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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Gallitin


      Happy late birthday!  Come back!

  2. What a nice dog, sorry to hear that. I know the feeling, lost my dog a few years ago after 15 years (had him since I was a school boy). Good friends always stay with us, in memory.
  3. What an awesome tool! It works great and can produce some pretty nice results. A lot of thought and detail put into it.
  4. Beat me to it this year Cyberian May the 4th be with you all SW fans, this is our year!
  5. Congratulations to @Shootter and @Irres , well done and the job offer is yours #mediarecruitment #purplepower

  6. Yes, I am a fan from mid 90s. I like Chinese GP, very interesting track, always brings some interesting moments. Although I am not a fan of Ferrari or Vettel, I think they should push Merc guys a bit more so we have some excitement. Sometimes the technical changes are making it worse. Mercedes dominance is killing the sport right now. I don´t know if it was 2 or 3 years ago, when we had first 8 GPs with 8 different winners. Now, that was fun.
  7. The challenge must go on! The deadline for our recruitment contest is now officially extended to April 22nd, 00:00 UTC!

    1. Shootter


      Cmon peeps! Throw in your art and join the cause!

  8. Less than 2 days left in Fleet Media recruitment competition! If you´re thinking about entering, now is your time. Make something that will impress us and become a Purple!

    1. Ricko13



  9. We are halfway through the recruitment drive period and we are still waiting for more entries. Don´t be shy, show us your purple side!

    1. rotorax
    2. Damakabob


      Not sure if any recruits could ever contribute the quality of work you do :P

    3. rotorax


      Thanks buddy, we miss your awesome talent!

  10. Fleet Media is recruiting! All the creative people please check our recruitment thread and join the challenge!

  11. I´ve promised I´ll help with the site design and it´s still on my agenda. I started with some pre-alpha designs, so I´ll be in touch when I have some updates and PSD for you.
  12. The new signature template is finally live for everyone to use!

    1. GeraldEvans
    2. Stoff


      Cool stuff, although I liked the old ones better. :)

    3. rotorax


      Thanks Stoff, and as mentioned, old ones are still supported, this is only another option.

  13. Great news! Steam support finally got to my case and they recognized my ownership right away and reset login details. I changed the email just to be sure that hacker don´t have access to my old one and changed the password. Good feeling to have my games back. I am always responsible in the terms of internet security, but sometimes you realize it´s still not enough. Lesson learned.
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