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  1. Any clue as to why? Typical stall tactic? Lack of funds? Lack of a case? Does it change anything other than possibly pushing it down the road? - DRUM out
  2. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    While I can agree, why anyone who would be injured by a spoiler is even looking at forum threads on GOT baffles me. No clickity click is the best method to not get spoiled, but whiners going to whine, so... - DRUM out
  3. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    Long, interesting story and many interacting arcs. It stays solid until they get into the producers discretion parts (beyond the written books), so I would say yeah, worth the trip. Here is the point -> it had to END somehow. No matter how that occurred, people would be displeased. - DRUM out
  4. So season 4 is on to Ilus. Scuttlebutt sounds like Real Soon Now (maybe in June?). They closed a lot of avenues off with their fast rush to end season 3. Not sure how they can drag the dropped segments and players back onto the stage they set. Hopefully they can figure it out. No problem, warts and all, Bring It On... - DRUM out
  5. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    All spoiler (or wannabe spoilers) below.
  6. Whatever ship you are most familiar with and like to fly. The A-18 landing zone can get tricky with some hangars. Best to have a ship you are familiar with. - DRUM out
  7. I think the new numbers have it so every ship can make the QT to ArcCorp now. If you find one that cannot, do not despair. HUR-L5 is a great half way point for that trip. Refuel and continue. - DRUM out
  8. Look pretty awesome while in QT flight also. Here it is from the side.
  9. Drum

    Freelancer MAX

    The forward stair did look cool, but I understand their frustration when they realized people were going to use that forward exit while in space or on moons without atmosphere. Just no way to put an airlock on a stairwell that drops out of a hole in the middle of your living area floor. They could have tried to move it back to the small cargo room, and there were caution signs in there once that made it look like there may be an overhead airlock place eventually. That would have had you creeping under the belly though, and would have made it barely visible. - DRUM out
  10. Seems about right. There are additional time elements with the final QT to a moon landing (like A18), since it pops you out about 50km out and you have to slowboat in. Lot of grumbling and (as usual) two sides to it. One says fanboys may put up with the immersion, but new players sitting there for 15+ minutes just to get somewhere will not work in CIG's favor. And this is just One System. Imagine trying to cross 2 or 3 at a time. Adding extra Interdiction, to not make it seem like you are just sitting there, only adds to the time and will not fool anyone. So shorter QT times are the favor here. Other side says most of your daily activities are going to be in a specific area and QT times will be small. Sounds good on the surface, but even now in our current build the missions take you all over the map and those minutes Getting There start to add up. I suspect there will be an adjustment made to QT times, especially when there is more than one system to muck around in. - DRUM out
  11. Got to hunt for a good rock and know what pays out. But once found, it makes that half hour, hour, worth doing in 3.5 LIVE.
  12. Drum

    Game of Thrones

    I doubt anyone with the Internet does not know what is going on, but I will give the benefit of the doubt here and mark this as spoiler. I could not resist making THIS.
  13. Not a lawyer and some of this goes past me. Is this a Put Up Or Shut Up strategy? Forcing them to accept the possibility of costs when they lose? Or just business as usual in these affairs? - DRUM out
  14. Said 'other fuel - the hydrogen. Thought we still scooped the hydrogen thrust fuel. Keep getting the At 100% audio, anyway. Easy to check I suppose. The fuel intakes are listed on the ship tech pages, so if they are not constantly scooping it would be reasonable to ask, Why Not? - DRUM out
  15. "Phased plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range". "Hey, just what you see, pal". As far as I know, mining is for rocks, ores, minerals. The Starfarer//Gemini will be the method for Quantum fuel skimming. No smaller version would seem to be practical. Ships already scoop up the other fuel if they plow through the void long enough. Well, those behemoths for the raw materials, at any rate. Then process it over time into the QF flavor, or sell it as raw (whatever it will be called). I have no idea where raw QT fuel will fall in the periodic system, so they can name it whatever they decide to. - DRUM out
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