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  1. There is a way to force the current ship contents image into the data bank and it works well with system crashes when you are hauling a hold full of resell goods. Soon as you hear the thanks message after taking off, request a landing pad.. This seems to take a snapshot of your ships current state. Once the pad request is resolved, continue on with your endeavor. Any mischance other than being shot down should still have the goodies in the hold.
  2. Drum

    Want to Buy want to buy an 2012 account

    I can agree with that and also will say good luck. I go back to July 2013 but the problem is I have added so much more in the following years and being a Centurion all these years has racked up a pile of loot as well. I doubt anyone from back then is any different. ( if I give my family the password once I am in the nursing home they may even be able to sell some). Joking aside, there is an answer. Maybe someone can gift you a ship for a fee from back when? Unless you are looking for all the other gobs of goodies handed out over the years. I have multiple screens of items meant to be placed in the Hangar (plants trophies etc), which we cannot get into anymore. What is your goal? Would a ship alone do what you are needing? - DRUM out edit: something else to consider is any package from then will have both parts of SC ( with legacy alpha). So that alone would add to any pricing.
  3. A good habit to get into is going to the ship screen as soon as you get off the elevator on a station or ground side. and storing your ship They have curtailed most of the frivolous crime stats but you will still get occasional fines if your ride gets auto stored. - DRUM out
  4. Having it in SSD clears a lot of the issues folks have, so you are good there. Unless you are running 32g or more you should not have back ground things happening (including multiple browser screens). The game will absorb 8g+ right off the bat and if it cannot get that it will stall on that load screen. I recently upgraded to a 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700F with a RTX 3060 (12Gb) and it was night and day difference in playability. Instant loading in and even inventory is just there, instead of waiting 5 minutes for it to load. Chris Roberts always forced you to get the best gaming rig you can to play his games. He has not changed. One thing people forget is to upgrade to the latest video drivers. That has rescued me a few times with Star Citizen in the past. All that said, coming to a fan site to dis the game? You have to expect some pushback, yeah? - DRUM out
  5. A lot of new features coming with the 3.17 patch, but one item stands out as EPIC to me. There is a place to hotkey the ATC comm attempt. That's right !! No more clickity click clicking. Finally got a use for the F3 key? I used my up arrow key instead. Up to you. So loot, fuel selling, better inventory, etc, all took second fiddle to an added hotkey. Your mileage may vary. - DRUM out
  6. Drum


    The show and book both have a Harry Seldon. Other then that, not much alike. I actually read the Foundation series again when I saw it was going to be made into a movie. Large disappointment in how far away from the book the series has gone. Disney doing it's thing... What can you do? - DRUM out
  7. Need to have no background programs running if possible. SC grabs 8g of that ram right out of the gate. 16 G memory will work, but 32g is much better so you are good there. An SSD drive will immediately show amazing benefit. First time in after a patch it seems like standing still for five minutes or so improves gameplay. So I load it in and run it, then go read the patch notes. This is partially because anywhere in one of the city environments will slam you with data and the initial spawn after a large patch will be in one of the planet side cities. Flying out of the city will improve things. As to the Windows upgrade... Windows 11 is in the Never Use Version 1.0 phase (my opinion). It is reported to look better, but I have not seen any feature that tempts me to upgrade and I have already suggested to people to wait for at least the first patch. Your mileage may vary. Alerting folks here as to any problems and work around for W-11 would be awesome. At times like this, somebody has to hold the grass down and make a new path. - DRUM out
  8. 3.15 brought the goodies and there was more nuance than I expected. A Multi-tool attachment (which I like because I can carry that and customize between tractor beam or medicine). And a stand alone applicator Medical Device called a ParaMed. The nuance comes with dosages for pain, concussions, paralyzed, respiratory problems, and even overdose. Initial problems with self administrating, but they were resolved. You get dropped, you then have the option (M key) to make a job offer to come and sort you out. The hope is they will come and fix you up instead of you paying them to come kill you and loot your corpse (now available with the new inventory patch). Pesky details... Here are some descriptions. - DRUM out (edit: got the two devices tagged backwards - sorry.)
  9. Says 8 workers, who double duty as vendors in the 8 shops when landed. I will probably have a NPC crew for this thing. No player is going to want to be a vendor, just sayin... I have no idea what they will be selling. A lot of something. - DRUM out
  10. Easy explanation, it was necessary to allow it to reside in a hangar. Without that is was planet side landing or huge pad only. Here is the new inside layout
  11. Step one is to delete your User folder to get rid of any trash left over from a previous patch (as per CIG). Myself, I only had that happening a lot when I was running many other programs in the back ground. If you watch your memory you will see if this is your issue as well. The game wants a clean 8g and if it is hunting for scraps it tends to boggle. I have 16g and one solution is to double my memory, but just closing the other stuff works for now. - DRUM out edit: Remembered this also occurred when I had that bed log out bug. That happened when I bed logged and the game refused to fully load. One fix mentioned was a reset on account page but that resets way too much in my opinion, so I just kept retrying and it finally pushed into the game. - DRUM
  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Whenever ships pop up at half price it raises concerns. Hope it all ends well. - DRUM out
  14. You have had this for one day and want to remove it?
  15. Yep, that 750k altitude is a drag. Best advice is to grab the fastest ship you got and boom it out. On my second attempt I used a 350r, and it really flashed those numbers.- DRUM out
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