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  1. Vularin reporting back in! o7
    Let's reconnect!

    1. Leviathan
    2. Leviathan


      what have you been up too? Im just waiting for this stupid game to come out.

  2. Great work! Really enjoyed it, but I missed Vularin and his Shadow Falcons in there. Just joking. I recently discovered a great writing resource, called www.grammarly.com, check it out. V
  3. Hey Guys, I just wanted to share this documentary, I just watched it and I am blown away. It's an incredible scenario about what would happen when the earth would have the first contact with an alien race. The great thing about it is that it's not a Holywood rendition or cheap SCI-FI, but actual scientists, lawyers, politicians and philosophers. It's filmed amazingly like 2001: A Space Odyssey and looks amazing. The people talking and answering the aliens questions show real doubt and puzzlement when you're looking into their brainstorms. One detail made me laugh out loud and that was the question: Who would be the spokesperson for earth?". The answer is both brilliant and hilarious. Sci-fi fans and the lore-smiths of Star Citizen should check this out now! Check it out at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thevisit/137270293 or if your Dutch you can watch a low-res version at: http://www.vpro.nl/programmas/2doc/2016/the-visit-an-alien-encounter.html You could accidently flick on a VPN to NL. But only when you're actually there of course. Don't forget to support the makers and give them a shout out or ask them where you can see the documentary near you: http://thevisitthefilm.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheVisitDoc/ V
  4. I loved the games I played so far with USEC. great bunch of people and I like the modpack and missions they do. I like the training sessions and the global ops. Its cool they have added the AiA mappack and I have played a mission on one wich was very cool. Due to the holiday season things seem to have cooled down a bit on the servers, but thats understandble. The things that could be improved for me personally being in one of the EU squads, would be the communication when a training / mission sessions are happening and what there about. Ofcourse there are the set times, friday 20.00 Zulu for EU (works great for me) but the global ops at 00.00 doesn't work for me. I liked it when they did them at 14.00 Zulu on saterday Would be nice to also know when impromptu trainings or mission are about to kick-off (to get some kind of forcewide notification via skype/steam or mail). One other thing I would like to see is more vehicle combat (combined ops) and scenarios where some of the OPFOR is human players. Like insurgents trying to kill us and USEC needs to adhere to ROE etc. etc. But not really so much PvP or DM, if you catch my drift. Also it would be great to play around with modpacks like: RHS: Escalation Those are my 219 cents o7 V
  5. Good reference movie and possible scenario would be: The Last Days on Mars What would you do?
  6. Let me know when your in Amsterdam, I'm happy to show you the Shadow Falcons favorite places in the Dam! Imperium members only! o7 V
  7. Last I heard we IMPERIUM is still the largest just by member count, even though we don't do affiliates. CIG website adds affiliates to member count, which doenst make sense...
  8. Thank you @Morgenroete much appreciated from the Netherlands, my hart goes out to all family and friends of those that tragically died due to this EU versus Russia madness. V
  9. I'm always game for some DayZ, Rust (have own server), ARMA, 7 days to die Survival action! Send me a PM for steam details. (im usually on CET but also US timeframes) V
  10. Thats were the Hornet Tracker comes in!
  11. (getting ahead of myself and the game ofcourse) Im thinking a wing of 4 Tali's, supported by a wing of 4 to 6 Super Hornet's, would get a Idris (even with Players operating) in alot of trouble... Just need to get the Idris shields down. Arm half of the Tali's or Hornets with anti shield weapons, and the other half with anti armor / hull payloads.
  12. I'm hoping for a more combat orientated role for the Banu MM, or a more millennium falcon feel / role. (would be awesome to suprise the hell out of a couple of pirate Cutlasses...)
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