to he who shall not be named. **Disclaimer** Please refrain from derailing this topic about you know who...
  18. Sandi just mentioned on RTV that there will be a Next Great Star Marine (follow up of TNGS) Submissions due by end of January 2016 and will run about 3 months. Applicants will be asked to first design a UEE Marine Helmet then later asked to design a Titan Armor ============= Think this is awesome Get's the community re-engaged but won't pull CIG away from their development duties that much (should be easier than TNGS). Quote from INN -
  19. I don't know if you've seen yet or not, but the new update looks so much better than anything seen to date. The moodiness in the lighting and the crispness is just about tangible. For the first time I feel like climbing into the scenes. Vimeo won't embed, but the images link to their higher res versions. Greetings Citizens! This last week has flown by! We’re pleased to present the second weekly update of what went down with both Star Citizen 2.0 and Star Marine. The coolest news? SHIPS CAN NOW SPLIT IN TWO (or more!) Yes, the Tech Design and Code team have been working hard and getting this very exciting feature working in the engine and they’ve finally cracked it… so you will now be able to break ships up in to large chunks once you’ve dealt out some catastrophic damage! You can really go to town on your worst enemies and deliver irreparable damage to their ships, for instance, breaking up the Constellation in to four whole chunks. The system still needs more love to get it ready for release but in terms of the technical functionality we’ve definitely broken the back of it (excuse the pun!) Everyone has been polishing and bug fixing like crazy and we still have some content dropping in from various the departments including more fantastic sounding audio. Our dialogue specialist has been down at Pinewood Studios (of James Bond—and Privateer 2: The Darkening—fame) and SIDE UK to record more of the datalog audio pieces which are turning out to be a very fun piece of exploration gameplay in this release. We’re still having a good tussle with the EVA system to get that feeling good and ready but at least we are getting more joy from the ship systems in the AI behaviours. These AI will account for those new encounters and scenarios that the player will now be faced with in Crusader. For example, the map construction is balanced so that if player strays too far from the security of the UEE zones they that might find that they run in to trouble, or they might just get lucky – who knows!? The beauty of it is that it’s all systemic-based gameplay where each encounter has its own unique potential. What about the Star Marine-related portion of the release? With boots on the ground we’re seeing some noticeable improvements in the FPS reload animations, ADS and Stop-Start so we’re very pleased to that is all really taking shape, and not only are the characters feeling better, but the environments are too. The Environment team have been slogging away at various space stations in their final art stages, and the Covalex Shipping Hub has just had a full lighting pass so we’re sure it will really blow people away! Crusader as whole is feeling much more alive now with further iterations to the repair bots and the implementation of the background traffic simulation systems – this helps give a real buzz to the map with traders and UEE patrols zipping about all over the place! This is another of those first Star Citizen steps with this release, as the Universe starts to come alive piece-by-piece by building the systems that will organically produce the economies and communities for you to play in. Lastly, there’s some vast improvements coming in with the in-ship UI screen revamp in order to factor in all of the new Multicrew gameplay. The UI the team are really excited with how it’s all coming together, and any of you techie-types will love getting your hands on the first implementation of the new engineering screen that allows greater control over your ships power and shield systems. In addition, the new screen focus functionality will allow you to quickly and easily turn your attention to individual screens situated around your station. These UI screens needed much careful consideration because they will be what underpins this core system feature for years to come, and will allow us to build up more and more functionality as the bigger and BIGGER ships come online! Here’s a high level breakdown of action from the different departments… Gameplay and Engineering Ships will more accurately arrive to the end of AI splines Better handling of dynamic avoidance for ships that are following AI splines Improve escape behaviours when a ship’s hull gets heavily damaged Improvements for the missile usage of the ships Ships will be more accurate on avoiding obstacles Changed the relationship between character arms and the camera which improves ADS and shooting from hip Fixed up problems with the player jumping Cleaning up the pistol motion sets to be brought in line with the rifle Improved the handling of rag-dolling Quantum fuel now supported over a network game Added a collision test before the start of quantum travel – informs you of objects between you and the intended destination Support for discoverable quantum travel nav beacons Improvements/polish to the repair drone functionality Network optimisations UI Tweaks to Quantum Travel HUD Circles around points of interest Added Quantum Fuel consumption amount Added “Out of range” message if you are trying to make