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  1. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Holding off as well. Just not that interested in the pew pew any more and will wait on the mining edition. - DRUM out
  2. LOLs thread

    Only a man would see babysitting and house cleaning as ONE job. It is efficient I suppose... manly.mp4
  3. Some excitement at Planetary Resources. Their second technology demonstrator has been delivered to the pad. The Arkyd-6. I got a grin when I saw them hand deliver it in a technician's car. Cutting edge stuff being designed by a bunch of excited young people. Love it. - DRUM out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_bhKJl_GHo They have also updated their main website. Worth a look if you have not been there in awhile. https://www.planetaryresources.com/
  4. LOLs thread

    Things are not always used in their intended manner. However, it usually goes in the other direction.
  5. I agree that this is a LOT of Alpha accounts. Amazing. As to a mentioned Beta Wipe, we have had this discussion before about wipe or no wipe. Everybody (developers included) always want to NOT do it, but it always comes down to cleaning bogus goods from the world due to exploits from bad coding, OP gear, or something along these lines. As long as Beta lives there will still be code changes and lets face it, some changes are way more intense than others from RSI/CIG. Best hope, in my mind, is during the last month or two before release they may feel there were not any major breakers and allow people to hang onto what they amassed. If I am wrong, then all can rejoice, but I am not convinced they won't do a major items cleaning before release (as most games end up doing in some manner). Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary. - DRUM out
  6. LOLs thread

    We have all seen signs from time to time that make us stop and say “Wait, Wut !?” Here are a few that you will make you wonder how and why.
  7. Who builds Sci-Fi genre models?

    You can make models for your own use, but I imagine they will sic some unfriendly legal folks onto you if you attempted to sell them. Doubt they are actively searching for copyright theft like Disney, NFL, etc, but sales of RSI ships would spread like ebola, and get back to them rather quickly. We (3D printer types) asked Chris specifically a hundred years ago, and it was mentioned that things made cannot be sold for profit (non-commercial personal trophy sort of endevours only). Direct from https://robertsspaceindustries.com/tos The creation and sale of merchandise based on the Game, the Website, any RSI Content, any RSI Fansite Content or any RSI Marks is expressly prohibited. Other parts also pertain, explaining copyright and trademark clauses, but all say the same same as the above segment. So, no Make Money Fast schemes riding on their coat-tails allowed.– DRUM out
  8. While I did enjoy this flic, and agree it was awesome, some of the critical reviews did hit on a truth. Mainly, if you did not KNOW the story of what is considered a niche film, then the whole plot was very vague and the movie was too long (drawn out was a popular theme). I don't think there is anyone alive who did not know the plot line of Blade Runner, but the point is valid. I also felt that two of the three 'short stories' should have been shown with the main movie to give more weight to the characters, (even the cartoon one could have helped explain the plot thread). They possibly were, but became directors cut floor fodder, since the show was already too long. Despite all that distraction, it was a stunning and really great show. I hope someone convinces them to do sideline shows in the Blade Runner world. Rise of the replicants, where did Wallace come from, and so on... - DRUM out
  9. LOLs thread

