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  1. Welcome, Spectreeh Take your time and look around. Public section and Imperium section, so sometimes necessary to know which you are in, but other than that, have fun.
  2. How far back did you have to dig to find a topic of interest from a project that ended 6 years ago? Or did you use search, Danny B. Hammon ?
  3. This occurs a lot when you are in game. People want to explore a Gemini, or some other ship, so we pop one onto the pad for them. If you ask in chat, ThunderChilde, I am sure you will have other ships to explore and climb around in. Just need a starter package for game entry (and learning how to fly). - DRUM out
  4. The @LazyGhost652 issues were resolved back in January, @aquilesopkarg. Appreciate the assistance help, just the same.
  5. According to CIG, your problem may not be yours. They seem to have bitten off a large chunk by posting an update at the same time as an event. Lot written on it here if you care to examine it. I am just holding off on flying until the event runs out next week and a possible patch is dropped. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/alpha-3-9-1-status-update/208056
  6. Not sure why you joined this site for assistance with an issue like this. Nobody here that I am aware of has any leverage one way or the other with CIG accounts or policies. Regardless, some questions. (Just spitballing here). When you go to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC What does it show and does it allow you to log in using your account info that you think is correct? Do you have more than one email address? If so it is easy to forget which you used. If you had an old one you have abandoned, resurrect it and see if it is getting messages from CIG. If you can dig up any old saved emails regarding the account, there might be clues in there as well. Have you used the phone Authenticator services? If so, same question. Have you switched phones or phone services in the last six months. If you have any pictures or copies of your account page, you can also send them in as reference with your Support query. There is a No Email Listed link in Support. If none of the above give any clues then keep hammering that link with as much information as you have to prove you did indeed own an account (paypal record, bank record, however you paid for it). Good luck and keep us updated.
  7. Actually sounds like emerging gameplay in 3.9 for those wanting to exhibit some civil disobedience. Also a PSA for 3.9: Avoid area 18, it has been turned into a Hotel California.
  8. Vagrant Queen caught my eye because the ship looks like a worked over freelancer variant. Maybe just projection on my part, but I did rewind to examine, and yeah, it is there. Vagrant Queen is a new series derived from the comic by the same name (2018). Dialogue and action is a bit campy, but remember, comic book. Somewhere between Star Wars and Space Balls. Fun to watch. Here are the best shots I could grab of the ship. You decide. - DRUM out
  9. Have you tried deleting your User directory? Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER Lots of minor bugs get removed doing so. It is a nuke option though, so make sure you have a record of any setting changes you have done that are working for you, since you will have to reset them. - DRUM out
  10. Drum

    fog and ships

    We would get into the early morning dew fogs so thick you could not see the anchor lines until within 10 foot or so (3 meter). YET, when you looked up, you could still see the stars. Extremely dense but shallow fog band, and it burned off as soon as the sun started to arrive. - DRUM out
  11. They already have most of the engineers on payroll from back when Crytek stopped issuing paychecks. What would be left to buy? - DRUM out
  12. The ultimate Nuke Option by the sounds of it. - DRUM out
  13. Since they are just pixels and no planets have to be raped to produce them... I will go out on a limb and declare As Many As They Need For The Desired Outcome... Fizzlefuse stated impossibly to tell, and that number is as close to an answer as we get at this point. - DRUM out
  14. As to an Aurora, when I get a new patch with a planet or place to go, of all the ships I have on hand, I usually take my LN for the first trip out. The views are great and you can see if there is any weirdness about the landing areas (like UNDER a Ledge!? or Giant rocks, etc.). Glad you got this wigged out. Happy Trails. - DRUM out
  15. I have to ask - How Much Was The Ship Cost? Stand alone ships do not have the digital download and that is what it sounds like you have. See Below - DRUM out
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