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  1. Always great to see a fresh face. Welcome!
  2. I have an idea though. It's not exactly alien horror, but it's pretty horrific if done right. In FTL there is a random encounter you can have, where you find a derelict ship, damaged and beaten up but with life support intact. When boarding, you find the crew crazed by hunger, now turned cannibalistic. Imagine exploring a derelict Idris, with power & life support, what luck! While walking through the damaged and beaten up halls, sounds and creaking begin following you, at one point you even think you hear a voice. You make your way through the halls to the bridge when, suddenly, figures pop into view of your flashlight, frothing at the mouth, staring at you wide-eyed, suddenly charging at you screaming and shrieking. I think I'd alt-F4 there and then.
  3. Usually, what you can't see is far scarier than reality. If the game shows you the monster's face, you know what you face. But if it doesn't, well.. Who knows what lurks in the darkness... You will make up your own monsters in your head. Much more potent
  4. Calling dibs on Shippy McShipface
  5. Build help

    ... I do... Please send help. And a dialysis machine.
  6. Build help

    For gaming or workstation? Or a combination? If the former, wait a month or 2 for Coffee lake or get a 7700k. For workstation this would work marvelously.
  7. Build help

    Did you read the article I linked earlier? They're moving away from the ring bus because higher core count CPU's would suffer. Their newest mesh is a solution not unlike Infinity Fabric.
  8. Build help

    Yes, AMD's fabrication process is superior and less wasteful. But that's hardly Intel's problem, since Intel has a nicely scaleable mesh of their own now, so instead of building 7 different chips, they can build 1 and sell them with blocked cores. Even the new & mighty 7980XE will have 20 cores inside, of which only 18 will be used. Surely the specialization will attenuate their problems significantly. It is, in my eyes, a foul business practice, but I've come to expect nothing else from chip makers these days. AMD and Intel found two solutions for the same problem. AMD makes a cluster of smaller CPU's, and Intel makes a mesh inside one big CPU. AMD's solution provides a much cheaper and reliable manufacturing process that is, for them, extremely beneficial, given their financial situation in comparison to Intel's. But it's the performance that counts to Intel. And their mesh is reported to have lower latencies, lower power consumption and lower frequency requirements, at the cost of... Well, significantly higher cost. Of course, wether or not Coffee or even Cannon Lake will have this new mesh remains to be seen. I'd say they will, but I have no way of confirming that. What we do know, however, is that I was right. Intel hadn't been sitting still the last few years, and wether or not AMD can keep their new throne remains to be seen. With Cannon Lake set for Q1 2018, with it's new 10nm process, I don't like their chances.
  9. Build help

    I refer to my previous post (you responded to the same post twice btw). Intel's not been sitting idly, and they're not going to sit idly and let AMD overtake them. They will milk their performance crown, and work out the mesh tech they themselves had going. They'll have their answer to AMD before those 2 years are through.
  10. Build help

    Intel has one big advantage though : Money. I think you grossly overestimate the amount of time Intel needs to do what AMD did. And AMD had the trouble of having to develop a new technology, surely with all of Intel's resources and scientists, it wouldn't be hard for them to copy it. That is, of course, assuming Intel never explored anything of the sort themselves, or something entirely different. I'm going to end this discussion here since we're treading into wild speculation at this point, and we're long past derailing the original purpose of this thread. But I seriously doubt that Intel's going to be as defeated as you think.
  11. Build help

    The process? You mean the 14nm process? Because Intel had that since the 5000 series. Or is it AMD's stick-4-CPU's-together process? Because Intel could probably do that too. And yes, they are 4 dies put into one big chip. I do have to ask you where you get your 2 years figure from, especially since Intel's $12 billion/year R&D budget probably didn't go into strippers and booze for half a decade. You also seem to assume that Intel's not artificially inflating their prices for their processors because they had the best CPU's out there and they simply could. Those slow, staggered launches with a neat +/- 10% performance increase they pumped out every year? It was because they could. It was because AMD couldn't make a fist against them anyway, and with that aforementioned R&D budget, you can bet on it that they probably have something to hit back at AMD. I'm not trying to sound like an Intel fanboy here, I just want to remain realistic in the sense that AMD's victory may, sadly, be short lived.
  12. Build help

    I think you forget that everything AMD can do, Intel can do too. In fact, they probaby have done it, they just wanted to wait with selling it for a while. Now that AMD has finally stepped up, there will probably be a whole vault of new functions and architectures going into Intel's newest creations just to show everyone they're still ahead. AMD's showed its hand with Threadripper, and it's a good one. Now we will see if Intel will show theirs.
  13. Build help

    They could expand Threadripper to 32 cores. But so can Intel. And trust me, there are plenty of companies that want the most performance with the least amount of space, price to performance be damned. For us normal consumers however, yes, AMD has Intel pinned. However, it borders on the naive to think Intel has nothing to say to AMD's latest exploits. They probably have a lot of tricks that they were planning on releasing slowly while AMD lagged behind, that will now be released way ahead of schedule to make AMD look like the weaker brand again. And this is great! As I said, it means Intel would finally start innovating again.
  14. Build help

    Intel's 10 core processor was beaten by a fair margin by AMD"s 16 core. However, Intel has an 18 core on the horizon, so Intel will steal their crown back, in all fields. A shame, really. AMD having the best CPU out there would perhaps drive Intel's innovation.
  15. Build help

    I never said AMD didn't dominate the price to performance market. I just said that they didn't steal the performance crown from Intel, which means that Intel still has a stick to beat them with, especially in gaming.