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  1. already got the trophy !!!! can't wait to get the herald
  2. well the "Vindicator" sounds like a bulldozer, similar to the vindicator tank from Warhammer 40K. Yes, this will be a smash hit to my ship collection. at the moment i only have the cutlass black and the Aurora LN so looking for something new. or even better, have am IDRIS-M so i can keep my ships in side while flying the IDRIS around
  3. ha ha thanks @FoxyFilth. Hey if there is anyone where that is a subscriber unlike myself, for the next 10 for the chairman, would it be possible if you could post a question to Mr Chris Roberts about newsreels in the PU and how they would work, and if he says so could you let me know?
  4. Hey so you all know how back in the day that you paid a small amount to read the daily paper from the news stand. Well; What if when you land to some populated planet or Capital Ship home to many people, and you were looking for something to read. You purchase a tablet like portable-device and are reading about the recent events in the PU. You read that Imperium has won the Murray Cup Finals with a 2 pt. lead over the runner-up organization. you flick through the next page and have the ability to view any organizations trade income, galaxies that organizations have explored. And most
  5. yes you heard me, Porkins destroyed it not luke
  6. Thankyou for your help, however it already said that I had the asteroid hanger equipped before doing any of this? And there is no option for deluxe hanger anyway
  7. so after a nice long break from the PC, i finally hop back on to see my waiting asteroid hanger. Turns our that i can't download any of the recent patch notes and i can't view my asteroid hanger and are stuck in the deluxe hanger. I bought the digital edition for the Cutlass during March this year and the Aurora LN in June. i honestly have no clue why i can't go to the asteroid hanger. any suggestions/help?
  8. When does episode 4 release? Because I watched droids in distress last week?
  9. I'm thinking about buying the"red" and upgrading my original cutlass to "blue". Any thoughts?
  10. Wake me up when Star Citizen is finally launched

    1. Chimaera


      Wow, you are gonna be sleeping for a long time.

    2. Rellim


      You can go into a long ass hybernation, so long you''ll be able to play star citizen for 5 years straight

    3. RestrictedFlyZone


      i saw the cutlass commercial today, looked great

  11. Brace yourselves for the G20 in Brisbane

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