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    martial arts, aviation, space, age of sail, feudal japan

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  1. PSA: If you missed out on the sale and still want the ship: The upgrade option is still online.
  2. Take care!
  3. Welcome to Imperium, mate!
  4. shameless triplepost inc..
  5. Heresy! There is only one true Imperator and his name is Gallitin!
  6. Welcome to Imperium, mate!
  7. Imperium represent!
  8. I have just a quick question: When they talk about the seasoning, SPG stands for salt, pepper, garlic?
  9. Back from Nice and already missing the sun.. : (

    1. Ostia


      It's a beautiful city! I'd love to go back again!

    2. Schatten


      It really is. Unfortunately I had to work the most time.