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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. An astute question. A reasonable assumption could be made that populated planets will be 'Ask For A Landing Zone' only. Even in today's world you cannot legally land a plane anywhere you want to. Trouble arrives with a sparsely populated rock though. If you can land on the ground outside of the mission area (read populated part), then what happens when you skim the surface and approach the town? Mechanic to veer you off? Crash into an invisible force field? Warned, then shot down? Loss of control via a forced auto-pilot to land you? Only free landings on non-populated rocks? I can see people already, circling a restricted city area looking for a break in the code that allows entry, and believe me, if it can be broken into via hacks or lag, it will be. It hurts my head trying to see a reasonable solution. I expect a lot of thinking caps are zero'd onto this issue over at CIG. Whatever is done, will probably just give us another pile of Code Blocks to wait out. The planet stuff may well be the darling of the day, but people may be cussing Procedural Planets before it all done and delivered. Coming soon, to a screen near you → If It Wasn't For The Planets We Would Have Gotten This A Year Ago”. <Sigh>... Hopefully, they are smarter than me, and can see a path forward. - DRUM out
  3. Humans In Space – Water Of Life CIG teases us with some economic potentials to make money and I have just realized one that has been seriously underplayed. WATER. We have mining for Ore, but water should also be a huge commodity, especially for moons and non-planet based cultures and conglomerates. This was in fact driven home during the airing of The Expanse. Control of the water was a choke hold on all other commerce. We will need it to drink, make oxygen, industry, farming, etc. Transfers in a solid (frozen) state would have some benefits beyond not wasting energy to keep it in liquid form, but unless we are shifting a small asteroid sized chunk, would it be worthwhile? Could there be an economic value to filling a Starfarer with water instead of fuel (and a cheap method to keep it liquid) or an Orion with Ice Chunks instead of ore? In specific areas of the verse I suppose this could be true. It would require CIG to implement a water scarce market though. Regardless, a story line could be derived from a need for water, even if SC does not see the reality of it. We will see war on Earth for water rights in our lifetime, so it is not far fetched to see the same once out in the verse. It may get very weird out there. - DRUM out
  4. Welcome @Rivod to Star Citizen Base and also Imperium. There is a forum site just for non-english conversations. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/forum/113-other-boards/ But I suspect you may not be represented in that list unless you speak multiple languages. Maybe we need to initiate another Category for your particular part of the Mediterranean. (Maybe @HR Officercan help) As for your English, looks great for a non english person (mine can be worse and it is MY language). Welcome again, and feel free to join any of the many conversations on SCB forums. - DRUM out
  5. Star Citizen delays are self inflicted, as anyone who has been watching for the last 4 to 5 years can testify. That said, I still am more than willing to wait it out, because I trust the Robert's Clan to deliver... Mission Creep began right from the start with funding goals. As the money rolled in and goals were achieved, the game got larger and more expansive which meant more resources and time. The funding goals stopped, but not the Mission Creep. As the various divisions of labor broke the mold on what had been done before and produced what could be done now, the new and improved game became the norm, which usually meant rewrite of existing code and rebuilding of assets. This is all exciting and acceptable for the end game, because the results will always be magnitudes better than what we had prior to the decision to delay and rewrite for the greater product. The downside is that the entire endeavor is pushed further down the calendar as code or method schemes become obsolete and require massive tweaks or rewrites. Latest OMG is the Planet Tech. It is probably the largest release block for S42 at this time. Following right behind the ship rebuilds, Items 2.0, new animations, subsumption, female character rewrites, etc, since you KNOW Chris will want to put the best and brightest code into his dream of Wing Commander Version 6 (or wherever it resides). Plus, the added immersion of planet-side missions, which was not even on the To-Do list a year ago. This became a rather long statement, but do not read it wrongly. This is an explanation asking for acceptance, not a rant. It is more an Epiphany of faith in the Robert's Clan to give us his dream that we have all been waiting to share. - DRUM out TL:DR Mission Creep Sucks But Makes For An Awesome Game (eventually).
