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  1. Looking for any variant just need to include the Celebration sale paint customization. Paypal invoice only
  2. Euroguy86

    Want to Sell WTS Origin 300i

    Upgraded my Mustang to a 300i, Does not come with LTi, Have slightly gone off SC a bit, Not my thing really, Need money as times are getting tough so looking for $30, Paypal only.
  3. I know I'm new here, but I've only been in the Star Citizen ship-trading scene for a few days. I've been playing the game for a few years, and I'm looking to get rid of some ships for real-life related reasons. Accepting PayPal, BTC, ETH. Currently looking to sell these ships: MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI Digital Bounty Hunter - LTI Digital Mercenary - LTI Advanced Starter Package - LTI Digital Scout - LTI Colonel - LTI Standalone Ship - Anvil Hawk lti Warbond Scout - LTI No prices are set currently. Please PM me with offers
  4. So I have been hearing about amazing loudest using mass drivers and weapons with similar speeds. What are the best loadouts that you all use or want to use. Here is an amazing resource: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nU2Ten4SWLfPrB92PsuJ2xNEevBDc5Rkqr7jsusGUAE/edit#gid=278523881 PS: Has anyone made a load out with apocalypse arms mass driver. It sounds awesome!
  5. Due to less time to play computer games and greater need of money I've decided to sell my account. Sadly I cannot gift the ships as I've melted earlier purshases. The account has all the rewards from original and backers reward. Ships on the account is Gladiator package and 300i stand alone ship. Arena commander pass is also on the account. Total spent on the account is $275 however, that includes a mousepad for $35 I want $180 for the account. Payment over paypal **Disclaimer:** (1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time (2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supersede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means. As per RSI's EULA all accounts remain the original account owner and RSI's sole property
  6. Greetings SCB selling RSI CREDITS in the sweet form of the f7c-M super hornet! 142$ SuperHornet (melt value 165$) 142$ SuperHornet (melt value 165$) Flamadin
  7. Greetings!! I have some stuff I need to get rid. Advocacy Tools X5 7$ each + PP M50 Interceptor LTI 160$ + PP Digital Bounty Hunter LTI 130$ + PP http://imgur.com/bxr8iYz
  8. Hello, I just have a question:Is the 300i worth the upgrade for a combat focused person knowing that the upgrade costs just 20 euros from the aurora mx? I especially think at getting better maneuverability and ,for me the most important by far, getting better lasers and rockets. So should i upgrade or is the 300i not worth it and I should rather take a new ship without upgrading. Note:I will probably explore a bit the universe when SC comes out so is the 300i ok for a bit of exploration?
  9. Hi I'm looking for one of those packages, in case of m50 I'd like the ship and alpha package. Price max $160, I have verified paypal.
  10. Sooo.... while im waiting for my installer to patch 10gb... I noticed that cross-chassis upgrades are now available on the store. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/cross-chassis-upgrades Im really tempted to upgrade my LTI Aurora MR to a 300i-series ship. However, upon reviewing the updated ship stats page, I realise the Aurora is actually alot closer to the 300i baseline model than i thought it was. My intent for this ship is as a general working vehicle, when I am bored of hardcore dogfighting combat in my Super Hornet, or simply when I want some alone time, exploring the galaxy while remaining defensible. The biggest surprise to me is the Aurora's cargo space in comparison to the 300i. A baseline Aurora MR has the SAME amount of cargo space as the 300i series, barring the 315p. MOREOVER, the Aurora LN seems to be able to pack a much more substantial punch, with 2xs2 class 1 mounts more than ALL the 300 series ships. Another surprising thing (Ive never really looked much at 300i specs, am a Hornet man myself) is that I realised that the 325a literally only has the "custom weapons system" as an advantage over the stock 300i. Max weapon loadout, powerplant, thruster size, are all the same. In this respect, I am left wondering HOW IS THE 315p NOT CLEARLY THE MOST SUPERIOR IN THE SERIES??!?! It has the same capacity as the 300i and 325a, PLUS added cargo space.... The only reason I can see myself getting a 325a is for the killer black paint scheme.... Any points? Comments? I am kind of lost now....
  11. Hello i want to buy LTI AURORA PACKAGE - 70$ Aurora mr, 75$ Aurora Lx, or 300i PACKAGE - 80$ Aurora Ln, 85$ 300i, 90$ 315p, 100$ 325a. I have verified paypal. PM me your offer.
  12. I have verified paypal and some dollars in my pocket, pm me your offers.
  13. Here you go, it's not perfect! This is my first time I ever edited any recorded videos. I'm using PowerDirector (user friendly/noob friendly) It's music on it, and i like to think that's from the internal soundsystem from my 300i So anyways, this is how I like to drift...
  14. After seeing a lot of post on RSI forums saying the flight model & particularly that the joystick controls are bad.I decided to see for myself if joystick was better or worse than my mouse & keybored,so dusted off my Logitech 3d pro. I was happy btw playing mouse & keybored just needed an hour or two to get the hang of the new fight controls having been playing star conflict for the past year.
