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  1. Just ordered my HEMA gear. 400 bucks later, we're ready to roll!

  2. This. Or the PG348Q, they're the same monitor in a different skin. I took the Predator because it's less gaudy than the Asus version.
  3. My issue with projection is that it requires a lot of cable routing, the projector can be noisy and you need a dedicated dark room for it. All in all the setup might set you back more than a really highend TV.
  4. Welcome to the base!
  5. Yeah, about your motherboard... The Intel 8000 series only supports Z370, and the Z370 mobo's only support the Intel 8000 series. No backwards compatability. As for supporting all 6 cores, I don't follow you?
  6. According to most benchmarks, the 8700K is a wrecking ball, but it loses to the 7700K with a few FPS almost every time (the only exception being the times it can use it's 2 extra cores). Interesting. Now, maybe this is wishful thinking, but perhaps optimizations will allow the 8700K to surpass the 7700K. If not, well, it's still a really solid CPU that beats the 1800X at everything while costing less.
  7. The 8700K is apperantly a rather good overclocker that can reach 5 GHz. Just be sure to get a beefy AIO watercooler + decent motherboard and you'll be fine.
  8. Since you're going to game a lot the 8700K might be your beat. It's a 6 core miracle that has the best single-core performance in town to keep your games snappy while boasting the multicore performance of the 1800X to keep your stream going.
  9. It won't kill Ryzen in workstations. But it stole the gaming market.
  10. That looks disgustingly beautiful.
  11. To me, the new rivalry is a double edged sword. The new competetiveness in AMD has finally forced Intel to start competing again! But on the other hand, technology will advance quicker now, so that means stuff I buy will be dated faster
  12. It's likely that Coffee lake won't sell very well, seeing how Ice Lake is about a year away and promises an 8 core mainstream CPU.