  6. Felt like I just peed a little bit. - DRUM out
  7. Claiming ownership of 'found' things is and always has been questionable. If find some 'item' like a bag of loot or something else of high value, the police will make a best effort to find a possible owner. If after a select time no one claims it and no official report indicates it was stolen, then it can become Yours by filing the proper forms. Even the dug up items as you mentioned are in jeopardy at times. A lot of 'heritage' items are constantly being returned to the tribes or clans that can prove historical ownership. The British were poster children for bringing things home and claiming ownership. Now and again someone gets serious and they have to return things to the proper historical ancestors. CIG has opened a can of worms with persistent ownership, as they are probably aware by now. We touched on this elsewhere with the question of how exactly does one steal a ship if the owner has not given you authority to fly it (station permissions). It will all get worked out, but I expect to see a lot of exploits before it is all said and done.- DRUM out
  8. Something that has been kicked around since it was first mentioned, and makes the whole pirate concept a bit sticky, deserves a little thought here. No idea if it is even a valid point, but here goes. Your 2 players have successfully decommissioned the foolish attempt to solo a multi-crew ship. Up to then it maybe sounds viable. Now the sticky part come into play. The culprits have no authority to open doors, unlock the guns, manage stations, much less fly the darn thing. Best they could try is to manually unload some cargo and pilfer supplies or ship components (if can open the component maintenance panels or shift cargo without authority). Almost all of the current Pirate scenarios blow right past how hard (or if even possible) it will be to illegally fly a ship without permissions once these authorities are implemented (coming soon to a screen near you). All CIG has mentioned is some teaser about how it would be possible to mangle a locked door in some manner to enter a ship when the owner had not given you door control. No clues dropped as to the next step, since blowing a hole in anything in the cockpit is not going to make flying it any easier. I can assume here that whatever it takes to wrest control from an unwilling ship authority will require hardware or some other item to bypass or confuse. I will assume further that this Needful Thing is not going to be sold at the local Ace Hardware or Dumpster Dan's. I am willing to bet even CIG has not given this entire 'authority permission' thing enough thought beyond 'ayup, we need lockable doors'. Anyone heard more on this somewhere? - DRUM out
  9. While on the crew size subject, didn't it use to have a crew of 7 ? New CIG matrix overhaul now says it is crew of 6. Can probably have lots more than that on board for training etc I suppose. If have to secure for mobility you could always use the beds for some and stations for others. Logging would be the only issue with packing crews for training runs. - DRUM out
  10. Resume for your Media Team @Rellim ?? I agree though, that a few lines of text from @destra would have given it some meaning. (I still like the OLD unit icons, but that is another thread for another day LOL) and Donut answered the only obvious question...- DRUM out
  11. PetNames versus Sticks and Stones indeed (OR how to prove something just by saying it).. Great laugh @zerkerz Here is one that everyone can relate to... - DRUM out
  12. There will be a Pilot in the seat at all times. Both to shift location on demand and to rapidly back off and get clear if the mining burn goes sideways or ignites a gas pocket. Not see any scenario where the Pilot could miss incoming unless he/she was a planted ringer. Would be amusing also if the Load Master was capable enough to use the Tractor Beams to flick rocks at anyone attempting an EVA. Or point the laser at them and KABOB them. I had a scenario somewhere here that mentioned having a Fighter Crew. The main concern was if they would have time to EVA to their fighter if someone came along to mess with them. If time permits them to drop what doing and EVA , then having 4 or 5 of the 'miners' with fighters parked on the backside of a nearby rock (to avoid all the mining debris) would be ideal. Since they are essentially 'cold', the other guys may be in for one hell of a surprise when the crewmen tool up their fighters and demand to know the intentions of the incoming elements... - DRUM out
  13. In the forthcoming 3.0 limited version of things, maybe a viable idea. Later on not so much (see below). Always worthwhile to theory craft, but I am not convinced Pirates are going to be interested in a double handful of rock chunks and debris beyond the limited activities builds (alpha versions).. If Pirates did indeed go after a miner, I would expect it to be territorial denial so guildies or friends could utilize the resources, and they would be more interested in just driving you off. Even if it was a loot pinata event, it would be for (large value) smaller items like ship components, ammo, missiles, and related items easy to carry off, not a ton or so of rocks that would be hard to gather and haul. Just the time involved to find, gather and return to your ship with an ore chunk diminishes its value overall. While having fun theory crafting though, imagine this. Littering the path behind you with rocks and debris to slow down any stern pursuit. Something like an Orion could lay a mini-belt of rock behind it if you could manage to toss rocks while in motion. Leave them zigging and zagging while you spool up to truck away. - DRUM out
  14. Okay so this is essentially an expanded version of our recruitment poster/page? I was thinking it was another huge upgrade to our SCB (forums) here. New is not always better, as Spectrum showed me. Lots better in the bells and whistles department I suppose but harder to stay just in areas that are of interest to you. Anyway. After examining it all I saw a ton of effort. Nothing worthy of a nit pick. Excellent work. was going to say it needed linking at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM But is already there. You guys are frisky lol...- DRUM out
  15. As one of the newest style make money fast schemes it is working as intended for the time being. However, there will be more and more national and international regulations and control forced onto this stuff as time goes by because of the nefarious potential of transactions that cannot be easily traced. For exactly that reason I also see little hope of a government acceptance of this type of currency. Don't get me wrong here. If you are making a buck doing this then happy trails, but do not expect Uncle Sam to recognize your efforts to print untraceable income. Blame the bad guys. Too many money laundering, ransom and blackmail efforts have turned to bitcoin for an untraceable getaway. As long as it remains such (no paper trail), I see no hope of it becoming mainstream in non-criminal activities, except by those who have invested in it and would like to pluck the low hanging fruit for their efforts while they can. Pure old school thinking, I know. Remember though, that I am the guy with a safe full of ammo. If the bottom does fall out of civilized living, ammo will be the barter item of choice, not gold, money (or bitcoin). My 22 long rifle. - DRUM out