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  1. Drum

    GameGlass, a new way of interacting with SC

    Looks like a probable hit for a lot of things. Myself, I have already set a gamepad, and also a HOTAS setup, for many of these things, but only use them occasionally (almost never – sigh), and rely on one screen and keyboard. This may change as more complex activity is released. Even in the current state, each new ship you bring out to fly is almost a meta-game in itself. The differences are real with many of them. Once game mechanics are involved with say, an Orion or a Starfarer, or any of the others with multiple work stations, then an additional screen may be on my desk unless I can get the gamepad up to speed for the various work screens needed to operate complex ships like these. Even so, curious how it does work for this and other games. For instance, would it assist in switching from flight, to foot, to vehicle? (This is one of the reasons my joystick is sitting in the corner collecting dust). Keep us informed. - DRUM out
  2. Drum

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    What they are desperate to do is remain in the room when all this is done and working. All they got left at this point is a foot jammed in the door. It boggles the mind when you start to imagine what people can and will do with this huge interlocking instance platform that Chris Roberts is pushing to accomplish. Imagine something like Mech-Warriors in this environment. When all is said and done, his Star Engine/Lumberyard platform will probably end up making tons more cash flow than Star Citizen. And CryTek really really wants to be in that room. - DRUM out
  3. Drum

    Base of Operations for People

    No one size fits all answer to that question. It will be an easier study for those with mini-fleets, since this will allow for off channel activities when not directly involved with an ongoing fleet action.. For those limited to one or two ships, decisions will have to be made. With the latest build it is easy to see that the Prospector is a local only ship. Since it cannot get across Stanton without several cooling off periods, it is reasonable to think one would leave it at a station near the belt or moon you are mining on. Any mineral transport may also require a cargo ship in that area to get the goodies somewhere that has a better price than the immediate area being mined to death. Even if the Prospector gear is buffed up and allows for more distance, the mind set is already established that this ship will stay near the loot. The same would be true for fighters/bombers/assault vehicles. Near the action, where ever that ends up being. Cargo ships will be putting on miles and won't necessarily be stored in one spot long, other than small profitable local runs with an Aurora or Kore type vessel for those days you lack time but still want to advance the efforts a little, I imagine if you get too far off the beaten track you will be dry running the large cargo types back to the main highways (assuming that is where the large money is of course) As far as Fleet Actions, again, whatever is being used for that will likely be stored near the action or on any station or moon or area we call home. There are deeper discussions of Fleet Activities in the Fleet section of the forum. Taxes//fees to keep ships in remote areas may change this entire scenario. There is too much we do not know yet to be making any concrete plans at this time. - DRUM out
  4. Drum

    Dune 2019 (movie)

    I still have a 6 tape box set of the Dune series that came out in VHS format. It is the only one that I have seen that did not take liberties and change things from the book. This sounds like a solid effort, but I have a concern. Even with a two movie effort, it may have to hurry things along to 'Get Er Done' in that time frame. - DRUM out
  5. Drum

    RSI Orion

    I have always been excited about the aspects of mining and the Orion has grown from original specs. It is now 225 times larger than the Prospector. These are no specs to relate the 32 scu of ores the Prospector pods hold to the amount on an Orion, but that size difference says it will be huge, even accounting for all the refining equipment installed eating space. You can theory a little looking at sizes. The dual double pod on the Prospector appears to be about half of a stack poking out of an Orion and Orion has 24 stacks. I get a tingle when consider a good load of rocks brings 3,000+ and then multiply that by 48. Plus the fact that the Orion is refining it, so inert materials (a large part of a Prospectors 32 scu) need not apply and refined ores have to be worth more -> which brings the loot bag to epic levels. Three times the cost to go from a rock hopper to a capitol ship seems cheap and you could even use it risk free by renting out the refining aspect to people that want a better sale than a pile of raw ore would bring. NOTE: I had always assumed you could divert inert materials out the backside of the Prospector (poor man's refining) and there is even a flap like door back there. Not happened yet, but would be a substantial improvement on load payouts, even if you had to hit several rocks to fill up the Prospector.
  6. More than just pretty moons. Got rocks where they belong. - DRUM out FirstRoid.mp4
  7. Drum

    MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    Finally some rocks that do not take an atmosphere entry to reach. - DRUM out FirstRoid.mp4
  8. Drum

    LOLs thread

    Weekend off. Dive day at the beach. Then life throws you a curve ball,
  9. You would have lost it all in the next wipe for a newer build anyway. You are attempting to make a game out of a test bed. The current purpose of the build we have is to find and figure out bugs. Testing for playability is a valid concern. Since you have located a problem area, entering your experience into the Issue Council Database is a path going forward. Full accounting, (plus pictures if available), will help them resolve the problems. Sorry for your troubles, but trying to 'win' on a test bed will never end well. - DRUM out Issue council link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council
  10. Drum

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    A 6 year selling history? Big clue for mitigation of blame. Should make you wonder if his buying of the account was phase one of the scam and nothing to do with thee actual theft. Sounds like he was selling what HE thought was a valid purchase. See how it all falls out, but don't be too surprised if this guy ends up sitting on your side of the table when it is all done. - DRUM out
  11. Drum

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    Rule of thumb where money is involved and emails arrive is to ignore the email and log onto the site where the money is and see what is going on. If there IS something going on you will get flagged with the appropriate messages. If there IS NOT anything going on – someone tried to gather your password using a phishing email. Best to then let the account know of the phishing attempt and change password (if you think you have been compromised), the usual nervous nelly stuff. I am always getting Important Alerts from banks I do not belong to, so even when they do guess the right bank now and again, I ignore the message and go to check the account. Stay alert. - DRUM out
  12. Drum

    A'care Mining and Reclamation

    Unsure of how many Imperium members are role players, but I am sure some will go that route. I am assuming you have read the into, since you are in the proper forum segment. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/9423-to-foreign-dignitaries/ Affiliation is a bit generalized, but any questions that arise can be steered to the proper people for official answers. Welcome to SCB (Star Citizen Base). - DRUM out
  13. Drum

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    LOL. I heard nothing the first viewing. I was eyeballing that Sq42 segment and all I heard was blah blah blah. Really liked what I saw. What I heard though, on the second viewing (listening), is nothing going on here, move along. - DRUM out edit: wondering what the response is if you ask the equipment guy for the last selection? "Pulse Plasma Rifle In The 40 Watt Range" Could it be? -> Just what you see, pal.
  14. Drum

    What to do in the hanger?

    Little blue dots throughout lounge area and against the walls for putting fishtank, bar, trophy, and other knickknacks. Blue dots on the large open stage are for the various size ships. From entry is goes into small medium large as you move into room. Interact using F. Also, beyond the universe with the beginnings of trade, mining, mission and combat actions - there is a free flight SIM, which allows for practice flight in a small sector, combat against NPC foes, and even the race tracks. Added the Star Marine section for head to head combat (pretty sure that comes with the 42 addition). - DRUM 0ut
  15. Drum

    LOLs thread

    Had me rolling. Poor display of a legitimate paradigm.