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  1. Put on the default undersuit, then move over to Armor/Torso. Your rucksacks will show there. - DRUM out
  2. There is a rented Cutlass in the shop downstairs from the refinery UI. To make it profitable it is necessary to do more than one refine segment, since it only raises the value by 30-50% +/- and the twenty minutes is better spent mining another rock load than heading planet side. For reference, I am pretty sure the Cutlass cargo is double the nomad. A refining tip: Only refine the top leader ores. Bexalite, Loranite, etc. The lower cost ores just are not worth a SCU for the planet side run. - DRUM out
  3. Did you scroll down to the Prospector in Vehicle Loadout? The upgrade items only show on vehicles that can use them. There is no lag, you should be able to mount them on a supported ship as soon as you bought them. Only hold back is the active or unclaimed ships will be Read Only. Only stored ships can be modified. - DRUM out
  4. Just as an aside, this is typical Chris Roberts. Whenever he announced a new game, as followers, we made throat noises, because it meant we were fixing to upgrade our machines. He didn't compromise and pushed for the best resolution and performance currently available. i5, i7, i9, instead of 8080, 386, 486, but even as things change, they are the same. - DRUM out
  5. Mine pretty much sucked with an older graphics card like you show. I upgraded to a GTX 1080 (not the best but ...) I have had no further stutter problems since. I cannot respond your AMD chip as good/bad/indifferent, just what worked for me. I imagine that today you can get better than my 1080 for less money than I spent on it. - DRUM out
  6. Anything exciting and fun happening for you this year? Give it a shout out and let everyone share the joy. Happy New Year 2021 - DRUM out
  7. I have been going large (Cat etc) with the refinery loads and was curious what a smaller version would look like. So I filled a Freelancer with just Boarase, Bexalite, and Loranite. Total in ship was almost 198k, with approximately a third of that as refinery profit. 66k for a 20 minute trip ground side certainly makes it worth while. I lost count of how many 15-20 minute mining runs it took me to fill that Freelancer, because I only wanted high percentage runs of those 3 resources and just sold the ore if it was different or low percentage. It takes money to make money holds t
  8. Glad to see you on SCB, @Orion Pilot (and yes the money spent seems to accumulate over the years). If your name is any indication, you should be happy with the current build. Refining ore is what your Orion is going to be doing while you are off doing other things. Currently it is turning a 20k load into a 30k sale, but that is with a measly 32 SCU. I jumped into the refinery process with both feet, since a version of that will be built in for both the Starfarer/Gemini and the Orion. (minus the refinery fee). SO, welcome to Imperium and SCB. - DRUM out
  9. Anyone want to slip in here and give some advice? @Academy Officer @Tech Officer @Flight Instructor Thanks in advance. - DRUM out
  10. You may be having a misunderstanding about Star Citizen. It is not a game - yet. There is nothing to lose - yet. Patches may consume items gotten in game, but any purchased items that reside in your account hangar will always be there. So, if you own an Aurora, it will always be available. If you save up in game and buy a prospector, it could possibly disappear in a patch wipe. This is because you are looking at an open Alpha Test Bed. Even that is split up. Evocati, and subscriber in PTU and everyone in Live. The PTU (patch test bed) is where things go to be broken.
  11. Usual suspect --> most recent graphics driver update. This has caught me a few times since 2013. Meanwhile, would be helpful to see what you are working with. Run dxdiag and post the system and driver results. Someone here will be able to tell you what would give you the most help. - DRUM out
  12. Anyone with an Orion or Starfarer should be interested in this refinery stuff. Both of those ships will have an onboard refine option which will probably be a subset of what we have now for minerals and ores. Once you delve into it, an interesting thing is exposed. The entire process puts you into the old engineering caveat of GOOD FAST CHEAP - Pick Two. The pictures below will show you a bit of the process. Remember that this is version 0.0 of this, so it may get morphed into something else entire before it is all said and done. I went thru a simple process and showed each segm
  13. I was going to comment about necro threading, but maybe in this case it is for the good. I would imagine the T-shirts gotten 3 years ago are about ready for an upgrade, so have at it. - DRUM out
  14. Interesting attention to detail. They must have a lot of fun over there.
  15. The 3.12 brought us refinery. Turning mined ores and minerals into sales ready commodities. Linking some streams and such are welcome if you think they were well done, but I will start out with just some insights to what has been seen. Here is a trigger. High percentage Quaintanium, Bexalite, or Borase loads will give approximately 130,000 +/- value once refined. Some rocks are just worth looking for. You can refine more than one job, but for now the UI is broken such that you cannot split a job extraction. On top of that, it shows false values. I have sort of a feel for
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