a jump that you don’t have enough fuel for Added Quantum Travel HUDs to most of the ships now First Iteration of the Mission Manager has been submitted 5 Screens for the Crusader map Basic implementation of the Engineering screens with Power, Shields, Overview, Minimised tabs submitted. (Requires testing) Engineering Screen polish Ship spawning implementation Mission manager improvements Listing completed missions Art Further iterations on the Cutlass, Retaliator and Constellation final steps of the pipeline. Final improvements to the environment art and FX. Animation More iterations on environmental interactions, EVA, FPSmovement and gunplay, Death and Hit Reactions, and “Fall and Play”. Audio Dialogue recording session for some additional lines and some re-records Began work on improvements to the ship audio Implementation of more music to improve the feel of the areas and ‘sell the scene’ Working on duress parameters to be applied to your ship under certain conditions Audio design to go alongside this as well Tweaking audio on FPS weapons and gadgets Expanding the variety of footsteps heard on surfaces Ongoing work to improve the atmospheric qualities of space stations Blockers Characters are missing interior sections of their helmets. Ballistic weapons can cause a crash and we have various other stability issues to fix up. The “Push and Pull” system seems to be conflicting with another control system because it’s currently catapulting the player in to deep spaaaaaaaaace! Particles seem to stop rendering in some gravitational areas, but not all! Needs further investigation! Looking Forward Whew, what a week! As you can see, we’re making a great deal of progress on what promises to be Star Citizen’s most exciting release to date. With today’s live release of Star Citizen Alpha 1.3, the PTUrelease of Alpha 2.0 is now our next goal! We can’t wait to let you explore (and if we’re honest, break!) the Mini PTU. The entire team is working as hard as possible to get it ready for backer testing. Please note that while our major focus this week was 2.0, next week’s update will include more details on Star Marine. [iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/143325075"][/iframe]
  20. OOOOoooooo.......... Time to retire Guild Wars 2 (and any other games you might be playing) Part of this week's --->> Star Marine Status Update - Roberts Space Industries
  21. *Heavy breathing* https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14973-Star-Marine-Status-Update I almost died when I read "This week's Star Marine Status Update is LIVE"...because I missed the "Status". Now I'm sad and happy at once. Anyway, it's so close...
  22. Life in a post-Big-merge world. Lobby Menu Loadout Screen Lobby Menu Loadout Screen Annotated Jason Hutchins, reporting for duty. My production partner at Illfonic, David, sums it up well this week. “For the most part, this week has been spent stabilizing game-dev and getting everything back in order there after the merge, which is still ongoing.” Across the company, people are working hard on stabilizing our development branch in order to get us back into the shape we were in for the release of 1.2.0. The unified development focus is a great thing, and necessary to carry us across the finish line. Nobody wants to play this module as much as I do. Well, maybe Tyler does. He just figured out how to double jump. Note to self: Talk to Todd and Tony about double jumping… Last week I said I hoped we’d be doing some playtests this week, and QA has been able to do just that! The next segment of Which Glitch promises to be a good one. It’s typical in these cases to find some missing assets, and once missing assets are restored to find that related code got clobbered. Each and every day is the dance of finding blockers, fixing blockers, and revealing the next blocker. I’m proud of what our team is accomplishing each and every day in our pursuit of bringing Star Marine to the masses. With that, let’s take it to the bullet points: Gameplay Engineering This week, there was plenty of work on the gameplay engineering side! We finished off code support for reloading while in cover and added a feature where a player’s item in hand will be placed back onto the body where it was pulled from. This is for holstering weapons, gadgets, and eventually looting or swapping equipment. Additionally, we added a hurt speed scale to all armor sets, which makes it so that designers can modify the speed of player movement when they are in an injured state on a per armor set basis. This way some armors may be very heavy, and slow you down more, or armor could give a power assist to slow the player or NPC down less. There was plenty of cleanup, too. We went through all the V7 loadouts/weapons/armor and then engineers removed references to old v5/v6 weapons/armor/loadouts. Next, we investigated other cover issues in which some interactions in prone are broken. Support was added for area shapes to HQ capture points, and we rapped up and handed off the Headquarters game mode to designers at Foundry 42 UK. We restored the necessary gadget xmld that didn’t survive the merge, and are now working on a list of other glitches related to the cover animation. Gemini LH86 Ballistic Pistol Gemini LH86 PBR Test There were plenty of plain old fixes this week, listed below: Fixed an issue with entering cover while ADS and ADS Firing. Fixed a crash when joining/ending a round due to a bug in GameObject extension cleanup and dependencies. Fixed allowed game rules for Gold Horizon. Fixed breath stabilization