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    New Features
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    Parks & Recreation Outtake:
  7. Enterprise-D UE4 (Stage 9)

    What is Stage 9? The aim of the Stage 9 project is to recreate the sets used in Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on attention to detail. The eventual goal is to allow you to explore every part of the ship that you’ve seen on the show and interact with it. What rooms can I explore? I currently have the following rooms explorable in the latest version of the project. Nothing is finished yet though, the rooms will change over time. Main Bridge Ready Room Observation Lounge Ten Forward Battle Bridge Stage 9 corridor section Sickbay Dr Crushers’ Office Datas’ Quarters Holodeck Transporter Room Download Link: http://stage-9.co.uk/download/ Disclaimer: This is NOT my project, I just c&p the text from the website.
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    PSA: If you missed out on the sale and still want the ship: The upgrade option is still online.
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    Take care!
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    Welcome to Imperium, mate!
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    shameless triplepost inc..