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  1. That was a indeed a good time, now that we are all in the same area we should be right to start getting our domination on proper. @Horhe took this photo of a few of us when we got together.
  2. Just had an awesome evening playing Dayz with some Imp peeps on TS. GG all

    1. RestrictedFlyZone


      yeah so much fun, i almost got you but i fell asleep :D

    2. danredda


      I got my mosin all camo'd, and beat 2 guys 2v1 in CQB. I Lol'd

  3. Welcome Sinister! Feel free to join me and my MIS on some great aussie adventures
  4. Would love to try the III's but too damn exxy on the store, and no exchanges.
  5. I'd definitely recommend getting Voice Attack if only for power management. It definitely comes in handy when pushing power to the Omniskeys or to Rear Shields after spawning. I just got a Trainer Hornet (just bought a Freelancer MIS woo!) so will be testing that out with configurations tonight. This profile for Voice Attack has power management commands like 'Combat Mode' Which boosts your Shields and Gun power for when you're in the thick of it.
  6. Just wondering what everyone has been using in AC to get by. My most effective so far is the 300i w/ 3 x Omnisky VI's, Max Rear Shields and G-Safe Off It's only taken me to Wave 14 though. What's everyone else using?
  7. Hey all, Interested in buying an Aurora or 300i LTI ship, don't really mind what variant, Basically I'm on a budget at the moment and want an LTI, figure I can hopefully upgrade it down the track when (read: if) I'm not poor as hell. Be nice to have an LTI ship for risky Imperium Jobs, it appears those asteroids and I do not see eye to eye. Please message me if you have a fair offer, Thanks, appreciate it.
  8. Ep 3 of TWD, then some DayZ, and downloading The Wolf Among Us at the moment. My fingers are crossed that that will be more than enough!
  9. Welcome to the fleet Dr. Pepper (I love that drink btw)
  10. Nice @Byronyk, where'd you read DFM coming out at the end of the month/start of next? Been looking for word on that! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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