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  1. Drum


    Make an effort to not break the existing laws and/or pay your fines. Is turning in the gems to reduce time what you refer to as merit system? All the try hards at PO plinking the freighters and miners are getting crime stats now, so I imagine they are not enjoying it. How did you get put into jail? - DRUM out
  2. Seems silly, attempting to produce sales by giving away a free digital paint job. (aka: pretty pixels) But it is working. So what do I know about sales. - DRUM out
  3. The 3.11 plus has randomized all the various rocks, which put my mineral database into the toilet. The plus is you can get about anything anywhere, so the searches can be very fruitful with a 20k to 50k plus run the new normal if willing to search. Even including Gems on space rocks you can EVA to. Awesome sauce. - DRUM out (note: Just because I could, I have included a picture of Crusader just to show how CIG put detail in where there was not really a need. Nobody was ever going to get close enough to Crusader for any reason, so just for the cool factor and it was..)
  4. Welcome aboard. Good that you like mining since it has become an excellent money maker and is only going to improve next big patch with refining. If you look above my icon you will see it says DRUM @RSI. That happens to be the name you would see for me in-game. If your name is different in-game than out, it will help people to find you if you tell them your @RSI name. This is done in your profile by editing the Member Title selection. Not really necessary, but will help with people populating you into their friends listing. Again --> welcome to SCB.. - DRUM out
  5. Thought I was done with new ships, but I was never really happy with the Kore, so..... Upgraded it to a Nomad for 4 times the SCU (6 to 24) plus real guns and missiles. Cost was five bucks. It is a long hauler (700+ QT fuel), very fast, good pickup, and best of all the view. I usually take the LN to new spots because you can see below and all around. Makes figuring out a new landing zone easy. I will be taking the Nomad to new spots now. - DRUM out EDIT: Here is the expo schedule location if you have not seen it yet. https://robertsspaceindustries.
  6. That makes more sense than on the plains. Even with Pembroke armor you have about 20-30 minutes on the cold moons and these buggy's are open air. - DRUM out
  7. In other funny news: Guards don't stop you from dragging a citizen to your ship for those long hauls. - DRUM out drag.mp4
  8. That account can be had for $45 directly from CIG ? Why would it be worth three times that just a few months later? Am I missing something? Not judging, merely wondering what your logic is regarding the current value - DRUM out
  9. Ever since Dr. Tyson killed Pluto, he has become a bit reclusive. Use to see him all the time but he got tired of the nagging I suppose, - DRUM out
  10. Some assistance on the SC forum. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/51473/thread/download-error Old link but valid things to look at. - DRUM out
  11. Drum

    Agro Mole

    Yes. Lot more rocks to select. Moons still seem to have more available nodes, but as always, worth looking for a good one. I find the mole tedious, even if can come home with x3 the loot. Prospector allows you to fly, hover, mine, etc a lot easier. That triple haul though, makes it worth while to take a miner and pilot crew. I have not found any rocks that needed all 3 mine attachments, but I imagine there will be some sooner or later. Your ship, your choice. Here is a rock I just cleared with a Prospector:
  12. Space Rocks in 3.11 are paying off. Same story as on moon's though, got to hunt a good one.
  13. Just like the old days, deja vu all over again. Whenever Chris announced a new game, everyone groaned, since we knew it was going to require an upgrade. - DRUM out
  14. Star Citizen is represented here, but it amazed me how many other ships I recognized. (all but about 3 or 4 actually). Dude is a player. This was a crap ton of work to assemble all these from so many different mediums. Javelin is the same size as the MCRN Donnager. Who knew? Thought it was over a few times but the darn ships keep on getting bigger. - DRUM out
  15. You can do an @ members and touch everyone with a disclaimer that it is only for admins? No one left behind if they are still active in any manner. And if they are being slack on activity, one of the Unit members can wake them up? - DRUM out
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