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  1. I'm still alive!

  2. Hooray for mwave in Australia, order arrives in less than 12 hours from the moment you click "checkout". brilliant if you ask me. Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  3. Hey, where is the gif in your signature from?

    1. Volvangor


      "gentlemen broncos" i believe

  4. Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  5. I actually just wanna see a bunch of hornets fighting with vanduul, struggling in the epic clustery mayhem (we all know it will be, the first few months people will be like noobs in bf4 jets. Renezook anyone?) Then the fleet or a few idris roll up and end said clusterfuck with the gunners saying lines such as "this will cut those vanduul scythes down to size" *badumtss* Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  6. All I want for Christmas is "Boom!" Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  7. What GTA VCXXVI on pc will be like. Space evolved. Star Citizen Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  8. Star Citizen, the new benchmark for space simulations and PC performance. Become a citizen of the stars. Pledge the Star Citizen oath. People say the world is your oyster, not here in Star Citizen. The whole galaxy is waiting for you. That's all I got so far... Sent from my secret Shoephone9000 using whackatalk
  9. Let's make... love? no, just a fresh start, then maybe love later eh?

  10. I'm back. SO MANY PAGES I HAVEN'T READ O.o

  11. Learning from the views of others.

  12. Worried for the future of imperium here... Which is more important? The ability for groups and individuals to step up to help the greater community, or the community to support the individuals or groups who won't stand?

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    2. Volvangor


      bugger it ill move this to a thread

    3. NightFall


      Though we do have a suggestions sub forum. You can always post in that and get HR involved when nasty people try to troll/flame you

    4. Volvangor


      I'm not afraid of what trolls/flamers do to me, but what they'll do to imperium. thats my fear.

      I want this to be read. by everyone. for everyone.

  13. I'm always trying to lighten the mood. WHETHER PEOPLE WANT IT OR NOT

    1. 64BitSystem


      Y U DO THIS!!!!!!!! :)

  14. We'll bang OK?

  15. Satisfied with latest meeting

    1. IceManZaroth™


      Good to hear that

    2. The Wanderer

      The Wanderer

      Heard the MP3. Sounded very productive.

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