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  1. I was reading my Chairman's Club mail, and I saw this : Did they just tease the Origin 400i or something along those lines?
  2. She's remarkably fast and nimble for a ship her size. She also has ADHD on the landing pads.
  3. Personally I think that a single Ares (especially the Inferno) will excel against anything bigger than a Sabre up to about Caterpillar or 890 size, with the Hammerhead being an exception due to its anti-fighter specialisation and powerful shields/armor. In groups it's a rather fearsome ship I think. However, I agree with VoA - anything agile enough to stay out of its crosshair will probably make short work of it.
  4. So the Ares will basically be the SC equivalent of the A10 from what this image shows me. I wonder if it's going to be in the same niche as the Vanguard.
  5. So the 350R - which costs over twice as much in dollars as a 300i - is only 80000 aUEC more expensive? That's not going to cause a riot or anything.
  6. My thoughts on episode 3 :
  7. Caldon

    Racing - 350r

    I see twin intakes, but I wonder what they did with the engines? How are they different to the 300i, considering the new design
  8. Caldon

    Sabre Raven

    Run combat support. Swoop in, EMP unsuspecting enemies, have dedicated combat vessels do the killing. Run interference on bombers with the EMP. Do scouting. Use it to harass bigger ships so the bombers have a clear shot. Possibilities are there, but it's definitely a team player.
  9. Decided on neither a Super Hornet or a regular Sabre - got a Sabre Raven for $65 instead! :)

  10. Guys, quick - Sabre vs Super Hornet. I want to buy one of them.

    1. J. Coren

      J. Coren


      4x S3 hardpoints

      2x S4 missile pylons (4x S3 missiles with compatible pylons)

      faster, stealthier, smaller cross section

    2. Scotterius


      Yeah. Sabre also has 3 shields versus 2.   Unless you are really into gimbal fighting, or carrying a passenger...cant recommend a superhornet today.

  11. Pretty much, yes. In fact most opponents of what Hollywood is doing with, for instance, black Superman or an all-female Ocean's 11 are calling out for them to write something original instead with the cast they want.
  12. UPDATE : Slavic is apperantly an ethnic minority. Rumours and reports suggest that they are specifically looking for actresses of Polish descent. My brother sent this to me. Maybe they will actually do this right! And if they are, I may just owe the producers an apology.
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