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  1. So the 350R - which costs over twice as much in dollars as a 300i - is only 80000 aUEC more expensive? That's not going to cause a riot or anything.
  2. When the Night King goes interstellar
  3. Caldon

    Game of Thrones

    My thoughts on episode 3 :
  4. Caldon

    Racing - 350r

    I see twin intakes, but I wonder what they did with the engines? How are they different to the 300i, considering the new design
  5. Caldon

    Sabre Raven

    Run combat support. Swoop in, EMP unsuspecting enemies, have dedicated combat vessels do the killing. Run interference on bombers with the EMP. Do scouting. Use it to harass bigger ships so the bombers have a clear shot. Possibilities are there, but it's definitely a team player.
  6. Decided on neither a Super Hornet or a regular Sabre - got a Sabre Raven for $65 instead! :)

  7. Guys, quick - Sabre vs Super Hornet. I want to buy one of them.

    1. J. Coren

      J. Coren


      4x S3 hardpoints

      2x S4 missile pylons (4x S3 missiles with compatible pylons)

      faster, stealthier, smaller cross section

    2. Scotterius


      Yeah. Sabre also has 3 shields versus 2.   Unless you are really into gimbal fighting, or carrying a passenger...cant recommend a superhornet today.

  8. Pretty much, yes. In fact most opponents of what Hollywood is doing with, for instance, black Superman or an all-female Ocean's 11 are calling out for them to write something original instead with the cast they want.
  9. UPDATE : Slavic is apperantly an ethnic minority. Rumours and reports suggest that they are specifically looking for actresses of Polish descent. My brother sent this to me. Maybe they will actually do this right! And if they are, I may just owe the producers an apology.
  10. Remember how nobody cared when they cast Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty? That's because God, in that universe, was not already established in one way or another. Sort of. Casting the man with God's voice was probably also a good idea. Again, I'd like to stress, I do not care about black people or women or other minorities within original works. It's just that Hollywood's latest fad of just taking an established character and using them to push a political message irks me to no end.
  11. I doubt they even care about the repercussions of their decision. They'll have to change so much to the story, not to mention the entirety of Ciri's bloodline, to accomodate their SJW fantasy that they want. If people want to cast black people, asian people, women etc that's fine, but do it in a new movie/series or introduce the characters in a way that feels natural. That way they won't alienate fans of the source material and they can have their vaunted diversity. It's a win-win. Just check out the backlash to Ghostbusters, Ocean's 8, and the play for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Similarly, check out the praise for Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, etc.
  12. Because of fucking course they will I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting very tired of Hollywood's attempts to force their political pandering down everyone's throats at the cost of beloved series and characters. If this is true I'm cancelling my Netflix account.
  13. Rare my new car Imperium!IMG-20180727-WA0019.thumb.jpeg.afe58ffe2bc6b173df048fab103a6c2e.jpegIMG-20180727-WA0023.thumb.jpeg.7f301963deaa4600bce390ed4c8e63b4.jpegIMG-20180727-WA0027.thumb.jpeg.bc4543951ff56f5dc49902709bff3cab.jpegIMG-20180727-WA0030.thumb.jpeg.7783bb9e31e9b1a1d76e1c5e3e20343b.jpeg

    1. stefmarster


      Now we just need to logo on it and the flag on top of it

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