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  1. F8 Lightning

    I think that CIG selling the Star Citizen equivalent of the TIE Defender will spark outrage. Yknow, as much as selling the most elite exclusive fighter in the game should. And I think they realize that. No worries
  2. Drake Vulture

    "You may be a professional in this field who does this for a living, but I read something on the internet!!!1!" This whole thread is a goldmine. I wonder when the mods will shut it down for going off-topic. To reply to you further, again, the USS Enterprise example. If I mount the nacelles at a different angle, it's still a ripoff. If I make the saucer slightly eliptical, it's still a ripoff. If I paint it a different tinge of gray, it's still a ripoff. The reason why most farm equipment looks the same is because - in the real world - it needs that shape for a function. While one could argue that the same is true for fictional ships, that still doesn't make it less of a ripoff. Things that fly in the real world don't necessarily hold up legally for fictional spaceships.
  3. Drake Vulture

    No offence VoA, but I think you are being idealistic and unrealistic. Probably you will find there are plenty of 'experts' that will say anything if it means they get paid, or even if they get a few seconds of fame. This is, of course, assuming your blanket statement about said 'experts' being in defence of CIG is correct in the first place.
  4. Drake Vulture

    Because a lot of car manufacterers are actually owned by a handful of brands. That's why most of them look similar. Shows what you know, I suppose. Also, the role is not important. To take Reavern's example, if you make a cargo hauler instead of an explorer that looks like a down-scaled Enterprise, it's not gonna get past copyright laws. At any rate, to quote Wilhuff Tarkin, this bickering is pointless. Both of you are just slinging your "I am an expert at"'s about, but since neither of you are going to go to court for/against CIG, we'll never know who'll win.
  5. Origin 600 Thread

    At long last.
  6. 3.2 PTU released

    I like this new launcher music they have going on.
  7. Origin 600 Thread

    Looks like CIG already took it down lol.
  8. Drake Vulture

    So it's not a 1:1 copy, but it's still incredibly similar. This is not a good defense, lawsuits have been filed (and won) over less. I'm willing to give CIG the benefit of the doubt and say they accidentally did it, because of the dragonfly thing, but even then it's incredibly stupid of them to not have checked to see if there is anything like this.
  9. Drake Vulture

    The vulture does look a lot more like it was made by and for humans.
  10. Drake Vulture

    Alright fine, there's shit like it. Still doesn't mean it's not like that "copy my homework" meme.
  11. Drake Vulture

    I think this goes a bit further than drawing inspiration. It's the same shape, same colour, almost the same name. And while with things like the Eclipse or the Sabre it could be passed off as being a part of human culture to have winged fighters or something, the Vulture/Venture has a rather unusual shape that cannot be so easily justified.
  12. Drake Vulture

    It would be a shame to see CIG going down the drain after 6 years of developments, hopes and dreams, but if this keeps up, I'm with you on jumping ship. They cannot keep this up for long.
  13. Drake Vulture

    To re-awaken this discussion : well, shit. I wonder if this could land CIG in hot water. Even the name is similar. SC detractors are already mobilizing en-masse to club CIG over the head with this. And while nobody even listens to Derek anymore, the video linked above already has 10.000 views at the time of writing this. Bad move, CIG. Bad move. Did they even bother with this one?
  14. Origin 600 Thread

    Judging from those videos, the 600i is indeed a pretty big ship. I can't wait to see her for myself. Also, what's that behind the glass at about 2:50? It's not the lounge, only the exploration variant would make it into the game, and the lab has been shown to not be all the way on the back of the ship, so it's not that either.
  15. Organic matter found on Mars

    Eh, CNN is only fake news if they have a reason to lie. Don't really see why they'd lie about this. With that being said, I hope this will prompt Elon to get to Mars even faster. Space exploration has been put on hold for too long.