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  1. Drum

    New citizen

    Welcome to Star Citizen Base Dark0wnt.
  2. Drum


    If you are willing to hunt for a proper rock instead of burning the first one found, it can be lucrative. Here is my Best Rock. Well worth the 20 minutes or so to find it. - DRUM out
  3. Drum

    RSI Orion

    It is always worth hunting for specific rocks, even if it eats an additional 20 minutes or so. Here is a grand venture. - DRUM out
  4. Drum


    They do finally have the essence of mining in, but still in the baby steps. Lot to do yet, like culling inert materials, giving us more space rocks to eliminate hover issues, allow refining into ingots for better sales, bringing the Orion online, and on and on. BUT... It is there, so... Like mining, I see a lot of subdivision in salvage. Some will sell the raw junk. Some will break it down into marketable parts or resources, some will even use the chunks for repairs or even upgrades. Ships you can use, repair/slicing additions in your hangar, repair skills, and other factors will be getting built well after the ability to tractor up a chunk or two for sales. Every time they gain a little, it just shows how much further we have to go. Only way forward I can see is going to be several of these 'skills' or 'roles' being just past raw usage on release. It does not bother me in the least if they get refined after release. Better, actually, since it will keep new and cool things to do coming down the pipeline well after release. Everyone's wet dream, a game that stays interesting for longer than 40 hours. - DRUM out
  5. Wingman's Hangar. Those were the days. Miss our old Wing Nuts.
  6. To add to their hate mail, when CIG put in the overlarge hangars for the 890 in 3.6.2, they did not expand the restricted zone. Essence of that is the ship tries to auto correct away from the restricted zone it is in and scrapes itself to death on the walls. People are reporting it as a Hover Mode anomaly, so... Picture of current use for 'X'. Mining is tricky as hell with this helo mode. It can be done, but if they do not stop treating these ships like they have a prop on top and cannot point down a little at the bow, then they need more mine ready rocks in space (belts) or give us a pickax to beat the rocks up with. BTW – shout out for my best rock yet.
  7. Lot of effort put into that. I like the historic angle (then - now). That helicopters in space (VTOL) mechanic seems to have a love/hate following. I really thought they would do something with it before LIVE release, but since they did not, then I guess we will need to adapt or die. (hint: make use of F4 - using Z for a visual angle - when landing) I would be okay with it if they removed the mining laser from ship controls (aka: gimbal or turret control). There are just too many rocks you cannot reach if you are not allowed to tip your nose down a little (or hover in place and move the laser independent). Thanks for sharing, Narayan - DRUM out
  8. Author spent too much time as a youth watching spaghetti westerns. But he put it to good use with the limitations he had, game wise. Especially so with the twins. - DRUM out
  9. Any clue as to why? Typical stall tactic? Lack of funds? Lack of a case? Does it change anything other than possibly pushing it down the road? - DRUM out
  10. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    While I can agree, why anyone who would be injured by a spoiler is even looking at forum threads on GOT baffles me. No clickity click is the best method to not get spoiled, but whiners going to whine, so... - DRUM out
  11. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    Long, interesting story and many interacting arcs. It stays solid until they get into the producers discretion parts (beyond the written books), so I would say yeah, worth the trip. Here is the point -> it had to END somehow. No matter how that occurred, people would be displeased. - DRUM out
  12. So season 4 is on to Ilus. Scuttlebutt sounds like Real Soon Now (maybe in June?). They closed a lot of avenues off with their fast rush to end season 3. Not sure how they can drag the dropped segments and players back onto the stage they set. Hopefully they can figure it out. No problem, warts and all, Bring It On... - DRUM out
  13. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    All spoiler (or wannabe spoilers) below.
  14. Whatever ship you are most familiar with and like to fly. The A-18 landing zone can get tricky with some hangars. Best to have a ship you are familiar with. - DRUM out
  15. I think the new numbers have it so every ship can make the QT to ArcCorp now. If you find one that cannot, do not despair. HUR-L5 is a great half way point for that trip. Refuel and continue. - DRUM out
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