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  1. One more thing that has me puzzled is money.. I'm almost completely broke and can't seem to generate any more.. Is there a place where I can purchase more?
  2. Ok thanks for your excellent suggestions... These have really helped me considerably. It s a pity that the hanger mods aren't fully functional as of yet. I would actually save time in loading up the game …. One other thing that would help considerably is a link to a Warthog HOTA profile for 3.5... I've found a few but they're not really up to date'....
  3. I've been really trying hard to get it to work in SC.. I've read a lot of posts but I can't seem to master it.. It seems that I have to go through the entire station, and find the bay where it is. then I can enter the ship … I would prefer to load the ship into the hanger which is a lot faster.. But there's an issue with the icons they're very sensitive and I have to spent a lot of time in getting them to open.. And after I'm successful in entering the ship the warthog controls are not responding. I can't even use the key board.. So I'm dead in the water or should I say space.. Another question is can I actually fly out of the hanger It's only about a week since I was able to finally download the game, I know that it still in beta but it seems like a lot of people have been able to do some amazing things here. I'm really excited to actually get proficient in SC
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