in prone. Fixed and cleaned up prone rolling. Fixed bone names to reflect new v7 rig. Fixed weapon accessory attach points. Animation New Iron Sights for the Gemini LH86 Ballistic Pistol Our animators were hard at work this week dealing with the new weapon rigs. They regretted and explored all weapon animations to the new rigs and then reskinned and exported all weapons.We’ve zeroed the sights on the weapons based on updated numbers from John Crewe and re-exported all the stocked and pistol animations. Fixes to mannequin errors caused by missing assets are done, and work is ongoing on Juke assets by an animation engineer. We also updated the pistol animation assets and the stocked animation sets with ADS and Hand IK bones this week, and troubleshot a number o fasset errors found in the editor. UI Gemini LH86 PBR Test In the attached screenshots, you can see that the Lobby and in-game load out screens have been implemented in the game using the new player character art by HVR. QA testing has revealed some minor issues, as noted on the screenshot. These issues won’t stop us from the initial releasing to PTU, and can be polished up later. The UI team also submitted code for the collision detection widget. A ‘press R to reload’ UI hint is ready and has flown off for code review. We also made a fix to the MedPack item, changing the keybindings for healing others so that it requires a hold. Audio Gemini LH86 PBR Test Audio engineers finished attaching sound to reloading animations (klick!) and they implemented the holster/draw foley audio for the shotgun (ker-woosh). Ongoing work includes teaming up with programmers to fix some issues with the mannequin which are preventing other weapon drawing animations to play, bullet and laser crackles and player hit UI feedback. We also expect to review injured/dying state audio early next week. And finally, audio ended the week working on grenade sound effects, which was blocked by some of the animation bugs earlier in the week. Network Engineering While the programmers in Austin are working on GIM, chat services, and overall network stability fixes we have engineers at BHVR, Turbulent, Wyrmbyte, and F42-UK setting up to test the backend services needed in order to send leaderboard data to the website, as well as platform package info to earn and spend REC on Star Marine equipment. This will determine what you can equip during Star Marine matches. Some backers will have access to some stretch goal weapons in Star Marine, though everything will be available for REC. This deserves its own post, and we’ll have more for you when we’re ready to launch to the PTU. Art/Weapons Light Marine Helmet Visor Line Art Sample Meanwhile, at Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Tobias and Todd are working on a couple of new ship’s weapons. In an effort to consolidate our weapon designs Tobias is looking at the way ship’s components are made so the look and feel of manufacturers that also make personal weapons is consistent and visually distinct. A Behr looks like a Behr, a Gemini like a Gemini, for example. We’ll cover that in another feature story at some point. Here’s an example of missing assets discovered after the merge, and during general clean up. Last week, we had an artist create some line art that designates the bounds of the interior helmet geometry. An example is attached so you see what I mean. A UI artist will use this to tell where they can place the various visor widgets in the UI: Radar, health, chat widget, etc. Some of the helmet views are more obstructed than others. This line art can also be colored to match helmet manufacturer color schemes, as needed. The art was done using the v6 rig, rather than v7. We then, in a fit of zealous asset clean up, removed all the v6 work that was no longer being referenced. Don’t worry, the assets aren’t gone as we aren’t destructive in our asset clean-up, it simply manifests in a bug where nobody has helmets, even though they are called for in the loadout. An honest mistake, and one easy to make when so many moving pieces are involved. All of the weapons will need their skin weights adjusted for the v7 rig, as well as the corresponding weapon rigs updated to zero out the sights at the proper ranges. Bryan is doing this on most of the weapons now (the LH86 and Devastator being the exceptions). Ze’ev is currently fixing the missing work on the LH86 (as shown in the screenshots this week, and Devastator 12 (shown in previous updates), and Bryan will get those adjusted once he is finished. What’s left for weapon art? Not a lot. Lee Amarakoon in Austin is working on new VFX for the laser sniper as of today. We’ll be reviewing and tweaking that next week. Ze’ev will start on the new smaller ADS gadget next week as well, as soon as the asset adjustments above are done. Conclusion That about does it for this week’s Star Marine report. I know that this still seems like a lot of work each week, but the absolute truth is that we’re getting these tasks knocked down and are moving ever-closer to our goal of getting the game in your hands. We are still dealing with the aftershocks of the code merge, but everyone on the team agrees that we can see everything coming together. Next week, we’re hoping to have a company-wide play test. The results will be valuable, and almost as importantly we’re eager to share our progress with the rest of CIG. First the whole of Cloud Imperium, then the world! P.S. We’ll leave you with a fun bug we discovered this week below. Presenting: The STAR MARINE LUNCH TRAY DISPENSER!
