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  1. Nice! The vibrating bushes and trees are a little strange, but that's the same problem as IRL if you film timelapse.
  2. I'm pretty sure there are laws in place against posts like the ones @Painmiester made. At least there should be. Lynch mob anyone? 😁
  3. Should not be missing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leM8jE0MPhM
  4. Pls don't ruin another thing that made my childhood great. I still suffer from Star Wars, it's just too early to take another hit.
  5. Gotta love Last Week Tonight.^^
  6. How did you manage to not get auto-kicked?
  7. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/2-Squadron-42 Alpha planned for Q1 2020, Beta for Q2 2020. 😯 €dit: And now the "Letter from the Chairman" arrived. I was a little concerned, that it would be released without any announcment.
  8. Prizing of the cards is the only reason I still run my GTX 780 Ti. I just can't justify throwing out so much money, when it is obvious that the prize will have to drop soon.
  9. Maverick

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I use common sense and come to the conclusion that Air-force One carries one of the most dangerous persons alive to fall into kidnappers hands (politics aside). Nonetheless, there are only a handful of these super-rich, super-"important" people around, which means that the market is very small and atm it looks like the supply and demand ratio does not really speak for the 890j. Let's say there are VIPs with 3 different levels of luxury-demand and that you can fulfil them with a Phoenix, a 600i and an 890j. You can't transport someone demanding a 600i with a Phoenix. You can transport someone demanding a Phoenix with an 890j, but you'd have to accept making less profit. Conclusion is (for me), that the 600i has the sweet spot here, being able to transport 2 "classes" of passengers with a little profit and just loosing out on the rarest kind of transports. Maybe it's time to accept that there are people out there that have different opinions which does NOT mean that they are wrong. 😉
  10. Maverick

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Even average people booking a journey onboard a luxury liner get their own cabin. I absolutely don't expect the "super rich" to even consider only booking 8h of a cabin to get some rest and I am not aware of any luxury liner that sells beds per hour. Considering this we are back at 6 people max that would have to pay for all the expenses of the journey + profit. No, I don't even think that humans will be the most profitable cargo you can carry.
  11. Maverick

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Seems like you misunderstood. I think there will be far too many ppl trying to get those missions = overwhelming competition = less or no profit = you always have something like the F5 battles during limited shipsales, but then they will take place in your Mobiglass, when new VIP missions are made available.
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