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  1. 3.15 brought the goodies and there was more nuance than I expected. A Multi-tool attachment (which I like because I can carry that and customize between tractor beam or medicine). And a stand alone applicator Medical Device called a ParaMed. The nuance comes with dosages for pain, concussions, paralyzed, respiratory problems, and even overdose. Initial problems with self administrating, but they were resolved. You get dropped, you then have the option (M key) to make a job offer to come and sort you out. The hope is they will come and fix you up instead of you paying them to come kill you and loot your corpse (now available with the new inventory patch). Pesky details... Here are some descriptions. - DRUM out (edit: got the two devices tagged backwards - sorry.)
  2. Says 8 workers, who double duty as vendors in the 8 shops when landed. I will probably have a NPC crew for this thing. No player is going to want to be a vendor, just sayin... I have no idea what they will be selling. A lot of something. - DRUM out
  3. Easy explanation, it was necessary to allow it to reside in a hangar. Without that is was planet side landing or huge pad only. Here is the new inside layout
  4. Step one is to delete your User folder to get rid of any trash left over from a previous patch (as per CIG). Myself, I only had that happening a lot when I was running many other programs in the back ground. If you watch your memory you will see if this is your issue as well. The game wants a clean 8g and if it is hunting for scraps it tends to boggle. I have 16g and one solution is to double my memory, but just closing the other stuff works for now. - DRUM out edit: Remembered this also occurred when I had that bed log out bug. That happened when I bed logged and the game refused to fully load. One fix mentioned was a reset on account page but that resets way too much in my opinion, so I just kept retrying and it finally pushed into the game. - DRUM
  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Drum


      Hubba Hubba

  6. Whenever ships pop up at half price it raises concerns. Hope it all ends well. - DRUM out
  7. You have had this for one day and want to remove it?
  8. Yep, that 750k altitude is a drag. Best advice is to grab the fastest ship you got and boom it out. On my second attempt I used a 350r, and it really flashed those numbers.- DRUM out
  9. Examine your memory. I have noticed that until almost 8g is allocated to Star Citizen it remains in Loading. If you have a lot of side things running and it cannot get to 8g, it will never finish no matter how long you sit there. I have proven this by loading things just to prevent a full 8g available and it does indeed break the game. Maybe yes, maybe no - but it does matter so it is worth examining. - DRUM out
  10. Welcome to the forum. It is indeed kicking up some. Current live allows for Huge ship landings. Interesting method used for when there is no pad. One tip. If you watch your memory management you will get an idea of when it will stop the Loading Loading Loading screen. When SC has filled around 8Gb of memory, it will finally land you where you logged off at. If your internet is slow, or you do not have 8Gb above things already running, you will be disappointed a lot. I learned to turn off a lot of things I usually have running in the background while gaming, before I load Star Citizen. Happy Trails - DRUM out.
  11. I have been hunting the new PTU for medic serums and a multi-tool attachment, but just finding the usual so far. The Orison hospital looks like the place to be and you can see the goodies. Just no interaction (sigh). - DRUM out
  12. I also suspect one is warbond and one is not, but do not know that for a fact. Just my thoughts since that is usually how they sell ships. - DRUM out
  13. Not sure what you are asking, but here goes... An LTI P72 Archimedes (35 usd) would convert to a CARRACK (600 usd) as follows (note that the LTI seems to follow the upgrades) - DRUM out
  14. The latest Calling All Devs is essentially introducing the Medic as a profession, complete with supporting hand tools. Huge step up from just owning a Cutlass Red. We are going to need bigger backpacks. - DRUM out
  15. I had thought to eliminate my Nomad or maybe even the Hull B for a Railen, but for the money it would cost it seemed less than a bargain. Then I remembered my alien fighter. I have a Khartu-al for no reason I can remember other than the cool factor, especially since I am Trade/Industry not Combat. SO, I imagine the cool factor wore off (and it was quite expensive at the time). I upgraded to the Railen for 55 buck and maintained the LTI from the Khartu-al. (melting a LTI ship for credits is never a good idea since you can always upgrade it into something else, as done here). More than a cool factor this time – it has some serious weapons for a mere cargo hauler and is rated for long hauls. Only pause was the 4 man crew, but that will resolve itself, plus it was stated you could blade the guns to the pilot in need. - DRUM out
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