  23. The (Last) Big Merge Update Jason Hutchins, reporting for duty. It all went as planned! After the long weekend of manual merge conflict resolutions as well an enormous code review, we are now on a single dev stream this week! Great news for the overall project. As someone observed on the forums last week, this means the beginnings of persistence! While the merge is done, there are still many challenges waiting to be conquered. Every day we’re finding blockers, fixing them, and finding new blockers, but we have both the team and the tools necessary to persevere, and we’ll be getting into playtest games and iterating on assets in short order. You may have noticed that we rolled out a 1.2.1 patch to the PTU last night, the patch has bug and stability fixes for AC, and changes to the Generic Instance Manager. Our server team in Austin is merging that code into the dev stream today and will be cleaning that up next week. This will allow us to run more playtests in the near future. And now it’s time for… BULLET POINTS! (JH Edit: Don’t be sorry, DiscoLando, that is some high quality punsmanship right there.) (DL Edit: Ugh.) Gameplay On Thursday, the engineers at Illfonic were able to successfully play through a few rounds of the new Headquarters-style game mode which is progressing nicely. Capturing and destroying HQ points is a lot of fun, and the system is being reviewed by our game designers in Frankfurt who will assist with tweaking values such as point acquisition, capture time, spawn times, and more. “Headquarters” is not the final name, or even final design, of this game mode, but merely the convenient shorthand we’re using internally at this time. People that play popular modern shooters know what that means, and it has a nice quick abbreviation: HQ. Cover system progress continues, fixing up network syncing, remaining glitches, and transitioning it into the player’s moving state. These changes will be committed once other changes to the stream are made. Art Finished LH68 Gemini ballistic pistol art cleanup, added iron sights to it. Last week I promised that we’d have screenshots to share in week’s report. Other work has prevented this from happening, but check back next week for these images. Artists are switching over to game-dev and integrating the past several week’s worth of work into that stream. Weapons are almost all done and ready for reviews. Sniper VFX – will begin next week. A new gadget model for the Area Denial system is essentially an EMP claymore mine, and will also begin work next week. Line art for helmet interiors for the HUD is complete and handed off to the UI implementers so they can put the Visor widgets into their proper place. UI Engineers and artists are working on stream integration, and recently fixed up some data that was causing a widget not to display correctly. Fixed up a collision detection widget. This widget will be used in visors when you are in an EVA or ZeroG situation, and may have difficulty seeing an imminent collision with an object. Imagine you are strafing sideways and tracking an object: Your armor sensors are going to warn you just as it would were in a ship. Work on the HUD’s integrated chat widget continues, including additional Radar functionality. Engineers and Artists at BHVR are starting work on the interstitial Score Screens and LoadOut Lobbby screens for Star Marine this week. Animation Editing of the “no weapon set vaulting” and “mantling” mocap data is ongoing. Completed the re-targeting of pistol and stocked hit reactions from v4 to v7. Fixing mannequin errors in game-dev. Audio Designing the overpowering/discharge for the sniper rifle Grenade asset work, cooking, indicators, bounces, explosions. Iterating on weapon reload sounds, per weapon. Editing additional recording session materials for implementation into the game.
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