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  1. I love my X55 but very nearly bought an X52 Pro, the X52 either standard or pro is a handsome looking setup. Best of luck with it.
  2. Not sure if I would ever survive a zombie apocalypse, but I've got a decent headstart I think. Most people here don't even know they can own firearms for target shoooting or hunting, there is no gun culture to speak of in the U.K. as the market here is pretty small.
  3. Different mentality in the U.K. We are only allowed to posess a maximum amount of ammunition at any one time, with the amount being stated on the owners firearms certificate. For example I can have 1100 rounds of .22lr in my safe as that's the amount stated on my cert, but one round more than this means I am exceeding my limit for possession and therefore breaking the law. So as you can see, we cant hoard even if we wanted to, so .22lr here is quite plentiful.
  4. It's a beautiful day here in England today, so I took my Ruger 10/22 out to a range an hour away from me this morning to try out a couple of new BX-25 Ruger magazines. I had some Butler Creek 25 rounders before but they were giving me no end of feed problems so have sold them off. The BX-25's so far are flawless. The weather was damn near perfect when I was shooting. I had my Eotech 512 on the Ruger so my shooting at 100m wasn't that precise, 3 inch groups with CCI Minimags. Then tonight I'm off to a 25 yd range about 30 mins from me for a play with my .22 suppressed pistol. This is
  5. Still a hell of a raw deal. Why the 25% mark up? Is that a standard goverment dictated rate for all goods?
  6. 25% import fees? Jesus. That's daylight robbery!
  7. Gameshark UK have the X-55 in stock for £169.99. I know this...... as ive just ordered one! They are limiting supply to two per customer, the price is standard UK retail too. I would jump on the site quick as I know they know about this on the Elite Dangerous forum as that's how I found out about them being in stock.
  8. I used the flattop civ version with TA31 Acog mounted. NIce rifle, but didn't like that magazine catch!
  9. Post a pic when you get the Tavor mate. Due to our laws our choices of bullpups are very limited. The Aug is the most commmon, there are a few Bushmaster M17's knocking around, and a very very small number of L98's (L85A1 minus gas system). Aaaaaannndddd..thats it for bullpups.
  10. I had the DK1 and trust me, it wasn't heavy at all. I could wear it for prolonged periods without discomfort and it weighed not much more than a pair of standard ski goggles. The resolution in the DK1 was indeed poor, 720p and rather jaggy. It also suffered from latency issues so if you turned your head quickly the whole of the displayed image would blur. However..........................the immersion is unbeatable, and after a while your brain tends to blot out the jaggies as you get absorbed into the world presented before you. I did the sensible thing and offloaded my DK1 while it w
  11. When I was in the regular Army I was trained up on the L85A1, then that was replaced by the A2, which I currently use in my present job (I am no longer a frontline soldier but work for the Army as armed security). So I've been "brought up" on using bullpups. Biggest problem with bullpups is obviously the right hand side case ejection which makes them unusable for lefties (with exception of the Steyr Aug/Famas which both can use left hand bolts and other parts to switch to left handed config, and FN2000 with forward ejection). The other downfall of the bullpup design is the trigger linkage
  12. This is my old L85A2 rifle for work. I'm in a different location now so a different rifle, but obviously it's the same kind of rifle as this one. I don't have a current pic of my current work rifle.
  13. Real cans. The AR15 has a ASE Utra CQB quick detachable borelock suppressor, comes with a very funky four prong threaded flash hider with it. The K22 pistol bottom right is integrally suppressed, the barrel reaches to the end of the suppressor and is ported down the length covered by the suppressor body. I also have a can based on the Parker Hale suppressors for the Ruger 10/22, but it's a bastard to clean so I leave it in the safe and have a Tactical Solutions compensator on there instead.
  14. These are mine: Contrary to popular belief, firearms are not banned in the U.K., though a purchaser must apply for a firearms certificate and be involved in either 1) vermin control on a regular basis or 2) be a member of a target shooting club for at least 6 months. Lot of paperwork, a police interview, and backround checks. They are very thorough, any previous conviction for a violent act no matter how long ago will stop you from getting a firearms certificate here. We have some stupid laws too. Semi auto rifles are only allowed in .22, any other calibre and they are not allowed
  15. I think "Star Trekkin" should be the Imperium anthem. It took someone the best part of a morning to write those lyrics, and I think their hard work should be recognized..... We come in peace, shoot to kill! Just about sums some of us up.
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