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  1. All good man... best of luck with the Twitch channel and hope your mother is okay.
  2. Welcome to the fleet @Stormshield! Enjoy the party!!
  3. Too funny... welcome back @Lamine O. Mingwan!
  4. So cool... thanks for sharing @ThunderSnake! While I certainly don't have as interesting a story to tell, this has also been my 1st incursion into the social side of gaming. I've always had the urge to avoid the aspect, but I felt like I would just go for it and I'm so damn pleased I did. I've loved my short time here making great friends and am really looking forward to being a part of something so obviously awesome. Congrats on your 900th post! I just passed 500... wanna know how many posts I've made online in my entire life? About 500.
  5. Too funny @VoA! Look at it go!
  6. I definitely would... I totally dig zip lining! Costa Rica was the best one so far.
  7. Jerry world, lol... welcome to the fleet fellow Texan!
  8. Might add projectfree.tv to the list... pretty good resource.
  9. This is way too cool @Audemus!! Nice job mate!
  10. Right! Thanks for all that you do @VoA, this is great info! Really excited to see all of this come together.
  11. Awesome man, looking forward to your first show!
  12. That's very cool of you @Tinholt... don't need any of those, just wanted to say thanks for the generous offer!
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