    If you know the history between these two, this is hilarious..
  10. This thread seems to have morphed from "what makes me a dick?” into game play methodology and expectations. You have been reading player/member opinions for 2 pages now @Squirrel. Nothing said was about policy, just a view or opinion of the author. Actual policy boils down to 'don't be a dick', and 'no piracy'. With so many members it is understood that beyond those two elements, there will be many varied methods utilized to enjoy the game. Some want the pew pew, some want wealth, some want to mine a rock. Probably a lot of other things also as the game comes together. You can mine a rock for an hour if you want to. Or kill vanduul with a couple of dozen others. Or anything in between. Up to you. All are welcome. - DRUM out
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. An astute question. A reasonable assumption could be made that populated planets will be 'Ask For A Landing Zone' only. Even in today's world you cannot legally land a plane anywhere you want to. Trouble arrives with a sparsely populated rock though. If you can land on the ground outside of the mission area (read populated part), then what happens when you skim the surface and approach the town? Mechanic to veer you off? Crash into an invisible force field? Warned, then shot down? Loss of control via a forced auto-pilot to land you? Only free landings on non-populated rocks? I can see people already, circling a restricted city area looking for a break in the code that allows entry, and believe me, if it can be broken into via hacks or lag, it will be. It hurts my head trying to see a reasonable solution. I expect a lot of thinking caps are zero'd onto this issue over at CIG. Whatever is done, will probably just give us another pile of Code Blocks to wait out. The planet stuff may well be the darling of the day, but people may be cussing Procedural Planets before it all done and delivered. Coming soon, to a screen near you → If It Wasn't For The Planets We Would Have Gotten This A Year Ago”. <Sigh>... Hopefully, they are smarter than me, and can see a path forward. - DRUM out
  13. Humans In Space – Water Of Life CIG teases us with some economic potentials to make money and I have just realized one that has been seriously underplayed. WATER. We have mining for Ore, but water should also be a huge commodity, especially for moons and non-planet based cultures and conglomerates. This was in fact driven home during the airing of The Expanse. Control of the water was a choke hold on all other commerce. We will need it to drink, make oxygen, industry, farming, etc. Transfers in a solid (frozen) state would have some benefits beyond not wasting energy to keep it in liquid form, but unless we are shifting a small asteroid sized chunk, would it be worthwhile? Could there be an economic value to filling a Starfarer with water instead of fuel (and a cheap method to keep it liquid) or an Orion with Ice Chunks instead of ore? In specific areas of the verse I suppose this could be true. It would require CIG to implement a water scarce market though. Regardless, a story line could be derived from a need for water, even if SC does not see the reality of it. We will see war on Earth for water rights in our lifetime, so it is not far fetched to see the same once out in the verse. It may get very weird out there. - DRUM out
  14. Hello fellow brothers and sisters

    Welcome @Rivod to Star Citizen Base and also Imperium. There is a forum site just for non-english conversations. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/forum/113-other-boards/ But I suspect you may not be represented in that list unless you speak multiple languages. Maybe we need to initiate another Category for your particular part of the Mediterranean. (Maybe @HR Officercan help) As for your English, looks great for a non english person (mine can be worse and it is MY language). Welcome again, and feel free to join any of the many conversations on SCB forums. - DRUM out
  15. Gamescom Info So Far

    Star Citizen delays are self inflicted, as anyone who has been watching for the last 4 to 5 years can testify. That said, I still am more than willing to wait it out, because I trust the Robert's Clan to deliver... Mission Creep began right from the start with funding goals. As the money rolled in and goals were achieved, the game got larger and more expansive which meant more resources and time. The funding goals stopped, but not the Mission Creep. As the various divisions of labor broke the mold on what had been done before and produced what could be done now, the new and improved game became the norm, which usually meant rewrite of existing code and rebuilding of assets. This is all exciting and acceptable for the end game, because the results will always be magnitudes better than what we had prior to the decision to delay and rewrite for the greater product. The downside is that the entire endeavor is pushed further down the calendar as code or method schemes become obsolete and require massive tweaks or rewrites. Latest OMG is the Planet Tech. It is probably the largest release block for S42 at this time. Following right behind the ship rebuilds, Items 2.0, new animations, subsumption, female character rewrites, etc, since you KNOW Chris will want to put the best and brightest code into his dream of Wing Commander Version 6 (or wherever it resides). Plus, the added immersion of planet-side missions, which was not even on the To-Do list a year ago. This became a rather long statement, but do not read it wrongly. This is an explanation asking for acceptance, not a rant. It is more an Epiphany of faith in the Robert's Clan to give us his dream that we have all been waiting to share. - DRUM out TL:DR Mission Creep Sucks But Makes For An Awesome Game (eventually).