  15. Hey all, Interested in buying an Aurora or 300i LTI ship, don't really mind what variant, Basically I'm on a budget at the moment and want an LTI, figure I can hopefully upgrade it down the track when (read: if) I'm not poor as hell. Be nice to have an LTI ship for risky Imperium Jobs, it appears those asteroids and I do not see eye to eye. Please message me if you have a fair offer, Thanks, appreciate it.
  16. I'am interested to see which way people are going to go with the upgrade options on the 300i, so fleet and base members let me know what you will upgrade too and why.
  17. Background: We are a Corporation that was formed from a ArmA 3 Tactical Community. We are small and new, but we intend on expanding through the vast universe. We are looking to become international, with contacts all over the world, but firstly we need to control the Oceania region. Therefore we are looking to recruit members to our team. Requirements: -You must be 18 Years of age or older -You must own Star Citizen -You must have a clear microphone -You must have Teamspeak 3 -You must be dedicated, and able to contribute to the community Goal: Our goal is to be one of the largest corporations in the Oceania region, and from there we intend to expand to all over the world. If you want to be apart of this awesome team, head to the Register page on our website, and fill out the form. Interested? If you are eligible and are interested, please head to our Register Page, and apply there. Once you have applied, you will then be sent an email based on your acceptance. From then, if you are accepted, then you will register for an account on our website. You can also apply on our Organization homepage found here Thank you and have a nice day. -Mark (CEO of IOA)
  18. If I buy the 350r, switch out it's twin Hammer engines with a pair of Dragon Stellar's from the 315p...would I have a super duper exploration ship that's fast and hardly has to make pit stops? Can you even upgrade/replace engines like that? Thank you for all your future input.
  19. Hello, all. I'm a complete noob who only just heard about Star Citizen yesterday. I'm trying to take in as much information as I can, but I'm obviously still quite a bit behind. So, if I ask something that's already been answered/addressed a hundred times, or I just don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I apologize. Anyway, I have yet to purchase a pledge, and am looking to do so this Friday. I'm currently considering the Hornet, Cutlass, 300i, or depending on what they charge and what specs it has, the Avenger. Basically, I want to know if you guys think I should go with the 300i over the other models for any reasons other than price. For instance, going off of the base model that's available now, do you think the 300i will have any advantages over the Hornet in a dog fight? Clearly, having an extra class 2 hardpoint and 2 class 4's means the Hornet is going to be heavier hitting, and it will probably have more armor as well, but what about maneuverability? I know the 300i weighs a bit less, but will the 12xTR1 thrusters provide more or less maneuverability than the Hornet's 8xTR2s? If I'm not going to get one of the ships that has superior fire power, I'm at least hoping for one that will be quick and a lot of fun to fly. Are there other aspects that might make this ship more desirable over the Hornet that I don't realize (aside from looking much much better)? I know it has more cargo space, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else I was missing. While the Hornet doesn't have walking room or a place to sleep, will that actually have any effect in the game? What about the Hydrogen ram scoop on the 300i or its docking collar? Will those play a large role? In that same vein, for those of you who are excited about the 300i, what upgraded versions are you most looking forward to and hoping for this Friday? In concept, I really like this ship, but I'm probably only going to buy one ship, so I'm trying to choose one that's going to be both useful and fun to fly. Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  20. I've identified an apparent size discrepancy with the 300i on Page 18 of the brochure. About a month ago, I used the Aurora and Constellation scale comparisons in Maya to estimate the 300i's length. I pasted in the cutaway view of the 300i, and re-scaled the image using the human figures as my scale. The 300i was more than half the length of the 51 metre long Constellation; and shorter than two 18.5 metre long Aurora's. I estimated the 300i's length as 32 metres. However, all the information in the brochure indicates that the 300i is 24 metres in length. I was willing to accept that I was mistaken... Until I noticed the ship dimension diagram on Page 18. Do you see the problem? The 300i's wingspan is indicated as 24.3 metres. That's slightly wider than the ship's length. But that's impossible, because the bottom picture of the overhead view of the 300i clearly shows that the wingspan is shorter than the ship's length. To figure out what the problem was, I copied the overhead pic of the 300i and put it on a grid in Photoshop. I've worked out two possible scenarios: 1) The 300i's wingspan is 24 metres, and the ship's length is 34 metres. OR: 2) The 300i's length is 24 metres, and the ship's wingspan is 16.94 metres. What does everyone think about this? Am I wrong? Am I crazy? Which do you think is the 300i's correct ship length and wingspan?
  21. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13145-300i-Variant-Commercials It's just in engine of a showroom with lighting and the 315p, 325a, 350r. 350r looking really good, the mention from the dev that it has less armor than the over variant scares me atleast it'lg go fast!
  22. This is just a quickly done wallpaper with hue n stuff. I hope you like. http://imgur.com/gbpzl88 Just download from there, if you want to.
  23. 315P EXPLORER COMMERCIAL 325A INTERDICTOR COMMERCIAL 350R RACING COMMERCIAL 300I VARIANT COMMERCIALS Here are the commercials for the three 300i series variants.
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