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  1. SW Battlefront 2 P2W Fiasco, Lessons for SC?

    I know it's not P2W, and I'm not disputing you on that. It's just that SC has a lot of enemies on the interwebz, and that after BF2's microtransaction extravaganza people will be quicker to jump on the bandwagon and call everything P2W. And that goes double for SC who already has accusations of P2W flying round its ears. People are stupid & panicky creatures like that.
  2. SW Battlefront 2 P2W Fiasco, Lessons for SC?

    After the p2w disaster with BF2, people will see everything as p2w, especially after articles like this put it so nicely.
  3. SW Battlefront 2 P2W Fiasco, Lessons for SC?

    The fact that they won't implement this at launch lessens the p2w aspect. I get that they need money for maintenance after launch, but after the whole debacle with BF2 and all, I feel like this is a legendary lack of tact.
  4. Origin 600 Thread

    The 600i is coming along nicely. In fact, it'll be done sooner than both the 890i and the new 300i. And I have to say I'm pumped as hell.
  5. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    No no, the laser is modular. You can also slot in living quarters, a cargo bay, or an exploration package.
  6. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Which is already bigger than itself!! Leaked image of the Javelin after several reworks. Terrapins for scale.
  7. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    No, better. They'll make it bigger than the Javelin!
  8. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Not getting this one. I like it, but too expensive. However, recently seeing how the carrack came along made me wonder if I should melt the 600i upgrade and X1 I have for a sabre. A shame. I really wish I could afford this one
  9. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    CIG is constantly tugging at my heart with what ship I like most. FML. The Carrack is beautiful though... And at 150M now, she's freakin' huge.
  10. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Well, a game needs to remain fun. Nobody wants to duke it out for 6 hours, so I assume that a battle between 2 idrisi will go on for maybe an hour.
  11. Hello!

    It's secretly Gallitin's alt. He's going to try and bait us.
  12. Battleships and Destroyers

    On the one, scamming protection should be in place to prevent stuff like that. On the other, wouldn't it be better for CIG to not interfere? In all their duplicity, these superscammers made waves in EVE. And they did it legitimately, through legal means. There are already pirates in the galaxy CIG is trying to create. This kind of scum, treacherous as they are, should be allowed to exist & unhindered by anything other than the organization's own vigilance. But that's my opinion.
  13. Updated Ship Size Comparison Chart

    As well as the 600i size. Neat-o.
  14. Best Ship Names

    The Knotfersail.