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  1. LOLs thread

    Had me rolling. Poor display of a legitimate paradigm.
  2. 3.2 LIVE Pictures

    As important as that sounds, I have no idea what would be involved for it to be an 'Org Sponsored Screenshot'. - DRUM out
  3. 3.2 LIVE Pictures

    Thought to take some screen saves for new desktop background. Got one I liked and called it SUNRISE. It is Yela, right at the terminator.
  4. Fake GlassDoor Review for CIG exposed

    True or false, it has the same results - nothing... No idea what the goal was but in the overall big picture, what did they hope to gain other than notoriety? It has the same effect as the DS head banging has the last few years. Nothing is different than before this was released. - DRUM out
  5. Alpha 3.2 is LIVE

    Actually counterproductive. Initial heating requires you to be close, danger close. So strafe in (key 2) to get to where the node heats up. Your first reaction should be to tap on back strafe (key 3) to get some distance while maintaining a heat buildup. Once about 100 away, then you can start using the mouse wheel to lower power and waving the beam off the rock momentarily to slow things down when it wants to over heat. So if I am bursting a rock at 100+ away, this is safe. But most rocks will never Start to heat up unless I am much closer. Here are other tips - Look upper right in the pilot window and push shields to favor the front. I also look Down on the rock. Since they star burst, you do not want to be on their level. Misses you when higher (mostly) - DRUM out
  6. Well, this thread has been ambushed, but it is still in the same church, we just switched pews. Not overly worried about SC doing well, at least in the beginning. The reason why is the diversity of niche game-play. I have been in a few games where multiple end goals were apparent, and the trick seems to be making them dependent on each other in some manner. (always thought SWG integrated multiple roles well and had a place for everyone). For instance, people have different goals while playing. But if you like houses, you have to support craftsmen. If like the trades, then need to support gathering. If like gathering then need to support armor and weapons. If like armor and weapons then back to the craftsmen. And woven between and under each aspect are multiple sub-genre of style and substance. You get the idea. Several completely different game styles can evolve, but all need each other. Usually coming together within a guild or corporation entity. People supply. People protect. People make. People even thrive in the actions needed to hold it all together and organize interactions. Star Citizen has plenty of niches. And this falls into your argument about being too complex. The answer is you do not have to learn it ALL to enjoy playing your style. I was a huge crafter in SWG (weapons armor housing expendables, you name it I made it) and yet hardly ever carried a weapon or donned armor. It wasn't needed, as I could maintain a good supplier (by supplying them in turn with their needful things), or find the right vendor for materials. I see SC going this same route. And even people who shun the high risk/reward venues early on can and will adapt their play styles to embrace them later (when they feel more comfortable with the complex controls or UI or build confidence with security). This gang of 50 (thought the notes said 64 ?) fits into this same logic. I really think there are people who will hardly ever leave the arena sims (both on ships or afoot), and if they can have massive shootouts in there, then the attraction would be real. There will be people who do nothing but trade runs, or mining, or salvage, or escorts, or whatever. Even now, without a lot being fleshed out, there is a dizzy array of niche roles available. Think about the multitude of roles inside one of the massive ships. From a seven man Orion, to the huge population inside a Javelin or Pegasus , even the holy grail of a Bangal. If they can indeed accomplish this large instance binding while abutting another, (or many), similar instances, it will be more complex than any game I ever played. While at the same time I do not have to worry about how to accomplish all that and just focus on the fragment or role I carved out for myself within this grouping. It is going to be a wild ride and I am staying a fanboy of Chris and his crew. I really think if anyone can pull this off, it is them. - DRUM out
  7. The Avenger AD video got me laughing. Just Wanted Some Peace And Quiet !? Great line. - DRUM out
  8. Remember the discussions about interaction within instances bordering each other. I am sure they are working towards an updated and working version of that concept.
  9. 3.2 PTU released

    For those waiting, I do not think it will be much longer before it is Open PTU. They are on version M and I am not really seeing a lot of deal breakers left. Some problems called out are self inflicted, like not dumping USER data to clear out the garbage. They tell you right off – if things look or act weird after patching – dump the USER. To be fair – I went to the third patch before I got smart, so... AND way too many people think others should read the patch notes for them. Not as bad a a steam early access release, but a close cousin, heh heh. Anyway... Things are looking good. Can't wait to see it pushed LIVE and bring people back to the fold here at Imperium. - DRUM out
  10. 3.2 PTU released

    Ayup but no need. I get at least a 30 minute playtime before it stops updating things and shuts everybody down. So the reclaimed ship is always there waiting and if not yeah - pay the remaining time uec. Agree to smoothness, but it is binary. Either awesome sauce or relog. I am seeing it as time related. In non-peak hours (USA related) it seems to hold together better, so maybe just the servers being pushed, which is a good thing since they can see this and react to it before LIVE.
  11. 3.2 PTU released

    Don't be too upset if not on ptu yet. Seems like 1 our of 6 attempts actually lasts long enough to do something and come home. Still a lot of fun (when it works) but it tests your spirit a bit. Has a rhythm to it. Crash out and relog - do a 30 minute reclaim on lost ship - crash on ship 2 and the reclaimed prospector is back and ready to go. Lather, rinse, repeat heh heh.. - DRUM out
  12. MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    So this happened... EDIT: the SCAN determines junk versus mineral, so avoid the 3.5% ones lol. Here was a 27%
  13. MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    So yeah. Got Rocks !?
  14. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Resource optimization is always going to be looked at as the silver bullet for gameplay, even though in some cases it will, at BEST, just allow you to load the program and look around (yeah laptops, I am looking at you). I recently upgraded my CPU and went from barely playable to awesome sauce (750ti to ASUS for the win). This was with no programming fixes, and proves my point that optimization, while grand, is not ever going to be the silver bullet people want it to be. For the true silver bullet, you will need to get the hottest and bestest CPU you can afford. Sad to announce, but with his envelope pushing programming style, this has always been a Roberts trademark,. Roberts New Game = You New CPU. If the game is unplayable in the current format, doing container magic and dynamic network binds is probably not going to help you. The optimistic approach to goals CIG pumps out do not help with issues like this, but people will never really want to watch the sausage being made, no matter how enthusiastic they say they are about it. - DRUM out
  15. LOLs thread

    Outdoor funny.