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  1. First impression? Disappointed. Quite a bit of rehashed material, missing/delayed SQ42 content, started late by an hour, etc. CIG blew it out the water during Gamescom. In fact, most of the major conventions leading up till now have progressively gotten better. People have come to expect that level of content from presentations -- new material, polished material, etc. It's not like this demo has turned me off of SC, but come on CIG... you can do better. That being said, the planet tech v2 was very cool. Also, the fact my Banu MM/Reclaimer was mentioned at all is a big ++.
  2. I'm interested and will probably watch it, but I can't say it's the most exciting plot line. I feel like Hollywood was like "Let's take the two hottest actors/actresses, and make them kisth". Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that really, but hopefully the movie stands on its own.
  3. Jesus is this true. For me though, it's usually OCD that kicks in to make a bit of code more optimized or at least complete. If it's not perfect, it's not done, and that attitude of mine has made me be late on a few projects
  4. Got another one, boys! A coworker (and friend) is coming by my place to test Star Citizen. He's really excited and may end up backing.

  5. Hell yeah man, that's great to hear! What field is the internship for? Unpaid internships are rough, but depending on what you did it could be potentially invaluable. Good luck man! Honestly, unless something new and interesting comes out nothing really. My goal was to diversify what trade ships I have, and so far I've got the Reclaimer, Banu, Constellation, and Cutlass. A good friend of mine owns an Orion, so I think we're covered until I want to buy more ships in-game. Hey man, I've been on the SCB forums / portal unit chat <3
  6. You didn't miss anything, I just didn't say what it was. It's an analyst position at a large power/energy trading firm with a focus in IT.
  7. I've actually worked a white color job for the past 4 years, but the pay for what I did was far below industry standard. This was just a significant move and I'm just excited.
  8. Over the last two months, I've gone through 4 face-to-face interviews and 1 phone interview with a large company. I've been stressed out these past two months on both preparations, if I could have done better, and so on. Well as of today, I got the job! I’m so god damn happy I could shout (but probably shouldn’t – I’m in a cube farm). This means so much to me, and while I’ve known some of you guys for 1-2 years, I realize this isn’t a big deal to you but I still wanted to put my excitement down in writing. Hmm… maybe now I can start investing and thinking of my future…. NAAAAHHHH, St
  9. @Drum Exactly as you said, it's an attention grab and nothing more. It's the same thing when people who receive threats on social media turn to social media to deal with the situation. No, you go to the police and contact authorities, you don't bring that shit to social media. It never ends up helping.
  10. I'll come back to this thread after work and give you some advice! @Lakota Thanks :D
  11. When I see a video titled "Star Citizen Scandal", I immediately think clickbait. Regardless of the nature of the video, it's a complete turn-off.
  12. I've purposely stayed away from the drama on my channel, but I have heavily considered doing a recap of events just to keep people in-the-know. If I do, I wouldn't mind referencing your piece here.
  13. Put what on YouTube? Chimaera's post? People can just read it lol.
  14. As promised in my last Endeavor post, here's an updated video for the sale. I cover the customization and how it works, pricing, and my general thoughts. Grats to those that picked one up
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