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Found 8 results

  1. Because of fucking course they will I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting very tired of Hollywood's attempts to force their political pandering down everyone's throats at the cost of beloved series and characters. If this is true I'm cancelling my Netflix account.
  2. hello, im sure you have all heard this before but i cant seem to fine the answer im looking for. Q1. is there a way to buy a cargo container for the RSI Aurora MR? Q2. if so where do i buy it? from what i have seen there are some sort of cargo containers for the ship but i have been unable to locate where i might be able to buy them. thanks
  3. The long awaited return of the "10 for the Chairmen" series is over with a new format and guest Tony Zurovec!
  4. New UI looks good for mobi. Hope they change the scanning design though - that golf swing stuff is horrible.
  5. End of 2015 Letter from the Chairman has finally been released, with the goal of $102 Million reached! Without spoiling everything, the letter from Chris goes on to say, "What's coming next" with 2.1 coming live, new ships, the re-modeled Freelancer being flyable with the Sabre hangar ready. He talks of the patch goal being less "feature driven" and more "date drive" with the goal being to release a new update every month, so Jan. would be SC alpha 2.2!!! Chris supplied End of the year numbers for us, which I will find useful when converting friends and family. The Roberts
  6. Well as we wait for star citizens dog fight module and the other fun things to come i like to keep updated on other fun projects as well, this week on kickstarter a new project was added called the universim it looks pretty good and i backed it i think its good to remain active in the gaming community so i suggest checking it out and pledge if you like concept, it reminds me of the spore space stage except its a completely unique game with similar qualities, you can check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crytivogames/the-universim
  7. So im wondering after hearing Chris Roberts speak about the gtx 770 as capable of medium settings im wondering if the gtx 780ti will then be able to run high @60 fps, and now that nvidia basically announced the haswell 900 series can we expect the 970 to do high as well, given that it will be at least 30% better or more then the current 770
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