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  1. just struck a funny bone.
  2. Seems Arya ( Maisie Williams ) is/was a large fan. Cheap PR or shameless plug? No matter, Maisie got a thigh tingle and the Internet beat up ED. https://www.yahoo.com/news/apos-game-thrones-apos-did-093715861.html Nothing to see here people. Move along.. Move along... - DRUM out
  3. Unless I am mistaken @lonewolfassassin29 (someone please correct me if so), the process is to join here (which you have done), and then go to RSI site https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM/members which has a Join Now tab... Here are the instructions as listed there, Hope this helps and Welcome To SCB.... - DRUM out
  4. The fact that this would probably work (other than robo calls) makes it even funnier. DRUM out
  5. TOLD you to get the cloth. Leather over rated. - DRUM out
  6. One of the top 3 finalists for Worst Job Ever. (with a side of Darwin Reward). Got to pity the folks hanging out 30 foot beyond him also I suppose. - DRUM out
  7. First place I hit every day. But yeah the responses are slim from about everyone unless something new is dropping. Fact is - I imagine it will get even scarcer once something meaningful (mining trading salvage) pops. Everyone will be in their ships all day.. - DRUM out
  8. Not everyone is feeling PC these days.. - DRUM out
  9. It is all coming together. I think (hope) I will be very busy even before I crush my first rock into ore. Things that will really turn me on is when I can wander thru my various ships and open all the panels to see what is in there. Pop out all the fuses and components to see the results. Memorize all the various engineering stations. All the fiddly bits to having a ship to study. I foresee many many hours just wandering through these things lol. I don't anticipate having much of a life when we can really explore our ships in fine detail. Your mileage may vary. - DRUM out
  10. Feb 8th... Great. Got time to reread the books AND binge watch the series. Story changed a little from books but not much. The previews seem to be staying with origin story scope. I feel a Brienne of Tarth character for Bobby would have stayed true to the books and a better selection. Specialty 'Amazon' Armor and all that goes into the pooter. She is suppose to be dangerous just being in the room. But, it is what it is. Hope no major plot changes. Books were well written and thought out. - DRUM out
  11. Tore my kitchen down to the walls on Dec.1.. Finally got it all put back and tidy. Solid wood shelves so will last my lifetime lol. Been a bitch living without a kitchen but results were more than worth it, and on the plus side, wife is ecstatic. So happy new year to me, heh heh. - DRUM out
  12. If I am not mistaken the new and improved Theory Of Everything denounces Dark Matter as just a fudge to make the numbers make sense. Apparently the newer Quantum Theories bring the math where it is suppose to be without any make believe K factors. Still, at the time it was Da Bomb and verified Einstein's math, so good job and kudos for her. - DRUM out
  13. Righty Right Right... This is why I usually come here first. The CIG site is after everything else has been examined. Now I can be downloading while looking at 'everything else' lol. Thanks for the update. - DRUM out
  14. Was related to the COC maybe?. Rule one: Don't Be A Dick... - DRUM out